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Sirothelle rests near the Heart of the World, one of the largest active volcano known in Idalos. Within the walls of this city resides the Aukarians, a race known for its treachery and murderous intent. Stone is a main component in the construction of most of the buildings in this city as the Aukari have a habit of burning down towns with their fire. Almost everything is made of stone, even their house, room, and beds. Most travelers do not come here, whether out of fear, hatred, or both. If an adventurer had the courage to step foot within Sirothelle, they can expect not to be greeted kindly, if at all.
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Explosive Enthuiasm

Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:49 pm

96 Ashan 706

The loud sound of the explosion echoed throughout the Geey household for one of the longest thrills anyone else would have heard. The first person on the scene other than the rascally culprit responsible for the incident, Nauta, was his favourite Uncle Nack. Despite his obvious concern to have him arrive so soon, Nack was not Nauta's favourite for being the good uncle but because he was the fun uncle with a new gift for the boy in each visit. It put his Uncle Nack around the same level of admiration he had for his father, one which far exceeded any other individual Nauta knew. Had the older Geey been more like Uncle Nack, with a gift brought back after he returned from each campaign as impractical as it would have been for a soldier; why Nauta's father may very well be some exalted presence the same way the rest of Sirothelle would treat their divine patron, Faldrun.

Despite Nauta's fondness for his uncle, it was obvious his father did not feel the same for the man. His mother and Nack seemed to have a good relationship as the woman warmly welcomed the man to the family's home for each visit- even if they were not related by blood. His father on the other hand would always receive Nack the coldest of leers if he bothered to greet the man at all, an act which was quite uncharacteristic for any aukari. That said the boy had no knowledge to which of his parents Nack was related to but that fact did not matter much. The child's interest in his uncle was solely with the next gift he would receive from the man. There was not much the boy looked forward to than his Uncle Nack's next visit or, the next surprise the man brought along with him.

Ironically it was his Uncle Nack's gifts which caused a lot of Nauta's problems through the envy of his peers although, that would not be something the young aukari would realize until he became much, much older.

However that was an irrelevant concern to Uncle Nack's most recent visit. What was relevant to Nack's most recent visit was it being Nauta's turn to surprise the man who, as it turned out, was in a way quite impressed with the boy's 'accomplishment'. Contrary to what any should have expected the moment they heard the explosion especially in Sirothelle, Nauta and his surroundings lacked any signs of an eruption. There was no fire spread all over the place, no child yelling and screaming in pain from any flames which enveloped him, no chaotic aftermath of some disastrous event no one in Sirothelle needed to deal with. The only thing which came close was the burnt out husk of chicken left at the stove along with the remains of whatever used to be Nauta's beloved mother's cherished kitchen equipment.

In jest, Uncle Nack asked Nauta if he intended to get rid of some dumb fools at school and to add to the man's surprise that trial, Nauta said yes. Though the boy corrected himself, it had already been said and curious Uncle Nack eventually got the truth out of him. The disastrous scene at the kitchen? Obviously an accident by a young aukari too eager to test himself a kitchen with a dish of his own. His desire to harm other children? Not a joke but very real. Probably premature but his Uncle Nack was not going to judge. Unfortunately the man was not the best standard of an adult as he was unable to know when to cease with his jokes. It was a poorly thought out decision but Nauta was asked if he would rather have the surprise gift from Nack's latest visit or, the knowledge to as he put it, "blow up some fucking fools."

With no other adult to advice him properly of course the boy, excited for a method to fulfill a fantasy of his would say "yes!" to the suggestion without a second thought.

There was no loss for Uncle Nack as he would have Nauta satisfied until the next trip he could give the gift he would have given to the boy anyway. He surveyed the kitchen, audibly 'tsk'-ing all the while as he tried to make sense of Nauta's accident before he asked the boy if he remembered what he did wrong or, what he did right. He agreed with a few points Nauta raised before he corrected the boy and properly explained to him what caused the explosion. Simply put, Nauta in his excitement to cook used too much flour. It was the powder, particles- whatever that meant to the boy which caused the explosion in the kitchen; along with the hazard which all aukari were far too familiar with.

The explanation was far too technical for the young boy and his head in his confusion. It was not until nearly half a break that Nack realized the difficulty to pass on his knowledge to his pupil. With no other choice, he had to dumb down the explanation and, dumb it down a lot but even with the more expressive methods used to try and convey the idea of an explosion but it was not something Nauta could understand. In fact, it looked like he lost faith in his Uncle Nack although faith was nothing reliable in Idalos to begin with; a tool misused by the higher powers which plagued the world. Nack may even lose out on all the effort he had put into Nauta and it was something he could not allow. He had to do something.

As an addition to the terrible ideas of the trial, Nack decided to make a demonstration. The man's grand idea for the next step of his education for Nauta which should not have been conceived if he took the situation seriously. The kitchen was already wrecked, a little more because of the demonstration did not mean anything as the boy was as good as in trouble already. There was no protest from the boy to preserve what remained of his mother's kitchen. Nauta was sent to a safe distance to observe as Nack took a bag of flour on the side after he started a fire. "Watch!" he said. Watch as the peculiar man tossed flour over and over towards the fire. Watch as the fire spread to greedily eat up the specks of flour and combust at a magnitude larger than any one, or the whole, of the flour dust it was exposed to.

Finally Nauta got it, and without a need for a cauldron- whatever Nack meant by that...

And then it was time for Nauta to learn something even he could make use of from the knowledge he just learned. According to Nack, a powdered would be the most effective as it was easier for the boy to handle compared to the volatile liquids and troublesome gasses and would not even get anyone killed. At least the man had the decency to make sure of that. It was only if Nauta wished to make a big explosion with the powder by spreading it in the air around the place he wished to use it on but it would be a stupid plan as Nack told the boy. To make sure the powder would have enough air in between for a big explosion, Nauta would have to do it on site and thus would expose himself to the explosion. Not even a vengeful boy would be stupid enough to do that.

Not to mention a powdered explosive would be easiest to make in Sirothelle. Nauta was appalled the easiest of the materials he could obtain was shit but Nack said if the boy was not willing to go that far, he would never make it in Sirothelle. Then there was charcoal which the kitchen had plenty of for Nauta's mother to feed the stove. Nack said Nauta was lucky his mother had made sure the charcoal was not any closer to the stove as it had been. It would have resulted in an even more devastating explosion which might even have the boy harmed. After the charcoal was throughly grounded, there was only one more thing they needed. With a quick trip to the Heart of the World, one of Sirothelle's most distinguishing landmarks, the pair collected quite a bit of sulfur between them. Nauta could not believe the possibilities of the material. It almost made his Uncle Nack seem like a liar to him...


But the lesson was a success as no one died, even if it was Nauta's hands which made the bomb through only the instruction of his Uncle Nack. However the trial was not over until the bomb was tested. They headed off to one of the more isolated spots nearby the Heart of the World where they collected the sulfur from earlier. Nauta was worried by the information Nack flooded him with earlier with the elements to an explosive but was convinced to follow through with yet another demonstration. After all if all flammable objects would explode, Sirothelle would have become a crater by now. It stands to reason that only the explosives would be flammable and not the other way around otherwise not even the stone houses and fire retardants prepared around the city would do any good. It was logic at its finest, proven during the test of the explosive in the field of sulfur which surrounded it.

It would only be a matter of time until Nauta would use what he just learnt on his enemies and his Uncle Nack knew it. It was why the man decided it would be better after he taught Nauta to make the bombs, to scare him into putting it off for as long as possible. The boy trusted him, admited him and it only made it easier for Nack to do just that. It was easy to convince Nauta he had only learned the basics. The basics which will be no good other than to scare off some people, have a weak explosion here and there and maybe spread around some harmful gasses. If Nauta wanted to use the explosives, he had to put off his plans for an arc or so until he learned more. Unless like the kitchen, he wanted to risk another explosion which may even get him the next time if he rushed through with it. It had the boy convinced and, not even his parents knew what Nack did until it was way too late. The state of the kitchen on the other hand...
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Explosive Enthuiasm

Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:22 pm

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I'm always a fan of combining personal history in a memory thread with a bit of skill development, and this was a great choice for Nauta here, too. A bit of character exploration, a bit of gaining those skills ... those two things together are a good mix. Sithorelle seems like a hard place to live to me, but I suppose it's better if you have a crazy uncle who likes to blow stuff up with you.



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Alchemy: Explosives are flammable but not all flammables are explosives
Alchemy: Possible even with materials as unlikely as shit
Chemistry: Potency of elements in different mediums
Alchemy: Sirothelle bomb mix; shit, burnt trees, ash of the Heart
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