Ayla Venora

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Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Compliance, Rapture, Scandal
Location NPC
Position TBD
Parent Syroa
Allies TBD
Enemies TBD
Scribe Whisper



A plan was hatched and a lie weaved. While Aelig distracted Faith, Syroa, in the form of Tristan Venora's slave, lay with him one night. It did not result in the conception of a child, however: a disappointment to both conspirators. It was not until Zi'da, when Syroa seduced the cousin, Alistair Venora, that the Mortalborn child was finally more than a light in Syroa's eye. It was not exactly what Syroa and Aelig had intended, but it would do, for their purposes. A Venoran child now existed, and that was enough.

Seasons passed and the distractions continued, with lies and deceptions and illusions, causing many to question what was real and what was not. Was the child Faith's? Aelig's? Padraig's? Tristan's? Syroa's involvement was never brought into question, which was how they wanted it.

Late on a relatively warm evening in Ashan 717, Syroa, once again in the form of Faith, knocked weakly on Tristan's door. Shocked and confused, Tristan had helped his love inside and demanded to know what had happened. The final twist in the tale was revealed: the child was apparently mortal, born of Tristan and Faith. "Faith" revealed what she could remember, but her breathing was laboured and her emaciated body was struggling. Syroa, Immortal of Acting, with behind the scenes support from the Illusionist Aelig, performed her finest role: death. Tristan was left with the wasted body of the woman he loved... and an infant in his arms.


Though her Mortalborn powers have not yet awakened, they have seeped into her personality, in spite of how Tristan raises her. That isn't to say that his parenting and influence hasn't made a difference; she is the daughter of Syroa after all... but Ayla is not a traditionally happy child. All three domains weave together, however the most dominant is Rapture: even as a small infant, Ayla has had an unprecedented ability to capture and maintain the attentions of those around her. Though currently unaware of how she is manipulating people, there is no doubt that Ayla definitely enjoys the perks that being the daughter of a Duke has.


Unlike other Mortalborn children, Ayla does not resemble her Immortal mother. shortly following her birth, Aelig and Syroa harmonised their compatible domains of Illusion and Transformation respectively to weave a powerful glamour over the child - a glamour that cannot be broken without the mutual agreement of the two Immortals. Into this glamour, in order to reinforce the lie of the child's birth, elements of Tristan Venora and his ex-slave, Faith, have been mixed. The result is a child who will grow up to be a duplicate of Faith, save for changes produced by the environment. Even as she grows older, Ayla's looks will never be too far separated from her father's former property.

Influences from her father are few; the only strikingly obvious one is the eyes. Just like Tristan's, Ayla's eyes, are perhaps her most expressive feature. Blue was not a sufficient description: that single word alone could not capture the iridescence of a storm cloud before lightning struck. As an infant, the same warm, innocent curiosity seen so plainly in Tristan's gaze will be shared by his daughter. With age, however, this would change...


Having been left with Tristan Venora by Syroa, Ayla is currently [hopefully?] being raised within Tristan's home in Rynmere. To everyone, she is a mortal child, with no ties to any Immortals (save the small, unresolved fear that she might be Aelig's, rather than Tristan's). What Tristan decides to teach Ayla of her past is his decision, and his alone to make. Unless Ayla mother decides to interfere in her child's life...

All current information on Ayla Venora can be found on Tristan Venora's CS.