CS Requirements


You are required to maintan a certain level of detail in your CS. This guide gives you the minimum required for you to receive rewards and approvals.Please note that you are required to keep all appropriate User CP Profile Fields (race, renown etc) up to date and in line with your CS.


This page does not apply to those of you who are creating a new CS. Please see the Creating Your PC pages for this and note that all of the auto-generated CS fields / sections, must be completed. This page is information for ongoing pcs.

Character Information


You must include your race (and which races are included in your mixed race if appropriate), gender and date of birth in your CS.

If your character is a mortalborn you need to record their approval as such. You also need to record all approved abilities, with links to approval.

Physical Appearance

This must be kept up to date and clear on your CS. Your PCs appearance should not change (unless as a result of a completed thread which gives cause for it to). The Avatar you maintain on forums, as well as images kept in your CS or templates are not considered canon for the sake of appearance. What is written in the CS concerning appearance is what is considered canon and what will matter in terms of IC use.


What languages does your PC speak? Which are fluent etc?

Magic & Marks

Magic (including mutations, witchmarks etc) and Marks must be tracked on your CS.


You need to:

  • Keep a clear list of linked threads where you gain XP specific to each Domain magic you have. This might be in your usual Skill Ledger or separate, but must be clear.
  • Keep track of and describe all mutations, including links to PSF approval.


You need to record:

  • The thread where you gained the mark / level up (or the PSF ticket if appropriate)
  • Link to threads where abilities are gained, along with approval for them.
  • Mark specific knowledge.


All threads must be linked in at least one place on your CS. This might double up as your Skill Point Ledger, but all threads must appear everywhere at least once.

Ledgers & Lists

We try to ensure that you have minimal amounts of tracking / ledger keeping to do, however you need to keep the following up to date:

Thread List

An updated Thread List at least for the previous cycle

Skill Point Ledger

An updated Skill Point Ledger outlining which thread gave which points and where you spent them.

Renown Ledger

Updated Renown Ledger and a table outlining which thread gave which points.

In your User Control Panel, you have a drop down box to identify your Renown Points. You must keep this up to date as it is there to help staff, other players and peer reviewers.

Also, you are required to keep a record of all renown rewards in your CS. There are no exceptions to this.


Your Wealth Points are recorded in your CS in their own ledger in much the same way as Renown. Namely, you have to put a link to the thread, what adjustment the thread makes and then, what the total is. It is good practice to keep a note of the Tier there, too.

In your User Control Panel, you have a drop down box to identify your Wealth Tier. You must keep this up to date as it is there to help staff and peer reviewers.

Also, where you are accessing items which are limited in number, modified or have some other non-usual aspect to them - you are required to keep them in your CS. There are no exceptions to this.


All unusual / exotic / magical items must be recorded on your CS. Again, no exceptions.


With regards NPCs Personal NPCs should be recorded on your CS, with up to date skills, as should Memory NPCs. All approvals should be linked to.

Point Bank

If you claim Point Bank points, these should be recorded in your CS or Plot Notes.