Deserter's Pack

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This represents a character who has recently fled from military service.This might well mean that there is a bounty on this PCs head, but they aren't sure. Please be mindful of their circumstance when choosing your starting equipment. The basis is that, as a result, this character starts with above average gear, but below average options.

Wealth Tier

When choosing this Starter Pack you are at Wealth Tier 4 (or below if you choose). This must be noted on your CS. Whichever Wealth Tier you start on, you have the minimum Wealth Points for that Tier.


As a deserter you are on the run and do not have access to permanent housing. This is a restriction on start up and for your first season of play.

Starter Items

You may have any items from your Wealth Tier or below upon startup - this includes clothing and furniture, but please note the restrictions on number etc per category. Please also note that, since you start with the minimum number of Wealth Points in your Tier, if you choose to buy anything using Wealth Points you are forcing your pc down a Tier automatically.

As a Deserter, you also have access to the following:

  • 1 x weapon from Wealth Tier 8
  • 1 x set of armor from Wealth Tier 8
  • 1 x mount, all accessories and armor from Wealth Tier 7
  • 1 x survival kit at Wealth Tier 7

Heirloom Item

You may have ONE item at up to TWO Wealth Tiers above your own as part of this Pack. However, this can not be sold or given away and must be of emotional significance to your PC


With thanks to Jade for the Image!