The Blessing of Al'deurn

Faldrun's blessing is not necessarily a rarity to come by, however, one who presents such a mark freely admits to horrendous deeds committed in the name of the Great Fire. Faldrun does not mark those easily, as his favor is hard to gain and even harder to keep. Simple acts devoted to him will not quench his thirst for turmoil and, in some cases, he may seem simple attempts at gaining his favor an insult, thus curse the individual. Faldrun is not one to be insulted and any who try to gain connection with this deity must be prepared to offer themselves fully to his command and rule, otherwise, death is the only reward you will find.

The Blessing Al'deurn takes the form of a brand upon the marked individual that seems to glow with an internal flame. At the lower tiers it glows like a dying coal, but as The Blessed gains favor with Faldrun, the glow begins to strengthen until at higher tiers, it practically blazes. All abilities are twice as effective in Suan (all ranges and durations are doubled) and half as effective in Cylus (all ranges and durations are halved).


Ability Name Ability Description
Elemental Manipulation - Fire (Minor) The Marked is able to control fire in close proximity to themselves. They are capable of controlling only small amounts of fire at short distances, nothing larger than a small bonfire and no further than five feet away from their own body. The marked is able to move the flames with a simple gesture, but they can not be thrown. Flames are red to orange in color. This ability can wrest control away from a Competent or below level Defier.
Hot Blooded (Minor) The Marked's body temperature rises slightly. This increase in temperature can be felt by those that touch the Marked. It also gives the Marked immunity to the effects a slight heat. (Hot day, working in forge, etc.)
Passionate Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Martial Skill, Resistance, Blacksmithing, or Intimidation.
Corona (Minor) The Marked is able to cover their body in a sheath of flames for a break once a trial. The sheath is able to help regulate body temperature in cold climates, keeping the Marked warm. The sheath also has combat capabilities depending on how it is utilized by the Marked. The heat of these flames is determined by the Marked's Fire Manipulation ability.
Fire Fight The Marked is able to condense their corona aura into their hands and feet, or project bursts of flame from their limbs or mouth. The power of both the aura and the projections are limited to the owners Corona and Elemental Manipulation abilities respectfully.
Long Burn The Marked takes an extended period of rest for ten breaks, of which half must be in direct sunlight, and can then function for two trials without rest. After which the character must rest again for another ten breaks. If they do not, they become fatigued.
Cauterize (Minor) The Marked's body automatically closes and begins to heal any minor wounds they may suffered. The process requires the the Marked to remain in a restful state, and in or near a hot area.(Hot room, or near a large fire)
Sense The Troubled The Marked are no stranger to conflict, and this ability allows them to prepare for it. Turmoil in others, indecisions, stress, nervousness is often unseen save to those of exceptional empathetic talent. This ability allows one of Faldrun’s favored to ‘sense’ the turmoil of people around them. Mostly this will manifest as a vague prickling sensation but if the marked concentrates on it, they can find the source and small snippets of clues as to what is causing it. They may feel a flash of fury or bloodthirsty glee to someone weighing whether they should attack or the heart wrenching indecision of a guard accepting a bribe. These are only clues that allow the marked to better understand the people they encounter and the thoughts that consume them.
Inner Turmoil The owner of the mark is plagued by inner conflict. Though they are able to keep the turmoil in check most times, it can present itself as shortness of temper, or the owner muttering to themselves during times of great stress. At the same time the Turmoil acts as a buffer against any kind of outside mental forces, such as Empathy Domain Magics, or other Blessings. This ability functions against other Blessings of equal or lower tiers, or on Domain Magic as follows: Favored: Competent or below, Adored: Expert or below, Exalted: Master or below, Champion: Champions have resistance to Legendary Mages, but are not immune.


Ability Name Ability Description
Elemental Manipulation - Fire (Moderate) The Marked is now able to control a larger amount of fire, and at greater distances. They are now capable of controlling flames roughly the size of a large house fire, and at distances up to 100 feet out. At this level, the Marked is also able to change the heat of the fire, increasing it's temperature to those often found in forges, and it's color to a bright yellow. Metals subjected to this fire for enough time will begin to heat and eventually melt, unless protected in some way. The effective range of these hotter flames is equivalent to those of Minor Manipulations. Can wrest away the control of fire from expert Defier or below.
Flame Wreath The Marked is able to extend their Corona ability to their weapons, wrapping the weapon in fire, without damaging the weapon. The flames of this ability are based off of the Marked's Corona ability.
Passionate Skills II Add an extra three total skill points to two of the following skills, no more than three in a single skill: Any Martial Skill, Resistance, Blacksmithing, or Intimidation.
Hot Blooded (Moderate) The Marked's body continues to grow warmer, making them immune to the effects of abnormal heat. This allows them to survive comfortably in places other may find unlivable(Desert heat, burning buildings, ect.). This increase in body temperature can be felt by those standing within a close proximity to the Marked.
Cauterize (Moderate) The Marked's body begins to close any moderate or lesser wounds after a short rest. Any natural poisons in their body burn off at an increased rate as well, shortening the effects of the poisons.(Poisons last half as long.) To function, this ability requires the Marked to keep his body temperature raised.
Flame Throw The Marked is now able to throw fire, as a projectile, a distance equal to that allowed by their Elemental Manipulation. The flame can take whatever form the Marked wills it. The projectile flies at the same speed at though it had been thrown and detonates for a small explosion on impact.
Corona (Moderate) The length of time the Marked can use the Corona ability is increased to two breaks. The Marked also gains immunity to moderate natural cold temperatures while Corona is in effect. These temperatures can reach as low as a few degrees below freezing. The heat of these flames is determined by the Marked's Fire Manipulation ability.
Servant of Domain Faldrun dispatches a spiritual servant to serve as companion to the marked. This spirit will be of either Fire, Sun, or Turmoil at the choice of the marked. A Sun spirit appears as a luminous glowing orb that grants sight even in the darkest of night, and able to manifest as a glowing armor for three breaks a trial at the behest of their master. A Sun spirit will wane in the night but grow stronger by day. A Fire spirit of Faldrun is often of Pyres, a sheet of flame visible only to those who can see spirits and the marked. The spirit of fire grants the marked the ability to consume any material a fire could burn as sustenance to themselves and can manifest as a weapon of choice for three breaks a trial. This spirit will grow weaker in the colder temperatures and renew itself within heat. A turmoil spirit is an ugly thing of shifting hide and mercurial shape, often around the size of a large dog. It imparts upon the owner an ability to quiet doubt and fear from ones mind, absorbing the turmoil into itself. For three breaks a trial it can manifest as itself, a shifting shape of teeth and claws to assist the marked. It grows weaker in places of peace or calm, growing stronger and replenishing when in the presence of chaos or tumult. Should a spirit be slain, another will come to the Adored within a Cycle of its departure.
Heavy Burn The Marked is able to tap into stored energy, allowing them to move faster, react quicker, and hit harder. This ability increases these feature greatly, but it only lasts for a total of 30 trills, or a fifth of their Endurance skill in bits, whichever is greater. Afterwards the Marked becomes fatigued, and must rest for a minimum of 4 hours in direct sunlight before being able to use this ability again.


Ability Name Ability Description
Elemental Manipulation - Fire (Major) The Marked can now control a massive amount of fire. They are capable of manipulating fires up to the size of a larger brush fire, and at distances just shy of 1000 ft. They can also increase the temperature of these flames to a point that will melt stone, during the flames white hot; doing so though decreases the effective range of use of this ability to that of the Minor Manipulation, or they can increase the temperature enough to super heat metal with the effective range of the Moderate ability.
Hot Blooded (Major) The Marked's body temperature rises further. They gain immunity to the effects of extreme heat, such as those caused by magical fire, or found in volcanoes. This increase in body temperature also causes the air around them to become noticeably warmer and their touch can leave mild burns when in direct contact with others.
Passionate Skills III Add an extra nine total skill points to any three of the following skills, no more than three in a single skill: Any Martial Skill, Resistance, Blacksmithing, or Intimidation.
Solar Purge The Marked is able to focus the heat and energy of the sun's of Idalos into a single beam and can use it to purge Idalos of those deemed unworthy by the Marked. A beam of energy, roughly five feet in diameter, falls from the sky and can be moved by the mark. The beam lasts for one bit and is powerful enough to scorch any plant life in its area, set tree's and wooden structures on fire, and burn enemies caught in its wake to the bone if they are caught without protection. The beam moves at a moderate pace, and can be moved in any direction the Marked can see.
Corona (Major) The Marked's Corona can be used for up to four breaks. While active The Marked is immune to extreme natural cold effects, such as those found in blizzards, and lesser magical cold effect, such as from lower lever marks, or lesser domain magics. In regards to domain magics, this is any cold effects made by a skill less than Expert. The heat of these flames is determined by the Marked's Fire Manipulation ability.
Cauterize (Major) The Marked's body begins to close all moderate or lesser wounds after a short rest and one major wound becomes a moderate wound, and begins to heal at the same rate beginning with The Marked's next rest. Any poisons in the body also start to burn off quicker, including alchemical poisons.(Poisons last one fourth as long.) The Marked is no longer required to be near a fire, or in a warm room, as their bodies provide enough heat to sustain this ability, unless they are in a cold environment.
Fire Fall The Exalted is able to call forth a hail storm of fire and flames in a 150 foot radius within the distance of their Elemental Manipulation. The flames called fourth by this ability fall in a random pattern but fast enough that they impact with force, as well as having enough force to damage wooden structures, and dent basic metals.
Faldrun’s Rage This ability is only granted to those who become Faldrun's Champions, as it requires the ancient tongue to activate. The Marked is consumed with a burning desire to see all around them burn to ash. All of their abilities are heightened, doubling the distance they can be used at, and all of heat of their flames. Additionally, Corona is automatically activated and sustained as long as they are in their rage, even if they have used their total time for the trial. Finally any flame the throw with the use of their Flame Throw or Fire Fall abilities detonates on impact and ignites the surrounding area. This rage lasts a number of bits equal to the Champions Endurance Skill. After the rage ends the Champion goes unconscious and is exhausted.
Eruption This ability is only granted to those who become Faldrun's Champions, as it requires the ancient tongue to activate. The Champion is able to call forth molten rock from deep within Idalos. The process requires the Champion to concentrate on the task for one break. This time can be shortened, by one half of the Champions Meditation skill. Afterwards the Champion summons a geyser of molten rock and fire in a 300 foot radius within the range of their Elemental Manipulation. This ability can not be used while raged, and can only be used once a season, expect in Suan, when it can be used twice and Cylus when it can't be used at all.

The Curse of Al'deurn

Faldrun's curse is seen more often than his blessing, appearing as crisp, blackened, burnt flesh in the shape of a hand print somewhere on the body, be it the wrists, arms, neck, back, ankles--- wherever the Immortal may have touched you in the instant he was placing his curse. The skin is entirely slow to heal and takes several seasons to return to scarred skin. Even so, the scar tissue is only a thin film covering still charred flesh beneath. When one glances upon the curse fleshed, it appears as if molten lava is moving beneath blackened, cracked flesh.

Most often, those that are cursed by Faldrun have angered the God in some manner (a poor offering or unworthy act of devotion in his name) or they have spited the Immortal one too many times. Faldrun's curse is meant to both control an individual and punish them. Much like his Aukari followers, the curse of Al'deurn requires necessary action or else the individual will literally combust.


Those Hated by Faldrun manifest this curse in a high fever that functions similar to those of a natural fever. This increase in temperature makes hot environments nearly impossible for the cursed to stand and dehydrates them twice as fast as any other of their race.


Those despised by Faldrun are cursed with inner conflict. They're plagued with voices of doubt and derision. These voices are not constant, but always seem to come when they would do the most harm to the person. Flames also seem to seek out the curse. Natural flames will bend and twist to follow the Despised, seeking to incinerate them. Small flames will sometimes burst into conflagrations upon them entering a room, and sun is their hated enemy as their skin begins to steam and burn at the suns rays.


Those condemned by Faldrun are sentenced to death by spontaneous combustion. The curse is placed on the individual, and one arc later ignites, burning the cursed to cinders from the inside out. Faldrun will often task the cursed with an impossible quest to extend the time on the curse by another arc, adding a second layer of torture to the curse. Become a pawn for the Immortal of Turmoil, or die.