Melrath ~ The Land of Spirits


Welcome to Melrath,The land of spirits. Here lives a vast hidden population of people who have fled from natural disasters, wrathful Immortals and Lothorro hordes. The people that inhabit Melrath are dedicated to protecting and depending solely on each other. Few of their number follow any deities, most revere spirits for their power and wisdom. The people of Melrath are highly self reliant,choosing to hone their skills so that they may make their own way in the world without the aid of any Immortal or foreign nation.

Melrath has been closed off to the outside world for centuries. Only allowing a select few passage into their lands. It is a land of deep dark forests, high snow capped mountains and swiftly running rivers and lakes. Creatures of old and ancient spirits live in this forgotten corner of the world, living alongside a people that are now torn between opening their gates to outsiders or returning to a final and lasting isolation.

This is a moment that will be remembered in the annals for their history for arcs to come.

This wiki has a number of sections which will help you to become familiar with the region.

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Melrath Player Guide A guide for new players in our city and surrounds. This includes information for new players starting in Melrath and also for established players who are visiting. This area will include the link map as well as the visual map.
Category: Melrath Locations All locations in Melrath will be stored here.
Category: Melrath Lore History, Geography, Climate, Holidays, Factions and more! Everything you need to know about Melrath is here!
Category: Melrath Resources Melrath is home to unique flora, fauna, materials, medicines and much more! All resources are kept here
Category: Melrath Calendars Repository for all of Melrath's Calendars


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