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Check back for any important IC and OOC announcement about Valaris.

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A once prosperous, thriving city now sits the ruins of its glory in cold, arctic ice. This is not a place for the living, as the climate of Valaris is deadly, especially during Cylus. However, those who choose to venture into the ruins may find more than just treasures.

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[Valaris] Announcements

In here the Prophets of Valaris and Northern Idalos will post any important announcements. These announcements will take two forms:
  • -Either they will share news about Valaris which is In Character... sometimes your PC will not know about these events, but the announcement will be clear on what is public knowledge and what isn't.
    -Or the post will be relating to Out Of Character information, such as the appointment of a new staff member to the city, or a rant about rules which aren't being obeyed.
Please pay attention to this thread and if you see a new post, please read it carefully, as the information will almost always affect your RP within this city.
For now, though.. the only news I have for you is that whilst some cities are open for play (Viden and Sirothelle in the North, for example) Valaris currently isn't. I apologise for the delay in this, and I'm working on it. I hope you enjoy another city for now! Happy RPing!
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