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Plans are set in motion, possibly linking the outcast and the socialite forever

10th of Ymiden 715

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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RP Medals


So it Begins (Linika)


+ 2 Detection
+ 1 Deception
+ 2 Negotiation
+ 1 Stealth

Basic Knowledge
Crime Takes Careful Planning
Toxin: Yela
The Streets are Quiet In The Early Hours of the Morning

Specialised Knowledge
Tevin: Is Loyal


+ 2 Poison
+ 1 Alchemy
+ 1 Medicine
+ 3 Acting
+ 3 Endurance
+ 4 Deception

Basic Knowledge
Acting: Faking A Slow Death
Offered a Position in the Viden Infirmary
How It Feels to Be Poisoned

Specialised Knowledge
Alchemy: Corn Is a Helpful Poison Ingredient
Acting: Swooning
Acting: Innocence
Viden Medical Ward: Separating Plasma Is Common Practice
Viden Medical Ward: Use Frageon Crystals
Restricted From Viden Medical Ward Administration
Restricted From Viden Medical Ward Surgery
Virikai: Followed Through

Injury: Poisoned, 18 Trials to Recover


Really well written, I loved the way Virikai's arrogance was portrayed toward his peers and I could feel Linika's hatred. Really neat little bit of deception here, can't wait to see the follow on. If you have any questions feel free to PM me! :)
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