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Cyrene Bay

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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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The Docks

The Docks

Cyrene Bay is one of the busiest ports in northern Idalos, and as such, the black market trade in Rynmere is ever prevalent. Guards patrol the docks night and day to make sure nothing is being smuggled in or out of both Andaris and Venora who make use of the docks. A small island just off the coast serves as their eyes and ears of all ships sailing in and out of Cyrene Bay, setting up a warning system for any peculiar ships they spot, and signalling with fire if they need or want a ship to be searched and possibly turned around.

The bay itself is deep enough to house the biggest of ships, unlike the port in Endor which isn't able to quite make room for a fully rigged tall ship, Cyrene Bay has seen them all. Visitors must travel half a day by mount or carriage in order to get to Andaris City from the docks, which due to its design and geographical location, was placed far enough away from any coastline that it could not be attacked directly from the sea by boats set up with ballista and other siege weaponry.

Trade happens right on the dock, with some merchants happy to buy and sell there instead of making cargo ship owners cart their goods all of the way to the marketplace in the city, though some are happy to do so, hoping they will in return achieve a better price for their goods. The biggest type of trade to take place on the dock is that of cattle and other animals, with special crates and pens set up to house stock comfortably until their ship arrives to drop them off or pick them up.

The Docks NPC List

Moderator's Note: Players are welcome to use these NPCs if they're writing about this location.

Brice Jervois

Race: Human
Age: 54 arcs
Title: Merchant
Skills: Etiquette: 60, Appraisal: 45, Business Management: 50, Storytelling: 35, Smuggling: 55.

A well known merchant who seems to know everything there is to know when it comes to ships arriving to and leaving the docks. He appears trustworthy, well spoken, and has an eye for detail.

Hunter Dumont

Race: Biqaj
Age: 33 arcs
Title: City Guard
Skills: Melee Combat: 35, Ranged Combat: 55, Endurance: 30, Espionage: 45, Intimidation: 40.

Hunter is the worst kind of guard known to man, a criminal with a badge and a very unnerving smile. He is as crooked as they come and has been suspected of helping smugglers on more than one occasion, but the fact that he has never caught in the act makes it tricky to accuse him of anything. He is not to be trusted, unless you are in the business of making a quick buck at the expense of paying this guy off.

Tidus Endor

Race: Mixed Blood (Human x Sev'ryn)
Age: 41 arcs
Title: City Guard
Skills: Melee Combat: 50, Shield Combat: 35, Mount-Horse: 40, Stealth: 30, Intimidation: 55.

Tidus is a loyal guard who appreciates what it means to have work in such a big city, never taking his position for granted. He is a straight up and down guy who has never accepted a bribe from anyone.
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