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Name: Ryder

Age: 27

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 14th Vhalar, 690

Marks: Delroth, gained here. Sesser, gained from here

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common and Broken Ith'ession

Partners: Too many

Ryder keeps his hair long, not particularly caring for the appearance of it. As far as he's concerned, having a good appearance isn't important so long as he looks relatively intimidating. His body is chiseled from the work he does, and his appearance always relatively blank. He shows emotion, but only when deemed necessary, with people that he enjoys the company of. He can be boisterous at times, and silent at others, depending on how he views a situation. Whatever mood he's in, though, he will always try to appear intimidating. This is partially why he always carries around his three main weapons, and any others he learns to use. His knuckle dusters will often be on, if not by his side. Sheathed at his back is a dagger, on display but kept behind him in case he has to reach back in a fake salute or surrender before drawing his blade. As a last resort, he wears a spring loaded dagger on his right wrist, should all else fail. Primarily, though, the man carries a longsword at all times - one of incredible quality.

Ryder is an avid lover of gambling, any any other skills that involve the 'luck' he so likes to play with and, often, cheat. If he isn't making wagers with people to try and earn some gold, he's drinking or fighting. He has a very strong idea on what he finds fun and what bores him to tears, and isn't the kind to hold back from letting people know. He's incredibly blunt about how he's feeling, and has full confidence in his abilities to fight. This can sometimes lead to him overestimating himself, and ending up in a fight he might not be able to win. However, he always does his best to pull through, and won't ever surrender once a fight has started - unless his life is on the line. One flaw in Ryder is that his loyalty is often based more on gold than on actual emotion. Unless he builds a deep and thorough bond with someone, he'll happily turn his back on them for some gold, or perhaps even stab them in theirs.

At a young age, Ryder was raised in Rynmere's less-wealthy areas. Him and his mother spent most of the day at home, with him learning to help around the house. Although his parents clearly loved him, both were violent towards him, thinking it was the best way to raise him. In what little free time he had, his time was often spent outside with the other kids in the area, getting up to no good. Stealing was common, as were fights. This was when Ryder's passion for fighting came in to play, as a group of teenage boys started to spend time around Ryder and his group. What started as petty stealing and small fights quickly became a competition - especially in a fight. Ryder gradually rose to the top of this small group, being the only one of the younger kids that could hold his own against the teens. This led to him getting a gift on his tenth birthday that would change his life - a pair of stolen knuckle dusters. A group of the teens had found them and taken them for him, and although they weren't the best, Ryder treasured them above anything else.

Although the beatings at home had been bad, they never seemed a big part of Ryder's past. He didn't particularly care about it. However, his new found friends did. When his parents had found his knuckle dusters, they took them from him, and beat him heavily. When he went out on his free time the next day, the black eye and bruises gave it away, and his new friends immediately asked what had happened. Without much thought, Ryder told them exactly, and the boys made way for his home. Six of the boys entered alongside Ryder, and as his parents stood up to complain the boys drew their weapons. Ryder, stood between them, demanded his knuckle dusters back. When his father approached angrily the eldest boy, eighteen arcs old, beat him to the ground. He took the knuckle dusters and handed them to Ryder, before telling him that he knew what had to be done. Placing the Knuckle Dusters on himself, Ryder knelt above his father. Powerful punches slammed down, all of the anger he didn't know he had showing through as he beat his father to near death. He was one of them now, one of the boys. Nobody, not even his parents, could stop that. Once he was done, he told his mother to never come looking for him, before they all left - never coming back.

The group found a cart to Etzos, travelling in the back, hidden. However, the cart was raided, leaving them to fight. Although all of them could fight well, they were all badly rested and their weapons were of bad quality. Leaving his knuckle dusters behind in the panic, the group told Ryder to run - so he did. Sprinting off in to a nearby woodland, he ran until he couldn't hear the cries of battle anymore. Out of breath, Ryder put his back to a tree and took time to breathe. But no tears came. Hardly any emotion was felt. Ryder had been so used to pain he'd forgotten to respond to it, forgotten what it felt like to grow attached. Something in him refused to let him feel it.

Eventually, Ryder made it to Etzos, where he grew up on the streets. He did work for the citizens, work that they wanted done by a third party This led him to becoming a Mercenary for hire, doing whatever he was paid to with no morals behind it. His only rule was that he would never harm a child in any way, no matter who or what the child was. These are morals that, to this day, he has stood by. Aside from that, however, his work has led him to many things, from guarding carriages to beating people to near death for information.

To this day, he still lives his life as a Mercenary, waiting for something bigger to come. Wherever there's gold up for grabs, Ryder can be found.

Ryder lives in a small house, barely decorated and bare. This is fine by him, as he doesn't particularly care for anything fancy. Without much furniture, he has plenty of room for all of his gear, meaning that he hopes to one day fill his house to the brim with weapons, armor and other trophies from his adventures and work. His house has one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one hest, and a fireplace. Aside from this, Ryder keeps his house plain to store his weapons and valuables.
Knowledge & Skills

SkillPoints AcquiredTotal Points SpentProficiency
Animal Training 15/100 (15/250)Novice
Axes and Bludgeons: Broad axe (2) 20/100 (20/250)Novice
Blades: Longsword (35) 103/100 NA: FTMaster
Endurance (22)51/100 (78/250)Expert
Gambling (1)10/100 (10/250)Novice
Intimidation (11)10/100 (10/250)Novice
Seduction (12)19 + 6/100 (19 + 6/250)Novice
Strength (14)50/100 (75/250)Competent
Unarmed: Brass Knuckles (17)26/100 (27/250)Competent


Axes and Bludgeons - Broad-Axe: Swinging an axe down
Axes and Bludgeons - Broad-Axe: Taking someones head off

Blades: Longsword: Thrusting and Stabbing
Blades (Longsword): Proper Grip (RM)
Blades (Longsword): Basic parrying
Blades (Longsword): Keeping a range advantage
Blades (Longsword): Footing is important
Blades (Longsword): Keeping a firm grip
Blades (Longsword): How to disarm
Blades (Longsword): Defensive stance
Blades (Longsword): Baiting an attack
Blades (Longsword): Examining enemy movements
Blades (Longsword): Basic blocks
Blades (Longsword): Dodge and strike
Blades (Longsword): Hitting from behind
Blades (Longsword): Overhead slash
Blades (Longsword): Use a speed advantage
Blades (Longsword): Combat in snow
Blades (Longsword): Fighting with blurred vision
Longsword: Aim for a quick kill
Longsword: Striking at weak points
Longsword: Immobilising an enemy
Longsword: Staying mobile in a fight
Longsword: Decapitation
Blades (Longsword): "Lancing" a Prone Target
Blades (Longsword): Strikes Against Legs While Prone
Blades - Longsword: Stabbing through the stomach
Blades - Longsword: Spin and slash
Blades - Longsword: Tripping with the blade
Blades - Longsword: Hacking at their thighs
Blades - Longsword: Sidestep and stab
Blades - Longsword: Disabling their arm
Blades - Longsword: Using the flat of the blade
Blades - Longsword: Blocking overhead
Blades - Longsword: Aiming for joints
Longsword: Stabbing through the shin
Longsword: Finding chinks in armor

Unarmed: Good places to punch
Unarmed: Throwing punches
Unarmed: Using knuckle dusters
Unarmed: Caving in a head
Unarmed: Repeated strikes cause mass damage
Unarmed: Tackling to the floor
Unarmed: Hitting by surprise
Unarmed: Slamming a head against a table
Unarmed: Swinging sloppily can mean injury
Unarmed: Restraining a man
Unarmed: Kneeing in the stomach
Unarmed: Choke hold
Unarmed: Winding someone
Unarmed: Hitting a man’s ‘weak’ spot
Unarmed: Using your elbow
Unarmed: Finishing off a weakened opponent
Unarmed: Knocking a man out


Endurance: Ignoring pain in a fight
Endurance: Withstanding a writhing undead
Endurance: Pushing to the limit
Endurance: Pushing through immense injury
Endurance: Taking a kick
Endurance: Ignoring nausea in a fight
Endurance: Falling through a table
Endurance: Ignoring the spinning room
Endurance: Withstanding physical and verbal abuse
Endurance: Rope burn
Endurance: Holding back screams
Endurance: Withstanding torture
Endurance: The pain of hypersensitive nerves
Endurance: Branding
Endurance: Keeping consciousness after torture
Endurance: A small incision in the hand
Endurance: A long journey
Endurance: The weight of a sessfiend
Endurance: Enduring the weight of an axe
Endurance: Wearing yourself out with swings
Endurance: Adapting to heavier weights
Endurance: Muscle pains

Strength: Keeping a good diet
Strength: Standard Push-Up (RM)
Strength: Body Squat (RM)
Strength: The Weight of a body
Strength: Keep good form
Strength: Lifting heavy loads
Strength: Pull-ups
Strength: Using your whole body
Strength: Using bodyweight to train
Strength: Using your full force
Strength: Relying on brute strength
Strength: Arm Wrestling
Strength: Ramming a sword through armor
Strength: Ramming a sword through bone


Acting: Lying to someones face
Acting; Saying what someone wants to hear

Deception: You told Southguard that the sessfiend is dead
Deception: You told Southguard that the sessfiend killed Norris

Detection: Noticing someone from afar
Detection: Sensing if someone is suspicious

Discipline: Following instructions
Discipline: Smiling through humiliation
Discipline: Living with a bad nickname
Discipline: Being stood up
Discipline: Keeping cool under pressure
Discipline: Keeping as calm as possible
Discipline: Accepting love, no matter how hard
Discipline: Resisting memories of the past
Discipline: Showing loyalty
Discipline: Waiting patiently
Discipline: Doing the job asked of you
Discipline: Maintaining a strong work ethic
Discipline: Putting personal interest aside
Discipline: Hiding when something is wrong
Discipline: Keeping composure in dire moments
Discipline: Staying on alert at all times
Discipline: Being skeptical despite the promise of power
Discipline: Remaining calm in front of spirits
Discipline: Sitting still

Gambling: How To Play Poker (RM)

Intelligence: Someone is Silencing Hired Flayers
Intelligence: Someone was Hiring Flayers
Intelligence: Using Rocky to track someone down
Intelligence: Asking questions to get to know someone
Intelligence: Trying to read posture
Intelligence: Noticing someones weapons

Intimidation: Dress to Distress (RM)
Intimidation: How To Glare (RM)
Intimidation: Threatening in the face of danger
Intimidation: Keeping eye contact in intense pain
Intimidation: Hollow threats can still be scary
Intimidation: Threatening with a cold glare
Intimidation: Making them beg
Intimidation: Actions speak louder than words
Intimidation: Bloodshed leads to fear
Intimidation: Revealing your true intentions
Intimidation: A sinister smirk

Leadership: Moving Others to act to save lives
Leadership: Maintaining confidence in the face of fear
Leadership: Being merciful
Leadership: Giving clear orders
Leadership: Taking care of your own
Leadership: Keep morale high
Leadership: Lead by example
Leadership: Being loud gains attention
Leadership: Confidence is key
Leadership: A Heart-warming speech
Leadership: Knowing when to join forces
Leadership: Promises help morale

Politics: Guards Don't Know Everything
Politics: Sometime Knowing Less is Preferable

Psychology: Not Abandoning a Child

Seduction: Kissing
Seduction: Keeping someones interest
Seduction: Feeling the Power of a "Fan Dance" done with wings
Seduction: Learning from the Queen of Seduction herself
Seduction: The Power of Teasing
Seduction: The bodies reaction
Seduction: Bodies pressed together
Seduction: Eye contact
Seduction: Being shirtless can add to a situation
Seduction: Playing a game
Seduction: Having someone sat on your lap
Seduction: Tension can be attractive

Tactics: Examining an area for weakness
Tactics: Waiting for the right moment to speak
Tactics: Securing an area
Tactics: Making Mental Defense Plans


Aberration: Drives Some Practitioners Insane
Aberration: Spheres of Destructive Power
Flaying Can Create Aberryte Wells
Immortal: Syroa
Navy: Works for AA
Navy: Has met Delroth
Navy: Very forward
NPC: Commander Norris: Deceased
Norris: A better man than you :P
Southguard: A city rebuilding after a sessfiend incident
Southguard: Thinks you're a hero
Syroa: Favors you
Syroa: Seductress extroardinaire
Wards Against Magic are Not Immune to Physical Damage
Skill Point Ledger

Record all of your Skill Point Expenditure here.
Thread or Skill NamePoints AwardedPoints SpentRunning Total
Unarmed: Brass Knuckles [RB} 25[RB] 2500
Starting Package 500050
Gambling ..1040
Strength ..1525
Blades: Longsword ..25 00
Seduction (Mark) ..3 00
Intimidation (RM) ..5 00
Endurance (RM) ..4 00
Gambling (RM) ..3 00
Cursed Caravans 15.. 15
Perfecting Form 10.. 25
A lot to learn 10.. 35
The Best Defense 10.. 45
Booze and brawls 10.. 55
Blades: Longsword ..25 30
Endurance ..1911
Strength ..92
Unarmed ..20
Taxing Journey 15.. 15
Intimidation ..510
Behind Closed Doors 15.. 25
Animal Training ..1510
Two birds, one stone 15.. 25
Longsword ..25..
Murder Maid 10.. 10
Endurance ..28
Strength ..8..
Never Run 15.. 15
Strength ..15..
Aren't you that guy? 15.. 15
Strength ..15..
Never Again pt. 2 10.. 10
Never Again pt. 1 10.. 20
Awaken the Fury 10.. 30
Out on Business 15.. 45
Strength ..1332
Endurance ..32..
That's the Spirit 10.. 10
Brutal Beginnings 10.. 20
Muggings and Maidens 10.. 30
Blades - Longsword ..255
Scouting for Girls 15.. 20
Axes and Bludgeons: Broad Axe ..20..
Executioner 10.. 10
Endurance ..10..
Preening Pals 15.. 15
Longsword (Renown Reward) 3....
Endurance ..114
Seduction ..4..
Confessions 15.. 15
Seduction ..15..
Iron and Steel 10..10
Marks Section

Tarouz Abilities

Tarouz - Favoured

Feathered Friend Immediately granted when blessed by Delroth, Feathered Friend takes the form of a bird companion that is tied mentally and emotionally to the Tarouz. At this level, the bird may be of any species of a Medium size, which is roughly 9-16 inches tall. The bird need not eat or sleep, but will often to mimic other birds to avoid suspicion.
At this level, the Tarouz can communicate with the bird familiar through flashes of mental and emotional signals, which each interprets flawlessly. The bird can be used to scout, to offer a distraction in combat, or at this level, is mostly used for companionship.
(Ryder has a raven for this ability, named Rocky)

Wings of Steel By using this ability, the Tarouz can grow organic steel feathers all along his or her arms, allowing them both a weapon and armor at a moment's notice. The feathers are as durable as steel, and offer resistance to piercing and bludgeoning damage. They are also razor sharp, though at this level, they must be wielded as melee weapons, as they can't be thrown from the Tarouz. The biggest drawback is that the feathers each weigh a moderate amount, slowing the Tarouz considerably unless well practiced with the ability.

The Charismatics Toolbox The Tarouz may add 3 skill points to any of the following skills: Appraisal, Cosmetology, Falconry, Flying, Persuasion or Seduction. These points may be used to surpass the 100 skill points of the skill chosen

Sesser Abilities

Transformer's Toolbox [Minor] The bearer is able to make superficial changes to his or her form. Facial skin, hair, eyes, nails, voice - through Syroa's blessing, the bearer becomes a minor shapeshifter, a faint echo of the winged goddess of transformation. Minor alterations are instant - the bearer could be a brunette with a pixie cut and brown eyes one moment, a long-haired, blue-eyed blonde the next. Minor alterations can be held effortlessly for trials at a time, while major alterations will start showing signs of reversion within a few breaks. While users of Makeover can attempt to mimic another, at this level the resemblance will always be a little off.

Ever Alluring I The bearer has an enhanced constitution, staying strong and healthy in conditions where others would wilt and fall ill. Scars never remain, disease rarely seems to visibly touch the bearer, and he/she recovers from injuries much faster than the average member of their race. The bearer seems to age more slowly, though the effect is superficial rather than biological. In addition, everyone encountered is subconsciously attracted to the bearer, even those of incompatible sexual orientation. Those of alternate tastes may not feel compelled to flirt or pursue the marked, but the spark of incomprehensible arousal, however slight, is there all the same.

Grifter's skills I Add an extra three skill points to any of the following skills: Acting, Intimidation, Seduction, or Persuasion.
  • Living Supplies
    • Standard Cloak
    • Standard Shirt
    • Standard Pants
    • Undergarments
    • Boots
    • Toiletries
    • Waterskin
    • Eating Utensils x2
    • Tinderbox
    • Two golden wedding bands - one of which has a nick, presumably from an attempt to stop a blade with one's bare hand


Masterwork Knuckle Dusters
Good Dagger
Spring Loaded Dagger (Prized Possession)
Masterwork Adamantite Longsword, Blood Metal tinting - Diri attached
Masterwork Adamantite Broad-Axe
Masterwork Combat Dagger
Masterwork Spring-loaded dagger

Plate Armor


All Masterwork

Leather Armor


Masterwork torso and gauntlets
NPC's and Animals

Serah - Human

Name: Serah
Race: Human
Date of Birth: 4th Vhalar 707
Blades: Dagger - 30/100
Cooking - 25/100
Singing - 30/100
Animal Husbandry - 15/100
Appearance: Being short for her age, at around 4 foot two, Serah is a small and nimble girl. She weighs little and is fast in everything she does. She has long brown hair, with delicate features to match her innocent appearance. Her calm upbringing is clear, though the damage is also visible from her father going insane and trying to kill her. Despite her innocent features, a smile rarely spreads across her face since. She is more shy than she was before, avoiding talking to people when she can.
Personality: Despite the trauma she has gone through, Serah tries to keep a calm and friendly posture. She is polite and will keep manners when around others. She doesn't, however, show the same respect to Ryder. As grateful as she is for him taking care of her, she still wishes he could have saved her father. She doesn't entirely forgive him for it, even though she knows her father was a bad man.
Relationship to PC: Adopted daughter-figure, but don't tell her that

Bella - Wolf

Bella is the smallest of the wolves Ryder owns, but is in no way the weakest. Her build allows for speed and prowess when hunting, and her ferocity is as existent as it is for the other wolves. Named after a girl Ryder once knew, and perhaps even loved, this wolf is one of first Ryder ever owned - and one of the most important to him.

Felrar - Wolf

Felrar is the second of the two original wolves Ryder owned, and earns his name from a childhood friend of Ryder's, part of the gang that helped save him from his abusive father. Like the man, Felrar is strong and powerful, with fangs and claws that tear through most things with ease. Ryder loves Felrar like he did the friend he's named after, meaning their bond is incredibly strong.


The Diri has the purpose of being a great weapon wielded by a great warrior, meaning that it is always trying to improve both the weapon the warrior owns and the warrior. His Diri is constantly telling him he needs to improve and giving him ways to do that, like an instructor. Telling him he needs to train his strength, his endurance, to practice his sword etc.

With regards to powers, the Diri enhances the weapon. This is done with a few effects, though initially the Diri won't be putting full power in to this. With Ryder's current weapon not being magic, and the Diri not being so impressed with it, the enhancement will be to make the blade remotely sharper and durable. This is still noticeable, but not particularly powerful. As Ryder obtains better weapons, especially magical ones, the Diri will start to enhance them more and use more of it's power. This will involve effects like sharpening the blade, making it more durable, making it lighter etc. Anything that will make the sword easier for the 'great warrior' to use, and to make the weapon better.
Starting Package 100gn ...
Masterwork Knuckle Dusters ... 40gn
Good Dagger ... 6gn
Longsword ... 25gn
Taxing Journey 100gn ...
Cylus Bandit Wage 199gn 5sn ...
Two birds, one stone 65gn ...
Faction Income (Cylus) 90gn ...
Faction Income (Ashan) 369gn ...
Muggings and Maidens ... 40gn
Cylus Security Wage 287gn ...
Ashan Security Wage 1650.5gn ...
Full set of Masterwork plate mail 1120gn ...
Adamantite Masterwork Axe 500gn ...
Masterwork Leather Armor and Gauntlets 120gn ...
Masterwork Spring-loaded dagger 160gn ...
Iron and Steel ... 180gn
Total Currency: 0 ON, 562 GN, 10 SN, 0 CN
Fame Ledger
Item/ ThreadFameTotal
Human 10 10
Human in Etzos 10 20
Mercenary 10 30
Cursed Caravans 15 45
Booze and Brawls 5 50
Taxing Journey 5 55
Two Birds, One Stone 15 70
Never Run 5 75
Brutal Beginnings 5 80
Muggings and Maidens 10 90
Scouting for Girls 20 110
Preening Pals 10 120
Iron and Steel 10 130
Theme Songs
All credits to whomever deserves them, etc. etc. :)
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