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[Viden] Cycle Events

What Went On
(123 days)

  • 1st - The beginning of the Cold Cycle.
    3rd - Light snow and sleet fall on the city; the day is a relatively warm one.
    6th - There is a sale on furs due to the expected extreme temperatures to hit the city.
    43rd - A herd of deer are spotted close to the city. Rangers are sent out to cull the ageing deer as a store of meat for the coming winter.
    81st - A blizzard strikes the city, lasting four days, forcing many to remain within their homes with limited supplies of food.
    87th - The inns and pubs of Viden open their doors to offer free warm broth for any who have no food of their own left.
    123rd - The end of the season of Vhalar.
(93 days)

  • 1st - The beginning of Zi'da: the coldest season of the year.
    12th - The salt stores are depleted and the Directorate works hard to replace the loss for the deepening winter.
    17th - Clear skies surround Viden, and the people know it heralds a freezing night to follow.
    34th - A band of minstrels have braved the storms in order to trade songs and tales with the Prime Atheneum. Each night they play for the enjoyment of students and citizens.
    52nd -A second blizzard hits the city and its surrounds and continues till the end of the season, halting all hunting in the area.
    93rd - The end of the Cycle rounds out the year with celebration and commiseration for all that was once lost.
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