Desnind ~ The City in the Trees


Welcome to Desnind, the City in the Trees! The home of the Sev'ryn and the Tunawa as well as the Immortal of Life, Moseke, this city is nestled in the forests of the far South of Idalos. Here, the houses are built in the trees, the way of life is spiritual and peace-filled and there are many wonders to find and mysteries to solve!

This wiki has a number of sections which will help you really get to know our beautiful city. These are:

Section Contents
New Player Guide A guide for new players in our city and surrounds. This includes information for new players starting in Desnind and also for established players who are visiting
Calendars & Past Events What's happening in Desnind this cycle? A list of city events here!
Locations All locations both in Desnind and outside the city will be stored here.
Detailed Lore History, Geography, Climate, Holidays and more! Everything you need to know about Desnind is here!
Resources Guide Desnind is home to unique flora, fauna, materials, medicines and much more! All resources are kept here
The Staff Room This is where staff put locations, flora, fauna, resources etc that we're working on. Nothing in this section is approved Lore and players should NOT use it.


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