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Fractures are the natural (and often unnatural) schisms between Emea and Idalos. These Fractures always take the form of chasms, caves, and crevices in the environments they're found in. Within the Fractures, wells can be harvested from the walls. However, it should be noted that a physical link between Emea and Idalos is a dangerous place to be. From the swirling chaos of Emea beyond, unknown horrors could slip into Idalos. The rules of reality may be more suggestible in these places and only the most seasoned and prepared adventurer is advised to enter Fractures.

Minor Fractures- Appear and disappear, sometimes in the space of a trial. Can rarely be predicted, often small. Rarely very deep and never lead to Emea. The gate to Emea closes as soon as the Fracture is formed and lasts only a limited amount of time after.

Major Fractures- Last a long time, sometimes permanent fixtures, natural weak points between the worlds. There is a physical entrance to Emea deep within, but is usually a small entrance and difficult to crawl into as a regular sized person.

Grand Fractures- Only 7 Grand fractures exist. One for each of the Shattered Original Beings. These seven places have a huge hole to Emea deep in their cavernous recesses. Weird phenomena occur here and the laws of reality are not always absolute. Strange monsters and aberrations can enter from Emea into this world, although do not roam past its area of influence.


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