Immortal Domains in Emea


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These are the Domains of the Immortals. They are accessible only via invitation from the Immortal, or by some other means which must be played out in story. It is said that even the Domains of the dead Immortals are here, somewhere, but that might just be rumour of course.


  • Access to these Realms is via moderator approval only.
    • That will usually involve a moderated thread but you may put up a psf ticket if you have a story line worthy of it.
  • Players are welcome to submit a development piece for an Immortal Domain
    • If so, they should expect a lot of critique / high standard for approval.

Currently Developed

The following are the Immortal Domains that reside in the Untold

  • Daia - In Development
  • Famula - Zuudaria
  • Lisirra - Needs transferred from Forums
  • Zanik - Used in forum. Not created.
  • Kata - Used in forum. Not created.
  • Ymiden - Used in forum. Not created.
  • Yvithia - Used in forum. Not created.
  • U'frek - Raj'Ufnaj


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