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Zen [WIP]



Name: Zen
Age: 20
Race: Human
Date of Birth: Arc - 695, the 9th day of Ashan
Marks: A faded shield mark on her right hand
Factions Joined: None
Languages Spoken: Common
Partners: Single

Appearance: Zen is a moderately tall woman with porcelain skin that tans easily, and mocha brown eyes. Coils of lean, hardened muscle wrap around her body, a reward for the countless hours she's place towards learning martial arts. Her stomach and arm muscles in particular are extremely chiseled. Zen typically keeps her raven black hair up in a bun, ponytail, or in a head band. She likes to keep it out of the way, but continues to grow it long for vanity's sake. She is normally seen wearing a tunic with leggings, and wraps around her wrists and feet. When it's necessary she will wear leather shoes, but most of the time travels barefoot.

Personality: A calm and collected woman most of the time, but sometimes there is a layer of rage or anger boiling underneath her normal temperament. Zen is a pacifist most days, but will fight if there is injustice around or if someone has antagonized her. She is an honor bound woman who will always keep her word.



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