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The capital city of the of Rynmere, here is seated the only King in Idalos.
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Locations and Maps

Locations and Maps

How to use a location: Do not reply to the locations themselves, instead, start your own thread and use the information from the location your character is "in" to write / influence your thread. Any replies posted to locations will be removed.

Andaris City

Also see Rynmere Map

The Crown
[columns=2]Bath House - Luxurious, natural hot pools in a beautiful setting.
Courthouse - Where the guilty stand trial.
Andaris Gala and Winery - Business run by House Andaris.
House Andaris - Where nobles meet.
Imperial Court - Throne Room where the King and his nobles gather.
Monastery - Home to Rynmere's Monks and Empress.
Rynmere Theatre - Entertainment capital.
Rynmere University - School of higher learning.[/columns]
[columns=2]Bakery - Fresh bread baked daily.
Rynmere Bank - High security location.
Barbershop - For cutting, shaving, and styling hair.
Bard's Corner - For those who love to perform.
Butcher Shop - Meat, meat, and more meat.
Bookstore - The biggest bookstore in Rynmere.
Distillery - The kings of whiskey.
Ericor's Elegance - Fine Andaris fashions.
Farrier - For shoeing horses.
Fighting Arena - Where slaves fight for freedom.
Rynmere Gazette - The local newspaper.
Herbal Shop - Stocks a wide range of herbs.
Housing Office - For those needing assistance in finding their accommodation or employment.
Andaris Housing Rentals - For those looking to rent both short- and long-term residences within Andaris.
Infirmary - City hospital.
Law Firm - Andaris Law Firm.
Library - Books as old as Rynmere.
Marketplace - Buy and sell all you need.
Morgue - Kash'deel Funerary Services.
Potions and Tonics - Curse or cure?
School - Mandatory between the ages of seven and fifteen.
Ye Olde Inn - Affordable accommodation.
Elyari's Hope - Fine dining.[/columns]
[columns=2]Barracks - Knights, Sailors, and Blazers welcome.
Blacksmith - Iron repairs, weapons, and more.
The Blacksmith Arms - An underground tavern.
Brothel - Desire, lust, something for all.
Andaris Dungeons - Jail cells, torture rooms, and general suffering.
Fighting Pits - Illegal slave fighting.
Fortune Telling - For those who believe.
Water Street Marketplace - The black-market of Rynmere.
Skye Verath Lodge - Training grounds for Jacadon and Volareon Riders.
Slave Auctions - Buy, sell, and trade slaves here.
Stables - Rent or house a horse in Andaris City.
Training Grounds - Sparring matches.
Warrick's Watch - A sacred tree.[/columns]
Beyond the City Walls
[columns=2]The Docks - Shipyards, fish markets, and docks.
Circus - The Travelling Dragon by Medel and Co.
Andaris Farms - Farmlands surrounding Andaris City.
Graveyard - Where the dead rest.
Lumber Mill - For buying timber and selling raw logs.
The Rusty Anchor - Local Sailor Hangout.
Shipyard - Boatbuilding and repairs yard.
Stockyard - For buying and selling animals.
Andaris Vineyard - West of the capital.
The Windkeep - A hub for Skyriders and their mounts.[/columns]
Eastern Settlement
[columns=2]Fort Mane - An abandoned fort in Oakleigh.
Oakleigh Estate - The estate of Duke Tristan Venora - Oakleigh.[/columns]
The following locations and villages (forts) are found outside of the capital (Andaris City)
Fort Venora
Venora Village - The township of Venora.
House Venora - Where nobles meet.
Nora's Rest - The resting place of the first Queen of Rynmere.
The Whispering Ent - The Legend of Zy'Jihai.
The Little Garden - Venora's orphanage.
Murdoch an Keene - Headquarter's for the Coven of Ellasin
Chateau Languedoc - Military Fortress & Agricultural Center

Fort Warrick
Farmers Market - Local marketplace.
House Warrick - Where nobles meet.
Meadow Farms - A place to buy Rynmere's best horses.
Warrick Farms - Lazuli's Business.

The Burning Mountains
Fort VII - Home to The Mountain Men (bandit faction VII).
Hunter's Pass - The road from Warrick to Endor.
Jorick's Keep - Home to the homeless.
Raptor's Rest - A place Jacadon go to die.

Haakon's Isle
The Goddess on Earth - All seeing Wisp.
Haakon's Isle - Home to the Undead.
The Temple of Fire - The cursed live here.

Fort Burhan
Anna's Garden - Peace in Burhan.
House Burhan - Where nobles meet.
Labyrinth - The belly of the Jacadon.
The Salty Grape - A famous Biqaj hangout.
Training Grounds - Swordsmen of Burhan.
The Wall of the Seven Kings - Burhan Wall.
Wendell's Woodwork - Hand carved wooden items.
The White Well - A massive collection of waterfalls in Burhan.
Lapis Manor - The home of Lord and Lady, Unn and Naoko Burhan.

Fort Krome
Gerrard's Hall - All are welcome.
House Krome - Where nobles meet.
Tax Office - Where citizens pay their taxes.
The Witch of Krome - Maescia Aura's Herbal House

Fort Gawyne
Fish Market - A place to buy fresh fish.
The Haunted Hound - Abandoned Inn.
House Gawyne - Where nobles meet.

Fort Endor
Endor Mines - Where troublemakers are sent to work off their sentences.
House Endor - Where nobles meet.
Norr Bay - Endor's Bay.
Oron's Rest - The temple of Oron Endor.
The following is a list of forests in Rynmere
[columns=2]Hang Wood - Located in Andaris.
The Grimvale - Located in Andaris.
Raven's Holt - Located in Venora.
Royal Glen - Located in Venora
Wisp Wood - Located in Krome.
Eldritch Copse - Located in Warrick.
Hunter's Grove - Located in Warrick.
Vanwilds - Located in Burhan.
Wise Wood - Located in Gawyne.
Blevam's Forest - Located in Endor.
Blackwood Hills - Located in Endor.
Haakon's Door - Located randomly.[/columns]
Flora and Fauna List


Jacadon - Found on Sunset Isle.
The Kidnapper Spider - Found in forests in Burhan, Andaris, and Krome.
Volareon - Found in The Burning Mountains and the forests of Burhan, Warrick, and Krome.
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