(WIP) Ave'yn Nid'awi

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(WIP) Ave'yn Nid'awi

Ave'yn Nid'awi
Name: Ave'yn (Avrie) Nid'awi

Age: 19 arcs

Race: Sev'ryn

Date of Birth: WIP

Marks: Common tree tattoo for my race on the back of my right shoulder and when she reached her 18th arc she got another mark of tree vines that wrapped around her left ankle.
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Factions Joined: WIP

Languages Spoken: Xanthea

Partners: None

Ave'yn is of course that one girl who doesn't belong, though many people and a few other races would look at her and think of her as extraordinarily beautiful.
She has naturally curly/wavy hair with a not so familiar hair color that goes below her shoulders laying right above her chest when curled in a flowing frenzy. Her race isn't known to have red hair, but somehow she had taken the vibrant color.Ave'yn in all honestly loves her hair Auburn hair, it makes her different. But thankfully its not always a bright red, her hair is more browish during the cold months without as much sun bleaching it out to her red color during the summer months.
Her eyes, however, are a light golden green like shade that is expected in her race; they only change to a darker golden when she is upset about something or her when she is feeling particularly emotional about something.
She as soft facial features with an oval shaped face and high cheekbones that commonly turn a light shade of pink.
Her skin tone is only pale in the winter time when its cold, but most other times she has honey colored white skin tone.
For her kind, her height is as it probably would be for a girl, she is 5'5" and weighs 125 lbs

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