Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Spring, Spirituality, Freedom
Holy Names The Unbound One, Bringer of Flowers
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Eastern Region
Faction Neutral
Mark Loshova
Notable Creations The Season Ashan
Creator Pieren
Immediate Family TBD
Allies U'frek, Pier & Pre
Enemies Faldrun, Syroa, Delroth
Scribe Squirrel


From his very creation, Ashan never managed to form any lasting relationships with anyone around him. Created as he was with a purpose, to bring about Spring with the help of the three other seasonal Immortals, Ashan felt shackled and restrained to a life of servitude and dependence on those around him because of his father, Pieren, and so shunned any contact with him. Likewise, he distanced himself from his other siblings, as Edasha and Delroth fought for their fathers affection while Ælig and Raliath remained so withdrawn that they could never offer any companionship. Distracted by jealousy, bitterness, vanity and other vices, Ashan's siblings were never able to feel the same spirituality and calm in their lives as Ashan, and for that they both disapproved of one-another in equal amounts. He spent most of his time alone, trying to connect with himself and the world around him in ways that few understood and fewer cared for. For a time he tried to form a friendship with the three other season-bringers, helping to form a pact with them so that they would all bring about their own seasons in due time, keeping balance in the world. Ashan even took up a distant admiration for Moseke, although he could never attract her attention. For a long time, he could never find why... and then came the shattering of the Original Eight and the destruction of the pact, plunging all of the Immortals into grief. Ashan distanced himself from the other season-bringers for a time, finding peace in his own freedom to explore the world and find his own inner peace.

As the other Immortals recovered however, Ymiden and Vhalar recovered first, pulling him back into creating a new pact with Ziell, who was the last and most stubborn of all the season bringers. For a time there was a shaky peace between them and the seasons passed uneventfully in the wake of the collapse. Ashan continued admiring Moseke from afar, but when he finally stepped forward to confess his love, he found it was too late - Ymiden had already stolen her heart. When the first wars broke out between mortals and Immortals and Ymiden decided to side with the mortals, that was the last straw. Ashan, rather indifferent, remained neutral in the conflict and completely distanced himself from the fighting in order to follow his own pursuits, seeking to break the pact and distance himself as far away from Ymiden as possible and roam free from restrictions and the responsibilities. He knew that no matter the outcome, whether he sided with the mortals or Immortals, the destruction wreaked by both sides would bring immense damage to the balance of the world as a whole... and so, instead, he slowly rebuilds in the hollow battlefields, recruiting warriors from both armies to help them reconnect with their inner spiritual sides, hoping to eventually resolve the conflict.

The pact held, but barely, and by no means with Ashan's help. He once again distanced himself from everyone near and instead formed an unlikely friendship with U'frek who, despite having a deep love for the mortals that he is very much indifferent with, is affable and kind in general. He is also on good terms with Pier and Pre, mostly because of their proximity to U'frek. Occasionally he even joins these Immortals in their efforts to restrain Chrien and defend human cities, although Ashan mostly tags along just for the company.


Ashan appears as a tall, lean and lightly muscle young adult, around 6'. Long, black hair dives straight down over both shoulders, un-secured yet never passing over his firm, angular features. For the most part he is utterly dismissive of mortals and has little interest in them, good or bad. The same can be said for most Immortals as well, however; he shows a distinct lack of concern for the passing wars and often steers clear of them. Instead, he exists as a wandering nomad that brushes through many cities around Idalos, although he's been known to hang around Eastern Idalos most often because he prefers the weather.

Ashan/Memories of the Past

Ashan remembers Pieren with little love, even though he wasn't a terrible father. He barely knew any of his other siblings either, mostly because they were either vying for the attention of Pieren or attending to their own problems. Much of his early life was therefore simply spent doing as he wished, roaming the world and exploring.


He wanders across all of Eastern Idalos in an unscheduled pattern, taking up odd jobs whenever he pleases, ranging anywhere from a wilderness guide to a doctor.