Skill Scale Down 2021

This skill has been impacted by the Skill Scale Down. The impact of this for this skill is as follows:

  • This skill remains.
  • All knowledge is left as is.
  • For how to deal with XP, please see the page Skill Scale Down 2021 for links, information, and a player guide.
  • The scope of this skill has not changed. Please ensure that you take this into account going forward.

Dreamwalking Version 3

  • Grandfathered characters that had dreamwalking points through the old progression system of Dreamwalking will have their old points totals converted to the new scale. See the diagram below for how that stacks up.


  • As you can see, the number in parenthesis (which is on a scale of 0-100) is signifying what the old Dreamwalking total is. While the number out of 250 to the left is what your new skill is.
  • Depending on where you fall on xp totals, you will be granted numbered Dreamwalking knowledge to correlate with your new level from novice-master. Simply link back to this announcement where you claim those knowledge. 11 knowledge for the competent range, 22 knowledge for the expert range, 33 knowledge for the master range, and 60 if you maxed out the dreamwalking skill previously with capstones.



Dreamwalking is a form of practice magic used by shamans, psychics, healers and special investigators. It is less well known than alchemy and ensorcelling due to the fact that it offers no tanigble benefits in the real world, and indeed many people who do learn of its existence disbelieve it as fraudulent nonsense. And who could blame them; after all, the idea of entering into the dreams of another to fight their inner demons or steal their secrets does sound hard to believe. Yet this is no myth. Through a special set of circumstances, or the tuition of another, anyone has the potential to enter into the unconscious mind of another.

The main races of Idalos, as well as other sentient beings, all possess a soul. Because of this they also possess a natural connection to the mindscape layer of Emea, which is what gives them the capability for higher thought and innovation. As a person learns new things and comes up with new ideas, memories and ambitions, these thoughts take physical form within the mindscape and coalesce into their own dream world: a unique plane of existence that represents the state of their mind. When a sentient being sleeps their soul slips out of their physical body a little and partially enters their own dream world, which is where they experience dreams. Under normal circumstances this connection is very weak: enough so that a person can only enter their own dream world, will remember very little about their dreams upon waking, and will still immeidately wake up if their physical body is disturbed or if they perish within their dreams.

However even though each dream world exists as its own independant pocket within the mindscape, that does not mean that they are isolated from each other. By forming a meaningingful connection with someone, a doorway forms between your dream worlds that allows you to travel between them. These doorways are usually locked up tight and guarded to prevent unwanted idea from slipping between worlds. Every so often a person expeirences a "lucid dream", which means that they recognise they are dreaming and gain a slight level of control over their own dream world. While lucid dreaming a person might accidentally stumble across a doorway into the mindscape of someone they possess a bond with, unlock it, and travel through into the dream world another by accident, or alternatively might be guided into the dream world of another by someone else who is dream walking through their dream world. The moment one steps into the dream world of another the connection their soul possesses to the mindscape is irrevocably strengthened, allowing almost the entirety of their soul to slip out of their body when they sleep. As of that moment they are a dreamwalker: one who can enter the dreams of others will far greater ease and remember what they see after awakening, but whose soul is now at risk of destruction from what they find within.

Lucid vs Nonlucid Dreaming

There are two states a person can be in while dreaming. The first state is Nonlucid Dreaming, and is what the majority of dreamers experience all the time. The other state is Lucid Dreaming, and is what Dreamwalkers are capable of achieving.

While in a nonlucid state, the dreamer's dreamscape shifts on its own, as does the dreamer's body and experiences. In a nonlucid dream, anything is possible, from becoming a hero of the world to dying, and the dreamer will still wake up in the morning with nothing wrong beyond perhaps a hazy memory of the dream itself.

From a player perspective, nonlucid dreams will not yield any Skill Knowledges, but do not require the player to play to their skill levels. A nonlucid dreamer can acquire standard skill points, or ghost skill points, but never acquire Magic Skill points. The nonskill knowledges can only be about what happened in the dream. Additionally, damage, injury, and the like does not carry over from nonlucid dreams into the real world.

The lucid state is the bread and butter of dreamwalking. Dreamwalkers can choose to become lucid and can make others lucid as well. Regular dreamers can occasionally become lucid on their own, but this is incredibly rare. Additionally, if a Nightmare Beast or other similar entity enters a dreamer's dreamscape, without any form of detection prevention, the dreamer will become lucid. Lucid dreams are, effectively, real, as the dreamer is essentially awake, within the dreamscape. What happens in a lucid dream will matter in the real world.

From a player perspective, lucid dreams will grant Skill Knowledges, but also require the player to play to their skill levels. The lucid dreamer can acquire standard skill points, ghost skill points, and magic skill points where appropriate. The lucid dreamer can acquire nonsckill knowledges about what happened in the dream as well. Damage, injury, and the like does carry over from the lucid dream into the real world. This all happens in the instant a person wakes up from the lucid dream. Often this damage can be muted versions, such as waking up with an already healed scar of a fatal injury. However, it is not unheard of that people wake up with fresh wounds, or wake up and instantly die from their wounds.

When submitting a review request, please include in the Notes Section of the review about whether this is a Lucid Dream or Nonlucid Dream. If it is lucid, there must be a good reason for it if the dreamer is not a Dreamwalker themselves.

Dream Worlds

Everyone had their own unique dream world, which is formed from a collection of that person's memories and experiences. Each dream world takes on an appearance thematic of the way that person sees the real world. For example if someone prized the pursuit of knowledge above all else, their dream world might look like a library or museum. If someone preferred nature to the trappings of civilisation, their mindscape might look like a forest. A dream world is a precious thing and should be treated carefully, for damaging or tampering with it could potentially alter or destroy a person's memories, and cause their sanity to start to unravel.

The sum of all the knowledge a person has learnt and the memories of everything they have experienced can be found within their dreamscape in some kind of medium, such as book or paintings, and can therefor also be learnt by a dreamwalker visiting their mind. Some unscrupulous dream walkers make quite a fortune by sneaking into the heads of powerful people and stealing the secrets they find within. However people have a natural desire to guard their secrets and other information they know is valuable, and so their dream worlds reflect this by constructing vaults, puzzles and traps around the information they want to protect. These protections are not bound by the logic of reality either, and so can be far more dangerous or confusing than anything found in the real world.

Dream worlds are not empty places. They are populated by the people who the owner of the dream world knows. However these are not accurate copies of the real person, but rather representations of the way the owner of the dream world percieves them, and are as strong as the owner subconsciously believes them to be. This means that they can take on strange appearances and exaggerated personality traits in extreme cases, potentially turning them into monsters.

And speaking of monsters, the fears of a person also coalesce and take form within their dream world, creating a nightmare. A nightmare is unique for each individual, taking a form and powers derived from everything a its creator fears, and grows more powerful the more that the owner of a dream world fears them. They seek to run rampant across the dream world they inhabit, tormenting their creator and feeding on the fear generated to grow ever stronger. Worse still is that if a dream walker enters somebody else's dream world their nightmare follows them, and in every new dream world they enter they might just find a fresh new way to torment their creator.

(Note: Yludih do not have a dream world of their own. Due to the torment suffered by their ancient persecution and their long-suffered lonliness, the dream worlds of the Yludih all fused together to create Uleuda. Uleuda is a heavily guarded dream world and very difficult to sneak into, but it is possible for Yludih to exit Uleuda and explore the wide mindscape.)


Once someone enters the dreams of another, either deliberately or by accident, their souls connection to the mindscape grows strong enough to allow their soul to pass almost entirely into the dream world. This means that from that point on that person is a dream walker, and will always remember their dreams upon waking, but will also die if their astral projection: an avatar that looks the way that person mentally percieves themselves to be, and which their soul inhabits while dreaming, is destroyed.

Once someone has become a dream walker, they can enter a dream world by going through the relevant doorway in the dream world of someone who has a bond with that person. It is also possible to force their way into the dream world of someone if both the dreamwalker and their target consume one of several special alchemical potions. While a dream walker can still be woken up by stimuli to their real-world body while in their own dreamscape, they will remain comatose no matter what while their soul explores the dream world of another. They will only wake up again my finding their way back to their own dreamscape, or by waiting for the dreamwalking potion's effect to wear off.

A bond that allows one to access the dream world of another does not necessarily have to be a positive one. Bonds are born from two people forming an understanding of who the other truly is, and having a deep enough understanding of their history, beliefs and motivations to be able to roughly anticipate how they think. These bonds are mostly formed between friends and family due to the time spent in each other's company leading to this understanding, but it can also occur between rivals or enemies, or even be deliberately replicated by interrogators. When a dream walker goes into the dream worlds of others they will always have a string connecting them back to their own dream world, which they can use to retrace their steps back through any bond they have already passed through in order to return to their physical body. Technically speaking every bond is a two-way door, and theoretically would place anyone who deliberately forms a bond with someone in order to access their dream world at risk of having their own dream world infiltrated. In practice however anyone who is aware of dream walking and the nature of these bonds would become wary of allowing people they didn't trust into their dream world, and if they become aware of the existence of a bond between them and an untrusted individual would most likely desire to seal this bond. This would cause their dream world to create traps and defenses around the bond that would pose a danger to anyone seeking to infiltrate their dream world through this bond.

If a dream walker has formed a bond with a spirit, that spirit will be able to accompany them as they walk through dreams. As magical sparks are attached to the soul magicians may still use their magic while travelling through dreams, though they may find that their astral projection appears warped by their spark's influence. All astral projections wear the clothes their owner most commonly envisions themself in and can bring pieces of equipment they hold particularly dear, such as favoured weapons, with them so long as it is no larger than the person themself.


The Immortal Unity, as the master of dreams and nightmares, has a close connection to dream worlds. Those who bear the mark of Nyvahi gain powers both within dream worlds and the real world that can be very useful for a dreamwalker, and are collectively the biggest and most organised faction that has a presence within the dreamwalker community. Not all dreamwalkers serve Unity, but all followers of Unity do eventually gain the ability to dreamwalk.

Skill Tiers

Novice: 0-25

A novice dream walker is very new to the concept of entering another person's dream world, and will usually find themselves fascinated or overwhelmed by the fluid and chaotic nature of such places. For these people their main focus is on exploring their own dream world and navigating through doorways into the dream worlds of others. A novice dream walker can enter dream worlds, but has no speical abilities beyond this.

Competent: 26-75

A compenent dreamalker has become expeirenced enough to fully appreciate the idea that, while within a dream world, space and shape are much more fluid. With this realisation the dreamwalker can learn to transform their own astral projection into the shape of another person, animal, or humanoid entity of roughly the same size as their original shape. The only requirement is that they must be able to imagine what this form looks like.

Expert: 76-150

An expert dreamwalker knows enough about all the basic tricks used to infiltrate someone else's dream world that their own dream world evolves as a result of this knowledge. When dream walking within their own dream world, an expert dreamalkers is able to meld their astral projection into their dreamworld in order to "swim" through solid objects, levitate in the air, or even split parts of their own astral projection off from their rest of their body and attach them to the landscape while still maintaining automonous control over the seperate body part. The 'body part' can take the same form as part of the landscape, such as the ground, the weather, a wall, which the dreamwalker is in full control of within their own dreamscape. These abilities make fending off intruders in their own dream world much easier.

Master: 151-250

A master dreamwalkers has become so adept at seperating their own soul from their body that they are no longer confided only to the mindscape layer of Emea. When dreamwalking, a master dreamwalker can slip through the veil itself, allowing their soul to travel out into the infinite unknown reaches of Emea. As long as their body remains alive the dreamwalker will possess an unbreakable string that will lead them back to their body. Out in the unknown sections of Emea it is extraordinarily difficult to hold on to memories, and so those who return from dreamwalking beyond the veil remember very little of what they saw. Worst still are those who spend so long out in Emea that they forget their have a body to return to at all, and leave their bodies comatose while they aimlessly wander the realm of chaos.

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