The Sorceress, The Ambitious


Delana, save for Pieren, was one of the most mysterious of the Originals. She often kept her own council but willingly engaged in conversation with the others. Wheras Pieren seculuded himself, Delana dove deeply into her relationships with the other Originals. She quietly learned, studied, and befriended most of them. Few, if any, truly trusted her and even Luesco gave her a wide berth. Delana didn’t mind. She was the last to join the Originals in Emea, finding her way to them on their journey towards Idalos. As none of them had a full recollection of where they came from, they accepted her company readily enough.

Delana was a mystic, believing in powers beyond even the Originals. She spoke little of these powers, only that she encountered them deep in Emea and they were ‘Ancient’, ‘Hungry’, and ‘Benevolent.’ Her experience was the strangest of the Originals and it was clear even after they reached Idalos that she was not quite like them. Delana eagerly aided in the war against the Spirits and Dragons, showcasing an impressive array of Emean powers and a full understanding of curious magic. Fei often sought her company to discuss the wonders of her experiments and Delana would advise, suggest, and praise with measured care.

While Luesco thinks it was he who came up with the idea of the Immortals it was actually Delana who whispered the secrets to him while he slumbered. Delana took a deep interest in the Shay, but did not share her experiences with the others. Instead the Shay that chose to worship her she hid from sight, far beneath the earth and away from the eyes of the others. Everything about Delana was a measured response, never too bold to cross the more ambitious of the Originals, but never too soft to be ignored. Delana understood the Originals better than any other of their number, try as Brelt’ek did to learn from her wary observations.

When the others created Immortals, Delana politely declined. She seemed comfortable with her presence in the war and her capacity to rule. Although one bright Fracture scar has been seen on her, none know of the Immortal she created, and she never spoke of it to anyone . Delana was an Original that revealed only what was necessary and left more questions than answers.


When the Originals Shattered, Delana disappeared, and the Immortals presume she returned to Emea or perhaps perished somewhere else. Suspicious ones think she’s still out there, biding her time and waiting for some end goal that not even Cierel could have conceived. Her name is rarely spoken by mortals and Immortals alike and few surviving religious texts make mention of her. Knowledge of the Originals is a rare resource and usually does not include The Sorceress.

Those that remember her recall cool confidence, grand plans, an approachable but dangerous attitude. Audrae recalls her best as a snake, cold and calculating, slithering in the bones of a friend to disguise her intent.

Grand Fracture

There is no known Grand Fracture marking the point where Delana Shattered.

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