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Following on from The Maze this was a Global Event spurred by PC actions.

Tonight we go into the dark
Where the night is bleak
From home, the difference stark
The End is what we seek

Focus upon the goal at hand
Think not of the thousand dead
Soon we shall be at that land
And wake The Twins from their bed

Truth, it hurts but has it’s flaw
Upon us all a Will well intend
Nightmarish hell’s cape, gaping maw
Reality here, our will to bend

So go forth, and triumph all
The hour is dark, but Hope is here
Keep your heads high, stand tall
And in The End, all will be clear.

Round One

In Round One all pcs found themselves in the Waiting Place

They then got split, over the course of the next two rounds, dependent on their actions in that place.

Round Two

The Curious

There were a lot of people assigned to "The Curious" which was further split into two groups. Initially they were all here

The Culinary

Thread: here

The Generous

Thread here

The Brave

Thread: here

The Waiting Place

Revealed as a sort of "central command", this room was key. Thread here

The Prison

Not a nice place. Thread here PCs who spent time in the prison were:

Round Three

The "Endgame" - this saw the players took four paths to the "Cathedral of Dreams"



  • Auya died in "The Dead"

Magic Impact

This led to the Fall of Emea.


Thank you so much to Kesindir, for the poem and Patrick for the artwork.

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