Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Travel, Adventure, Stories, and Hunger
Holy Names Old Dust, The Wanderer, The Taleweaver, Man of Roads
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Anywhere
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Sojourn
Notable Creations None
Creator Brel'Tek
Immediate Family TBD
Allies Ilaren, Vri, U'frek, Xiur
Enemies Lisirra, Faldrun, Kata
Scribe Plague


Cassion was born of fiery passion and wild curiosity. When his maker set him upon Idalos, the new Immortal chose to walk the length and breadth of the realm on foot, eschewing the ordinarily swift Emean travels of his cohorts. As such, Cassion has not taken much part in the history of Immortals on Idalos. Most often he was out on the road between realms, knocking back drinks with the locals and learning of the wide world around him. As the Immortal of travel, Cassion is the example of the journey over the destination. Strictly speaking, his history often leaves immense holes for the times he's knocking about some part of the world and couldn't be bothered to participate. After the Shattering, Cassion left for some time into the misty miasma of Emea. Most of his siblings thought him gone, dead like the rest of the lost Immortals of the Shattering...until one day he showed up again, long after Faldrun had declared himself leader of the Immortals and mortals began to crawl across the planet once more.

He speaks little of his journey into the twisting nether, beyond the usual boundary points of any Immortal before him. If there was some truth to his journey or discovery, he opts not to share it with his siblings at all...encouraging them only to seek it out themselves. Since his return, Cassion cultivates a unique relationship with mortals. More often than not, he passes as one of them. Rather than being content to watch over his followers from afar, Cassion thrusts himself into the dangerous world of Idalos as another of the hot-blooded. Shoulder to shoulder he follows the unique and interesting on their adventures, never letting on to his unique nature. Sometimes he will show himself to his other siblings at a noteworthy death, to tell the story of their grand adventures before final judgement is passed.

Of all the Immortals, Cassion has been wounded the most, nearly arriving at death a few times himself. This possibility excites him, drives him, and caused him to found a group of nomadic mercenaries who wander Idalos spreading his ideology of living a life worth telling. The Sojourners, named for his mark, have made a name for themselves wherever they travel.

Cassion has been known to be raucous of humor, insatiable, dangerous, and charming. He embodies the lives of great characters, souls who shine beyond ages, and although he is not one of them he will always live as them. After all, how else can an Immortal expect to learn than by testing their limits?


Cassion always appears in traveling gear, laden with cases, pockets, weapons, odds and ends from his many journeys. No matter how he cleans there is always the smell of road dust about him. Cassion just tops six feet with the taut, wiry muscles of a warrior and nomad. Cassion is most often found with his band of travelers or in the company of an exciting new mortal with a grand quest on their lips. Mostly, he passes as an ordinary mortal and only exhibits his Immortal nature when pressed or among his siblings.

Memories of the Past

Cassion was unique to his father, who always sought to understand the world. He was even close to Syroa, at a small time before the Shattering drove them apart. Cassion was easy to get along with but somewhat perplexing in his methodology. He would often ask the Originals of their time before Idalos, shirking his duties to test the patience of Anox or Fei. When he left to go to Emea, it is said he asked for his siblings to accompany him and perform a burial ritual for their progenitor. Whether they agreed or not is unknown, but while the other siblings remained on Idalos for some time, Cassion disappeared for centuries before returning from that formless realm.


Cassion travels from city to city, rarely using his natural Immortal powers to brave Emea. It is known he never stays in one place longer than a few weeks.