Guide to Capstones, example of capstones etc


A Grandmaster skill is a skill which is the pinnacle of achievement. A PC needs to have reached 250/250 (100/100 if Fast Track) and have 60 knowledge in that skill in order for it to be Grandmaster (GM) and thus acquire a capstone.

Grandmasters are known to push the very boundaries of their crafts, and are able to develop capstone abilities that differentiate them from others of the craft and allow them to permanently leave their marks on their fields.

These capstone abilities would seem beyond the skill level currently set, almost supernatural...which would be the point. If someone were to witness something beyond their understanding, it might appear to be magic. That is what the Capstone abilities represent...a player's individual technique or practice so advanced that even others in their field might consider it magic.

When the PC has met the requirements, they may assume that the skill is Grandmaster. There are no limits to the number of Grandmaster skills available to PCs, but it should be noted that this rule does not include Domain Magic - there, the PC reveals and there are limits. Once a skill has reached Grandmaster, the PC may apply for a Capstone

Capstone abilities

Capstone abilities follow a similar path to Mortalborn abilities in that they would need to be approved in the PSF, and then acquired IRP. However, the capstone abilities would allow the practitioner to have the upper hand. So if a Master swordsman fights a Grandmaster, on a purely technical skill level, they would be very close. If they both used basic techniques, the fight could go on for ages. However, the Grandmaster has developed a special ability, which allows him the upper hand.

Examples of Capstone Abilities

If a skill has an existing capstone, it is seen in the left hand menu in the drop-down menu for that skill. Approved capstone requests are visible to all in the PSF.


Capstone abilities are special to each player character. They can choose to teach their Capstone ability to another Grandmaster in the same skill. In addition, two players can design a technique that does the same thing, but may achieve the result in their own unique ways.

Acquiring New Capstone Abilities

  • New Capstone abilities can be bought through additional skill points gained via Renown or Blessings, but can also be achieved through role play.
    • When using Renown or Blessings, 5 points over the usual 100 skill point cap will get you a new capstone ability.
    • In terms of RP, we base this on the number of knowledge you have in that skill - as these represent you using it. Additional capstones can be earned by acquiring skill knowledges beyond the 60 required for the initial capstone. This will work on a progressive system of knowledges beyond the base 60. This extends indefinitely. These extra capstones are separate from and additional to the capstones that were grandfathered in, as well as capstones earned through additional skill points.
      • 60 Skill Knowledge = Skill becomes GM and has a single capstone (assuming 250/250 xp)
      • 85 Skill Knowledges = First additional capstone
      • 110 Skill Knowledges = Second additional capstone
      • 135 Skill Knowledges = Third additional capstone
      • 160 Skill Knowledges = Fourth additional capstone
      • 185 Skill Knowledges = Fifth additional capstone
      • 210 Skill Knowledges= Sixth additional capstone ETC
    • This continues onward at a rate of Previous Capstone Amount + 25