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1. Yaralon Forums - Here - Where you will find the In Character Forum for Yaralon.

2. City Roster - here - This is where you sign up your Player Character. If you're threading within the current cycle of play, you need to have posted in here.

3. City Wiki - here - This is where all of Yaralon's lore is located. You can access this through a variety of means, including searching "Yaralon" in the wiki, or by using the left side menu, accessing City Wikis Eastern > Yaralon. (The blue arrows let you see drop downs of subcategories.) Additionally, if you click the word Subcategories at the bottom of a page, it will open the same drop downs of subcategories.

4. Citizenship Mark - here - One of the more important things to take into consideration for all adult Player Characters is their Run and Citizenship Mark. Please include this either in your PC's history (if starting in Yaralon) or flesh it out through a thread.

5. Posting - here - All In Character posting takes place in the front forum.

6. Questions or Help - here - This is Yaralon's Question & Answer and Help forum. If you need any special requests or need answers to any questions, ask them here and a moderator will answer them.

7. Development - here - This is Yaralon's Development forum. All player submissions for development should be made here using the templates provided. Players and moderators alike can, and should, give feedback on these. Once the feedback stage is done, a moderator will do a final approval and upload it to the wiki.

8. OOC Forum - here - This is Yaralon's Out Of Character Forum. All announcements will be posted here. All event sign ups will be posted here. If a player wishes to host an event, or an Open Thread, they can advertise it here as well.


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