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Lakia and Delta go a-hunting

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Hunting Time

2nd of Zi'Da, 715

Lakia groaned as she started to stir. She hadn't slept well the previous night, but she knew that she needed to wake Delta and Fido and get to hunting, at least if they wanted to eat that morning. Groaning again, the Naer rolled over and shook Delta awake. "Come on. Time to get up. At least if you want to eat this morning. We need to hunt or fish or something." she said, reaching over Delta and shaking their dog awake. Fido seemed to like sleeping curled up next to Delta, maybe it's because she was generally calmer than Lakia herself was, at least when she got her fix, though lately the Psinia had been harder to get due to the weather. They were currently out again, though she had given Delta the last the previous day.

Sitting up, the Naer pulled her quiver to her from the corner of her tent, checking the string on the bow. While the rest of their stuff stayed outside, the hunter knew to keep her bowstring dry if she possibly could, so her quiver and bow slept with them. Crawling out of the tent, Lakia stretched in the morning Zi'da sun, then walked over to Tam, their horse. "You sleep well, you big footed pain?" she muttered quietly, petting the horses flank as she waited for Delta to emerge from the tent, knowing that she was probably warding off Fido's morning attempt to give the Biqaj a tongue bath. For some reason, the dog had decided that Delta needed to be bathed each and every morning, for reasons neither woman understood, though Lakia privately suspected that Fido believed Delta was a puppy.
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