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Despite its location in the north east corner of known Idalos, Scalvoris is a name known throughout trading and sailing circles for its prosperous economy, jolly citizens, intriguing history and sudden changes. In more recent times, Scalvoris has become a cultural melting pot and area of scientific interest, growing in renown for its varied flora, fauna and geographic landmarks. Various small villages dot the land, including Darbyton and Havardr. The main cities include Scalvoris Proper, which claims to be the capital of the island, and Almund ~ which claims the same!

Scalvoris Wiki has a number of sections, designed to help you find your way around Idalos' most interesting island.

Section Contents
Player Guide A guide for players in our city and surrounds. This is an overview of the island, and will help you navigate both the wiki and the forums
Calendars & Past Events What's happening in Scalvoris this cycle?
Locations All locations across the island will be stored here.
Detailed Lore History, Geography, Climate, Holidays and more!
Resources Guide Scalvoris is home to unique flora, fauna, materials, medicines and much more! All resources are kept here.
Scalvoris Maps A repository of all maps for Scalvoris


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