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A once prosperous, thriving city now sits the ruins of its glory in cold, arctic ice. This is not a place for the living, as the climate of Valaris is deadly, especially during Cylus. However, those who choose to venture into the ruins may find more than just treasures.

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[Valaris] Request Thread

Request Thread
Welcome to the Request Thread! Here you may put all manner or requests in relation to Valaris and the development of your character. The Prophets here are more than happy to help! Posting your grade requests here makes it easy for all Prophets and Graders to keep track of who asked for what and when, so that we can all work together to ensure that your threads are graded quickly and fairly.

Please limit your requests to one thread per post... so if you have 5 threads you want graded, please make 5 posts.

Remember, although there is a section for Requested Knowledge and Skills in the template, please be aware that what you say are just guidelines. It is at the discretion of the person grading your thread whether or not they ignore your specific requests in favour or reading the thread and coming to their own conclusions about what your character deserves. Also, be aware that quantity does not necessarily equal quality, and may not equal more points. If you mention a skill in each of your five or so posts, you may not get as many points as you expect, especially if you are already rated as Expert or higher in that skill. It should get harder and harder to get skills as your character grows in competency. If you go into careful detail of your actions, you are more likely to get larger amounts of experience points.

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