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The Effigy of Vindecaldra

The Effigy of Vindecaldra is most commonly bestowed upon those who have a passionate and protective nature. The personalities and nature of those who Bear this Effigy vary wildly, as Vindecaldra is just as likely to grant her Effigy to the manically energetic as she is to the more calm and controlled. The relationship between Vindecaldra and her Bearers is likewise varied, as while Vindecaldra prefers to get to know her Bearers, she doesn't insist upon it.

Initial Effigy Manifestation

When the Bearer is first granted Vindecaldra's Effigy, their skin takes on a reflective metallic sheen with a red glow, as if they were holding their hand up in front of a bright red light. Their eyes turn bright red and begin to glow like fire, and they gain a bright red glow in their chest that appears to be coming from their heart, or hearts if the Bearer has more than one. Finally, the Bearer is warm to the touch. Other physical changes happen as the Bearer progresses through the Effigy, but those will be detailed with the powers that cause the changes.

Breath Power

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Breath Power 1 Breath of Restoration Free The starting power of the Effigy of Vindecaldra, this power allows the Bearer to breathe out a cone of golden flames. These flames are do not burn anything they come into contact with, and anyone caught in them will instead find them pleasantly warming and rejuvinating. While someone remains in these flames, they will quickly regain stamina, energy, and even ether. In addition, their wounds, from the mild to the severe, will began to recover at a very rapid rate. The more severe the wound, the longer one must stay within the flames. However, even the most severe wounds can be recovered in hours. The Bearer can keep these flames going for up to an hour at a time, by the end of which most flesh wounds and moderately broken bones will have closed and more severe wounds will be well on their way to healing, though it will cause scarring. Even fatal injuries will have improved to critical care, provided the patient was kept alive during the process. This power cannot restore lost limbs, though it can recover lost senses. The Bearer can use this on themselves, and this power does work on the dead and their specific energies.

The Branches

The Effigy of Vindecaldra is divided into the following Branches: The Fire Branch, the Metal Branch, the Recovery Branch, and the Strengthening Branch. The Fire and Metal Branches are further divided into two sub-branches each.

The Fire Branch

The Fire Branch represents Vindecaldra's nature as part of the flames of Idalos, both internal and external. As a result of the prominence of fire in Vindecaldra's nature, the Fire Branch is split into the Internal Fire Sub-Branch and the External Fire Sub-Branch.

The Internal Fire Sub-Branch

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 2 Melting Point 25 All those who bear Vindecaldra's Effigy are naturally warm to the touch, but this power allows the Bearer to increase that internal heat exponentially, allowing them to melt mundane metals with their touch alone. Supernaturally empowered metals may be more resistant to this touch, depending on the qualities of the metal. In addition, the sheer heat of the Bearer can also ignite wood or cloth, cause severe damage to living creatures, and if left active for long enough can scorch and distort stone. The Bearer can activate or de-activate this power at will. Substances that can melt will take their usual amount of time to melt, and the Bearer can cause first degree burns with a touch, though causing third degree burns takes a few minutes. The Bearer can kill with this power, though it's not a particularly efficient way to do so.
Tier 2 12 Flame Vent 50 A power that changes the Bearer's appearance, this power causes the Bearer to grow small vents on their lower arms and lower legs that allow them to release part of their internal flame. These vents appear to be made from metallic scales, no more than an inch long. Both sets of vents face away from the body, past the hands and feet. The flames they release are relatively short, no more than a foot long, and how they are used is up to the Bearer's creativity. These flames are hot enough to either weld or melt metal when used for long periods, and when used as a single burst can provide a few extra feet of height to a jump or something of similar effect. This power can be activated and maintained at will, though sustained use does not generate the same force as a single activated burst.
Tier 2 13 Internal Bellows 50 The flame of Vindecaldra is a flame of strength and restoration, and this power allows the Bearer to passively manifest this in their internal flame. Once this power is acquired, the Bearer will constantly regenerate stamina, energy, and ether at a similar rate as if they were sitting and resting. In addition, they will start to automatically heal their own injuries as if they were using Breath of Restoration on themselves. The Bearer cannot simultaneously recover stamina and heal their own injuries, however.
Tier 3 20 Flaming Blood 75 Once this power is acquired, the internal flame the Bearer possesses will spread to their blood. Quite literally, the Bearer will bleed a gloopy, liquid flame, much akin to burning oil. Because their blood is now flame, the Bearer is immune to blood based poisons, diseases, or powers that are not their own. Any blood based powers, traits, or magics the Bearer has will treat their flaming blood as if it were normal blood. Their flaming blood is no hotter than a regular campfire.
Tier 4 29 Molten Flame Breath 100 A modification to the Bearers Breath Power that uses their internal flame as fuel, this power allows the bearer to breath out a white hot stream of liquid flame, of similar consistency to their flaming blood. This flame will stick to any surface it comes into contact with and is incredibly difficult to put out, as ordinary water will just evaporate on contact with it, though it can be extinguished through other means.
Tier 4 30 Expel Heat 100 Using any external vents they may happen to have, either the Bearer or their Scaripteil can release a massive wave of heat using the power of their internal flame. This wave of heat is hot enough to melt metal, ignite wood, scorch stone, and cause spontaneous combustion of flammable liquids. It has a thirty foot radius around either the Bearer or Scaripteil, both of whom can use this power independently of each other.
Tier 5 37 Engine Ignition 125 A an upgrade to the Scaripteil's wings, this power allows the Scaripteil to massively increase the speed they get from their wing vents. While this power is active, they will have a flight speed five times as fast as their natural flight speed. While this power is active, the flames from their wings will be so hot as burn a vacuum into the air itself as the Scaripteil flies, creating a screaming sort of sound that follows in their wake. The Scaripteil can only maintain this speed for up to an hour at a time, after which they will need to rest and eat, as this power burns a great deal of energy.

The External Fire Sub-Branch

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 3 Flame Sphere 25 This power serves as an alternative to the basic breath power, allowing the Bearer to launch a flaming sphere from their mouth. This sphere can be up to a foot in diameter, and when it impacts something, it sends out smaller flames in a 10 foot radius around the impact point.
Tier 2 14 Flame Absorption 50 A power that allows to make use of the flames of the natural world to restore themselves, the Bearer can use this power to absorb any flame they find into their body, healing wounds or restoring lost energy. There is no limit to the amount of flames the Bearer can absorb this way, but once a flame is absorbed, it is gone. The more fire they absorb, the more they can restore themselves and the faster they can heal. A campfire will have about the same effect as Breath of Restoration, with smaller flames being less effective and larger flames being more effective. This power does work alongside other healing abilities.
Tier 2 15 Flame Conversion 50 Those who Bear Vindecaldra's Effigy bear the ability to create restorative flames, but this power allows the Bearer to change any naturally occurring flame they find into a flame of restoration, giving it the same qualities as the Breath of Restoration power. These flames will extinguish themselves after a few hours, but during that time, they will restore any living thing they come into contact with, rather than destroying it.
Tier 3 21 Flame Coating 75 A power that upgrades the Bearers Scaripteil, this power allows them to coat their claws in white flame at will, letting them burn through anything they can't smash through. Once this power is acquired, the Scaripteil's claws will start to glow with with a warm white light when the flames themselves aren't active.
Tier 4 31 Flaming Wings 100 A power that alters the Bearer's appearance, once this power is acquired, the Bearer will have the same metallic, vented wings as their Scaripteil. Like their Dragongling, the Bearers wings are inert until they want to use them to fly, when the vents will burst into flame, allowing the Bearer to fly. These Wings will gain any powers their Scaripteil's wings have, whether natural or gained from Effigy. If the Bearer already has wings from another source on their back, the Flaming Wings will merge with these already existing wings. The wings can fold in at the Bearer's will.
Tier 4 32 Spontaneous Combustion 100 At times, the Bearer will not have the convenience of using normal means to create a flame. This power allows the Bearer to cause a single flammable object to spontaneously burst into white flames by concentrating on it for a moment, then snapping their fingers. There is no limit to how often this power can be used, but living things, including plants, cannot be made to combust in this fashion.
Tier 5 38 Fire Storm 125 The Bearer can use this power to create a swirling pillar of flame in any area of their choice. This pillar this creates occupies a 30 foot radius, is 10 feet high, and lasts for up to an hour, though the Bearer can extinguish it at will. While this pillar is still around, the Bearer can move it at will.

Flame Branch Mastery Power

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 6 46 Flaming Nova 150 The final power of the Flame Branch, this power allows the Bearer to harness both internal and external fire in order to create a devastating sphere of white hot flame that spreads out over a five hundred foot radius with the bearer at the center. After this power is used, the Bearers internal flame cools, preventing them from being able to use their Internal Flame powers for an hour, at which point it will reignite.

The Metal Branch

The Metal Branch represents Vindecaldra's part in the metals scattered throughout Idalos, from the solid metals that are mined by Mortals to the liquid metals that flow deep under the ground. As a result of the prominence of metal in Vindecaldra's nature, the Metal Branch is split between the Solid and Liquid Metal Sub-Branches. OOC NOTE: The metal generation powers can only generate metals that the Bearer is familiar with. That said, they can generate any metals the Bearer is familair with.

The Solid Metal Sub-Branch

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 4 Recoil Resistance 25 Metal is a solid, sturdy substance, and this power allows the Bearer and their Scaripteil to share in that endurance. Once this power is acquired, neither the Bearer nor their Dragonling will suffer recoil effects when they hit something, no matter how hard they hit it.
Tier 1 5 Instant Forging 25 This power allows the Bearer to make instant use of any liquid metal they come across. With nothing more than a touch, the Bearer can instantly turn any liquid metal to a solid state, as if it had just been forged by a skilled smith, though only terms of metal quality. The Bearer will have to do any shaping themselves.
Tier 2 16 Protective Wall 50 An upgrade for the Scaripteil's wings, this power allows the Scaripteil to double the size of their wings and form a sturdy wall with them, with the Scaripteil itself at the center. These wall wings are too heavy for the Scaripteil to fly with them, but they are all but impregnable, and since they are still wings, they can be moved at will by the Scaripteil. Once this power is acquired, the Scaripteil's wings will gain a silvery sheen, as if they were made of a reflective metal.
Tier 3 22 Armor Generation 75 While Vindecaldra and her Scaripteil are made of metal, her Bearers are not so fortunate. This power lets them overcome that fragility by allowing the Bearer to coat themselves in metal scales that are as hard as the finest steel, but feel no heavier than a winter coat. This power can be turned on and off at will and is effectively like wearing a full suit of masterwork plate armor, only not nearly as heavy.
Tier 3 23 Metal Growth 75 A power that gives the Bearer an emergency weapon, this power allows the Bearer to generate sharp metal spikes from their body. These spikes can appear anywhere, but they can't stick to the body and fall off after a few minutes. However, they are still solid steel even after they fall off the body, and the Bearer, or others, can make use of them.
Tier 4 33 Flechette Breath 100 An alternative to the basic Breath power, this power allows the Bearer to breathe out a swarm of small, jagged shards of metal to lacerate a target with. The flechettes generated by this power linger after the Bearer stops using this power, and can be used as seen fit.
Tier 5 39 Replicating Forge 125 A power that allows the Bearer to shortcut the forging process by allowing the Bearer to replicate any single metal item they have touched. The Bearer may only have one replication active at a time, an unlike other powers, the item does not linger on once the Bearer choses to replicate another item, instead collapsing into metal dust. The replication does carry over magical effects, both good and bad.
Tier 5 40 Solid State 125 A power that, temporarily, make the Bearer or their Scaripteil all but invulnerable. By using this power, the Bearer or their Dragonling can anchor themselves to the ground and become a solid statue of pure metal, gaining the density and durability of the strongest metals. In this state, they are difficult to damage by all but the strongest attacks, but in return, they cannot move at all. This power can be activated and deactivated at will.

The Liquid Metal Sub-Branch

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 6 Liquid Metal Generation 25 This power allows the Bearer to generate up their current body mass in liquid metal at a time. The Bearer can only use this power once per hour, and the metal they generate pools around their body at their feet.
Tier 1 7 Forging Mold 25 Liquid metal isn't, by itself, very much use. This power allows the Bearer to form it into a more practical shape. By touching any liquid metal, they may form it any shape they are familiar with. The liquid metal will hold that shape as long as they are touching it, but will otherwise retain all the properties of a liquid metal. The Bearer needs enough metal to make the shape they want too, and any excess metal will not be affected by this power, remaining in its natural state.
Tier 2 17 Liquid Metal Claws 50 When using this power, the Bearer surrounds their hands in a liquid metal replica of their Scaripteil's claws. Despite being liquid, these claws are as sharp as their Scaripteil's and have all the abilities of their Scaripteil's claws. These claws cannot be solidified, and disappear when not in use.
Tier 3 24 Liquid Metal Breath 75 An alteration to the basic breath power, this power allows the Bearer to breathe out a cone of liquid metal, coating anything it touches in heavy, liquid metal which will be as hot or cool as the liquid form of the metal the Bearer chooses to breath. This liquid metal remains afterward and can be used however the Bearer desires.
Tier 3 25 Metal Conversion 75 Different types of metals have different properties. This power allows the Bearer to change one type of metal into a different type, for instance, steel into pig iron or lead into tungsten. The Bearer has to be touching the metal they wish to change, but so long as they are, the change happens instantly.
Tier 4 34 Metal Coagulant 100 A purely reactive power, Metal Coagulant serves to protect the Bearer and their Scaripteil until they can properly attend to their wounds. Once this power is acquired, any time the Bearer or their Scaripteil is injured, liquid metal instantly forms around the wound, keeping the wound from bleeding out and keeping infections from getting in. This applies to both internal and external injuries.
Tier 5 41 Liquid Metal Manipulation 125 With this power, all forms of liquid metal can be controlled as the Bearer wills. Powers that require touch to work still require the Bearer to be touching the metal they wish to affect, but outside of this, the Bearer can move any liquid metal within a fifty foot radius as they desire.
Tier 5 42 Liquid State 125 There are times when even the sturdiest defense cannot block an attack. This power allows the Bearer to deal with those situations by turning into a liquid metal. While in this state, the Bearer keeps their physical shape, but attacks that rely on affecting solid matter will have minimal effect. While in this state, the Bearer cannot move, unless they are on a downhill slope, in which case they will slide down the hill. This power can be turned on and off at will and affects the whole body. If anyone attempts to separate the liquid metal that makes up the Bearers body, the Bearer will automatically revert for their own protection. They cannot change back if successfully trapped in a container that's too small for them however.

Metal Branch Master Power

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 6 47 Metal Storm 150 The final power in the Metal Branch, this power creates a swirling barrier of liquid metal and metal shrapnel. This barrier moves with the Bearer, and they can affect the metal within it at will. The barrier protects a five foot radius around the Bearer, is five feet thick, lasts up to an hour and can only be used once a day. This is incredibly dangerous to step into, as anyone who does so will be stepping into a storm of sharp metal shrapnel and potentially scalding liquid metal.

The Restoration Branch

The Restoration Branch represents Vindecaldra's role in the restoration and recovery of the world, in the healing of the injured and ill.

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 8 Restorative Aura 25 With this power, either the Bearer or their Scaripteil can emit a restorative aura that allows anyone within five feet to recover their stamina and heal their wounds. This aura works slowly, but it helps to take the edge off exhaustion and injury, allowing both to be more easily and properly treated later. This power recovers stamina as though the people in the aura's range had stopped to catch their breath for a moment, and as if they had applied a poultice to an injury.
Tier 1 9 Sense Injury 25 All the healing power in the world can't do anything if you don't know someone's injured. This power allows the Bearer to tell when someone around them has been injured, whether it be an internal or external injury. This acts as a sixth sense and doesn't give much detail, only informing the Bearer that someone is injured.
Tier 2 18 Repairing Breath 50 Healing living beings isn't all that Vindecaldra's restoration can be used for. This alteration to the basic breath power allows the Bearer to breath out a cone of grey fire that repairs damage to inorganic matter, such as brickwork, metal, or even woodwork, though it doesn't affect living plants. This power repairs damaged material, but does not create new material. So it can repair single bricks, but can't replace entire missing bricks.
Tier 3 26 Calming Touch 75 Restoration is not always about the physical. The mental state of living things can suffer wear and tear as well, often leading to manic or depressive outbursts and episodes. By touching someone, the Bearer can calm their mental state, allowing the person they touched to regain their normal, sane mental state. For recurring or long term conditions, this power doesn't permanently remove the malady, but it can give the sufferer some moments of peace and clarity. This can also be used to cure things like amnesia or other similar issues.
Tier 4 35 Restoration of Youth 100 For many, the chasing of eternal youth is a pointless, fruitless endeavor that can only end in failure. However, Vindecaldra's Bearers can give people a chance to continue their lives. With this power, the Bearer can touch someone and return them to the prime of their youth, with all their knowledge and training intact. This power only ever works once for each person the Bearer touches, and it leaves the Bearer drained and tired for the next seven days.
Tier 5 43 Flame of Rebirth 125 While neither Vindecaldra or her Bearers can just turn back or undo death at will, this power does allow them to give someone a new chance at life. By touching the recently dead, the Bearer can cause the body to instantly be burned to ash, leaving behind only a newly born version of the one who died. This new life will not retain any memories of their original life, but it allows those who's lives were filled with tragedy and despair a chance to live a happier, more peaceful life.
Tier 5 44 Healing Wings 125 An upgrade for the Scaripteil's wings, this power allows the dragonling to wrap their wings around someone and, while they are held in the embrace of the Scaripteil's wings, rapidly restore their stamina and heal their wounds. In addition, it will calm their mental state and restore what mental conditions it can. This works at twice the rate of Breath of Restoration, but cannot recover ether.

Restoration Branch Mastery Power

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 6 48 Inferno of Restoration 150 Once per day, the Bearer can use this power to create a massive inferno of golden, healing flames. These flames will not cause any damage to people or structures, but will instead heal the wounds and restore the stamina of any who are caught within the blaze. These flames will also restore the mental state of those within and will even repair any structures that are enveloped by the flames. These flames cover a 1 mile radius around the Bearer.

The Growth Branch

Representing both growth in terms of age and growth in terms of abilities, this branch of Vindecaldra's powers allows the Bearer to stimulate the growth of themselves and the people around them, hastening their development and increasing their skills.

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 1 10 Tempering Flame 25 A power that allows the Bearer to enhance the physical abilities of those around them by using their internal fire. By expelling their external flame on someone, they can cause their strength, speed, and endurance to go up to five times what it normally is. It takes time to enhance someone however, two minutes to double someone's abilities and five minutes to reach the maximum level of enhancement.
Tier 1 11 Ageing Breath 25 An alternative to the basic breath power, this power allows the Bearer to breath out a wave of green flames that cause any living thing caught in them to grow at a rapid rate, whether they be plants, animals, or mortals. Things that do not age normally, such as Immortals or Mortalborn, are not affected by this power, and it only affects physical and mental age, it does not impart knowledge or experience.
Tier 2 19 Enkindled Flame 50 This power allows the Bearer to increase the heat and spread of their external flames by adding their internal flames to any existing fire. While they are using this power, the Bearer cannot use any of their internal flame powers, but any already existing flames or any flames produced by their external fire powers will double in heat and volume, allowing them to cover a wider area. If they cannot, for whatever reason, use their internal flame, the Bearer cannot use this power.
Tier 3 27 Blazing Forge 75 A power that works in tandem with the Bearers metal powers, this power lets the Bearer use their internal flames to enhance the metals they are working with, whether natural or produced by the Bearers powers. This works similarly to Tempering Flame, but can go up to ten times the strength and durability of the metal, as metals do not have the same limits as living bodies. This does not change metals from one type to another, however. That is to say, pig iron strengthened by Blazing Forge will still be pig iron.
Tier 3 28 Regrown Body 75 The hardest thing to heal is lost limbs and other missing body parts. This power allows the Bearer to regrow any missing body parts by covering the part where the missing body part should be in green flames. It can take up up to a whole day for the missing piece to regrow, depending on how much is missing, but once done, the new body part will be good as new. Note that this power does not have any other healing effects. Regrowing someone's head will not restore them to life.
Tier 4 36 Reforged Flame 100 A power that passively enhances the Bearer themselves, this power permanently doubles the physical capabilities of the Bearer, enhancing their strength, speed, endurance, and stamina. Once this power is acquired, the veins in the Bearers arms, legs, and torso will acquire the same soft red glow as their heart.
Tier 5 45 Reforged Steel 125 An upgrade for the Bearers Scaripteil, this power makes the Dragonling even more durable, making all but the strongest supernatural abilities and weapons deal minimal damage to the Dragonling and making more mundane weapons simply shatter on impact. Once this power is acquired, the Scaripteil's scales will take on a polished, reflective look, as if they had just come from a forge.

Growth Branch Mastery Power

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Tier 6 49 Strengthening Forge 150 By using this power, the Bearer can identify anyone of their choosing within a hundred foot radius around them and, to the Chosen, the Bearer grants a fascimile of all the physical strength they've the Bearer has gained from their Effigy, doubling all the physical capabilities, meaning strength, speed, and endurance, of the Chosen for as long as they remain in the aura and as long as the Bearer chooses to enhance their powers. Any who are affected by this power have their heart, veins, and eyes take on the same red glow as the Bearer. This power lasts for up an hour and can only be used once a day.

The Transformation Power

The apex of all the powers in Vindecaldra's Effigy, this power shows the Bearer's mastery over all that Vindecaldra has given them.

Power Tier Power Number Power Name Power Cost Power Description
Transformation Power 50 Form of Vindecaldra 250 The apex all the powers at the Bearer's disposal, this power allows the Bearer to taken on the form of the Forge of Rebirth herself. When this power is used, the Bearer becomes a dragon that is identical to Vindecaldra in appearance, including her titanic size. In addition the Bearer also gets the monumental strength and endurance that Vindecaldra wields, making them an incredibly powerful physical opponent. Finally, 4 powers are unique to this form and can be activated at will while the Bearer is transformed.

-The Bearer can create a firestorm of white flame that covers an area of five hundred feet around the Bearer. These flames will stick to whatever they touch and are hot enough to melt stone. These flames can be extinguised by normal means, if one has the means to do so, and can be affected by the Bearers other powers.

-The Bearer can instantly create up to five hundred pounds worth of liquid metal that they can manipulate at will and instantly forge into any shape they desire.

-The Bearer can create a healing aura around them that heals anyone in its radius almost instantly, whether they be suffering physically or mentally. This power also restores the damage taken by physical structures or plants. This Radius covers a five hundred foot area around the Bearer.

-The Bearer can cause any living thing around them to instantly age into the prime of its life, whether they be plant, animal, Mortal, or even Mortalborn. This only works if what the Bearer wants to age is younger than the prime of its life.


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