The Mindscapes are a nearly imperceptible, nearly impossible to access plane of existence that sits between the reality of Idalos and the Veil of Emea. It is a vague representation of the "collective subconscious", the layer of conscious and subconscious thought in Idalos which binds all living things together. It's a representation of the neural "network" that spans the whole world, the manifestation of all thoughts, ideas and intentions. While not technically a facet of Emea, it interacts with it on a subliminal level.


Any and all beings that have sensory perceptions and/or the ability to think are connected to the Mindscapes. When they acquire these abilities, the connection is created. But Mindscapes, unlike Dreamscapes, is not a realm that can be physically traveled to by every being that is connected to it, nor does it have its own native beings.

Mindscapes can only be viewed, never physically interacted with, for it is not physical. But mindscapes are only visible in their connection to the beings that are a part of it. When viewed, the sensory perceptions of reality, as well as the thoughts that are currently running through the beings mind, are all laid out and apparent to the viewer. This is different for every individual being, for obvious reasons, however, these are the only visible, accessible areas of mindscapes.

The space between individual mindspaces is simply that, space. There's nothing there. There's no Veil that can be used to travel from mindscape to mindscape, no corridor, highway, or doors that can be used. Mindscapes are attached to those with minds, and to all other minds, but there's nothing else.

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