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Welcome to Emea. This is the City Wiki for Emea, however it comes with a caveat. Emea is, by nature, unlike other cities - it is a place of apparent chaos, where imagination and thought meet dreams and Immortals. However chaotic it may appear to be, Emea is still bound by rules; they just aren't always obvious to the mortals who visit it, or those within it.

Emea is a vast realm, and a potentially dangerous one to the reckless. Yet, there are infinite wonders and adventures to be had, too.

Any magi who dares to brave Emea or the Dreamscapes through lucid dreaming had best resist the temptation to practice their domain magic, lest they be haunted by an Emeyan beast.

Layout of Emea


Though it has a single name, Emea is divided into "layers".

  • Reality: This is Idalos, and "physical reality". It's not technically a part of Emea as a whole, but exists in its cradle and is surrounded on all sides by it. It is the realm where all mortals currently reside and where their physical bodies exist and are anchored.
  • Mindscape: A vague representation of the "collective subconscious", the layer of conscious and subconscious thought in Idalos which binds all living things together. It's a representation of the neural "network" that spans the whole world, the manifestation of all thoughts, ideas and intentions. While not technically a facet of Emea, it interacts with it on a subliminal level.
  • The Veil: A thin layer and sub-reality that separates the reality of Idalos from the chaotic reality of Emea, like a frosted glass that keeps the two from blending together and restricts some movement between them without the know-how. It's the protective membrane that shields Idalos and its laws from the chaos beyond, guarding its integrity as a separate reality. For the purposes of understanding its function, one could compare it to an airlock.
    • Dreamscapes: All dreams take place within the Dreamscape, quasi-realities formed around the mortal and their subconscious thoughts as they slip into sleep. The Dreamscapes exist beyond the Veil, but are closely related to the Mindscape as they feeds on the thoughts and ideas of the mortal and the Mindscape that surrounds them..
  • The Untold: The Untold is a vast and chaotic realm of uncontrolled thoughts, ideas and emotions that take form at the whim of those who travel it. It's a breeding grounds for entities that reside beyond Idalos, and the host of realities out of reach of the vast majority of mortals. Beyond the reach of Dreamwalking, since the Fall of Emea in Ymiden 719, the Untold is only accessible by the physical form.
    • Immortal Domains: The most iconic quasi-realities of the Untold are the Domains of the Immortals. They are separate from Idalos and can't be reached without the direct involvement of the Immortal that owns it. They have rules and laws that depend on the individual Immortal and their associated Domains, and act as a sanctuary for them and their trusted followers and are, in a way, a fount of that Immortal's power. The Domains of deceased Immortals allegedly still exist even past their deaths, though their accessibility is unknown.
  • The Beyond: What lies Beyond? As yet, the answer to that question is unknown. Perhaps The Untold is as limitless as it seems but, all things considered, that's probably not the whole story.


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