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A place for the Prophets of Valaris to share their pearls of wisdom!

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A once prosperous, thriving city now sits the ruins of its glory in cold, arctic ice. This is not a place for the living, as the climate of Valaris is deadly, especially during Cylus. However, those who choose to venture into the ruins may find more than just treasures.

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[Valaris] Creators' Insights

Creators' Insights
Just like Viden, I need a little soapbox for Valaris. They could end up making the Valaris Lore far too wordy (thus no one would ever bother to read it as this generation is plagued by the TL;DR bug)... and they might be missed by people who might be interested by them if I were to post these gems in my scrapbook. So.. that's the story of the birth of the amazing Insights Thread!

In here I, and any future Valaris Prophets, will be able to post little insights into the city, from the nature of the avalanche that destroyed this thriving city, to the loast treasures below the ice covering Valaris. I hope you enjoy these little eggs... and I hope you read them even if you don't, because they will give you the best idea of how Valaris really works!
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