The Empress, The Spiteful


While Brelt’ek never claimed to be leader of the Originals. Cierel, on the other hand, did. Her personality was domineering and confident, easily strong enough to cower even the headstrong Anox. While Brelt’ek never formerly bowed to her wishes he would often allow her will rather than advantage the Empress was all too willing to exploit. It was Cierel that led her siblings to Idalos [color=green]as their leader,[/color] seeking a new home through the chaos of Emea to rule over and stretch her power. Her power and foresight kept them together and kept the Originals focused, although it was Ati'el who tracked the new world down. Although Cierel found Idalos to her liking, she quickly discovered the Spirits and Dragons who ruled over it a challenge to her authority.

It was easy to goad Anox into confronting his sibling with a plan for attack and even Delana and Ati’el found favor in her plan. With this new world they would divide the land and rule it, but only after their former protectors had been eliminated. Cierel was easily one of the most conniving of her siblings. Her ambition and strength were matched equally by her intelligence. She had a sense of scope that Ati’el always struggled with, allowing Cierel to have an advantage over the naturally canny strategist. She built her castle South of what is now Augiery and for the longest time, it was the most impressive structure ever standing on the face of Idalos. Cierel saw herself as the commander of all the Originals. Although it rarely came to combat, she was confident in her ability to overcome any of the others. The most dangerous physically, Anox, was easily manipulated along the path of his bloody desires.

Cierel’s command over the Shay had them build temples and statues to her honor. She had the largest base of the Shay worshiping her, fearing the wrath of a displease goddess.

When the Immortals were being created, Cierel relished creating them in her image. A sense of pride, command, satisfaction, manipulation went into the creation of each one. Cierel imagined herself surrounded by a court of princesses, heirs that would never sit upon her throne but could rule her expanding dominion over Idalos with the same brilliant control she effortlessly exerted. She was so proud she rarely could see the malaise of distrust and spite that grew in her children around her. Foolishly she had focused on imprinting her own sense of stubborn, independent pride and few of her children felt comfortable under her rule. Moeseke was the strangest, created to be a tyrant over life and the earth but finding softer and compassionate parts of her personality, parts that reminded Cierel of Luesco.

Much like Brelt'ek, Cierel had an interest in the more immutable laws of Idalos reality. Both worked to create Immortals tied to the most essential concepts of the world. Whether Cierel intended to leverage her power to claim an actual title over the Originals or not is unknown now, only that among her siblings it was Cierel who understood the nature of their power most clearly.

Luesco, who had the most complete memory of them all, seemed to remember a time when Cierel was not possessed by this unquenchable ambition. He said she was gentle once. Kinder once...but could provide no details.So Cierel did not destroy Moseke when she became what she became. Instead she let Moseke go and make her own way, stating publicly that her daughter was too weak to be considered a ward of her mother...but privately afraid that she would corrupt that little bit of good and gentle hidden in a forgotten past.

Moseke spent time with Luesco and Brel'tek and Cierel would spend long hours looking through her daughter’s eyes and yearning that kindness.

But she was much too powerful and responsible to allow such dalliances to ruin her stride.


Cierel found her Shattering within the walls of her own magnificent palace. She was alone when it happened, as if waiting for the primordial power to rip her apart. No one knows what she spent her last moments doing. No one ever will.

Grand Fracture

The Grand Fracture of Cierel maintains that imperious attitude. Unlike any of the other Grand Fractures, hers is the most structured.

In the Southern Region, near to Augiary, it is dangerous enough to enter its territory. Doing so would be considered the first level and seven levels are theorized to exist in her Fracture. Each level is deeper into the Fracture itself and the boundary is marked by a structured test, meant to measure the worth of an individual as they move forward. These tasks, tests, and situations are created with the primordial energy of Emea and are quite real within the pocket of reality they exist. These tasks are often personal, daunting, and almost always fatal if failed.

Seeker writ suggests one of their number made it to the fifth level of the Grand Fracture before turning back, taking what rewards could be found there and departing rather than testing their resolve further. Through it all, the phantom shadow of Cierel watches on distantly. It is undetermined whether this means she is still somehow conscious, or if the Emean tear in reality she created simply resonates with the raw imprint of her physicality. Each level, once the trial is passed, is still quite dangerous. Strange, intelligent Emean beasts roam the different levels. Simply passing the trials of the Fracture are not enough to guarantee safety

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Cierel's Children

Picture Immortal Domains Status
Audrae Deception, Secrecy, Shadows, Fear Alive
Famula Souls, Servitude, Resurrection, Blood Alive
Lisirra Pestilence, Toxin, Decay, Insects Alive
Moseke Earth, Stone, Nature, Life Alive
Sintra Manipulation, Entrapment, Arachnids Alive