The city of Ne'haer stands surrounded almost completely by glorious, white stoned walls, resting just beyond fields of farmland and small, off-the-beaten-path settlements. The main roads are paved with the same kind of stone found within the walls around Ne'haer and follow out just beyond the farmlands where they abruptly shift into dirt roads. On the other side of Ne'haer, the city rests on the water where massive docks house many trade vessels and transportation carriers from places outside of “Death's Door”. Needless to say, whether by boat, caravan, or mount, this city is captivating from afar and up close. Nearly every building is constructed with white and silver gray stone that shimmers beneath the sun. Many adventurers, craftsmen, and legendary teachers can be found within Ne'haer. The question that remains is... when will your story here begin?

Ne'haer Player Guide


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