CS Rewards

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Character Sheet Approval Rewards

Hello there! This guide is to help both players and prophets understand what to reward and how much to reward to a new player at the time of character sheet approval. Keep in mind that the rewards are based off of the quality of your character sheet and attempts to match a character's skills with their background information. You will not be rewarded with everything your character could know or be able to do at the time of start up because the amount of skills and knowledge given at that time are limited. These additional skill points and knowledge will be given based on key points in a character's history.

What is this reward and how do you get it?

This reward system is only used on character sheets that are being approved for the first time.
This reward is given only upon approval of the character sheet. If there are mistakes on your sheet, you will be notified by a prophet of the errors and it is expected of you to correct them before you may begin role play again and receive this reward. The skill points and knowledge that are rewarded to you upon approval are based off of the information that you've listed on your sheet. If there is minimal information listed, that is, just a very brief and basic summary of your character's history, don't expect to receive a decent reward. Our prophets will be looking for key points in your character's history so that they can reward you with those skills or knowledge. Please make a note of this when developing your character.

Rewards Rules

There are only a set amount of skills, skill points, and knowledge a prophet can reward to a new player. That is based off of their judgement and the information listed in your sheet. A prophet will adhere to the following rules:

  • You may not award any skill points to skills already at 25 points.

  • Reward up to 10 (in certain cases 15) points to the character that can be divided between any skills that are relevant to the character's background. The prophet may list no more than 4 skills.

  • Reward a total of 2-8 knowledge.

  • Reward items that value no greater than 15gn with a limit of 3 items.

  • Reward a Starter Quest.

Be aware that the rewards are given to your character are at the prophet's discretion. They do not have to reward you the full amount of skills, knowledge, or items.


Thanks to Jade for the image & original guide!