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The best place to warm up.

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Hot Springs

The Hot Springs
Near the beginning of Viden's creation, with the discovery of hot springs located two miles southwest of the city as it was being created, it wasn't long before the frozen inhabitants demanded the growing city be abandoned and moved to be closer to the natural warmth of the springs, so they did. A popular venue for men and women alike, many come purely for the opportunity to socialise in an informal setting, and relax and watch away the stresses that come from domestic and professional life. But, most of all, it is one of the few places in the city that people can be truly warm and comfortable, thus it is one of the most popular locations in Viden.

The Hot Springs consist of five separate pools: two relatively large pools, named Frecal and Desin (which can hold somewhere between 20 to 40 people at any one time) and three smaller ones, named Cadium, Esocan and Guiles (which are sometimes rented privately by groups and can have up to 10, 15 and 8 people in them respectively). Cadium and Desin are considered to be the warmest two pools, thus arguably the most popular. Frecal, the largest - and bluest - pool, is the coldest, but even that generates a substantial amount of heat, and remains busy throughout the day

Due to the very nature of the springs, visitors are segregated over different days (though the saunas remain open for their respective genders). Female visitors are welcomed to use the pools every third day, where men are invited to bathe for the other two thirds of each season. Upon arrival, all guests will pay for entry to use the three baths and will undress, where their clothes will remain in the entrance building on divided shelves for storage until they leave: this isn't a place for the preservation of modesty. Further restrictions on the waters and the land around them, means that no one under the age of 16 may be allowed access to the main pools, and are only invited to enjoy the Caldium Pool in the mornings of every second and third day, accompanied by a responsible adult - a rule designed both for the enjoyment of other adults and for the safety of the children.

The springs are not encased in a traditional building, though the entire compound is surrounded by a chest-high, thick wall running around the outside of the compound, whilst thin, thigh-high walls separate different sections of the baths. Further, pathways linking baths and buildings have been dug out of the ice and snow, then reinforced with a wooden underlay and lined with layers of caribou skin and fur to keep people's feet warm and protected. There is only one entrance to the Hot Springs, which is inside the only building of the springs.

Other facilities include a two sauna rooms, into which steam from the springs is pumped. One is designated for female use, the other for males. There are no cold baths, but Lake Verity, which has fresh, clean water, is not far off. However, with the sub-zero temperatures, it is not advised unless the potential bather is well equipped and prepared. There are also a number of slaves and free girls who are there to offer their services as masseuses, which is also something visitors tend to invest in. They operate in one of the seven small rooms dotted around the springs. Each room is designed similarly to the rest of the pools, and contains a constantly fully-stocked masseuse's kit and a cotton-covered bed of straw for the guest to rest on. One room will always be kept prepared for the more wealthy of patrons, as will the most senior masseuse.

Situated in the corner is a small storage room, where non-perishable food is kept. This food can be served to the visitors who wish to stay all day. Some of it might have previously been cooked but all of it is served cold, and may not be eaten in the pools. Drinks are also not to be had in the pools.


Use of the Springs (Citizen/Student): 4gn
Use of the Springs (Non-Citizen/Student): 6gn
Use of Exercise Area: 2gn
Simple Massage: 2gn
Luxury Massage: 4gn
Exotic Massage: 5gn

Meal (Poor): 2sn
Meal (Common): 5sn
Mug of Ale: 4cn
Pitcher of Wine: 2sn

[Prices are cumulative, i.e. all visitors must pay for entry to the springs and for anything else on top.]

NPC: Talia

Name: Tusilia Ekil
Race: Human
DoB and Age: 38 Arcs
Title: Owner of The Hot Springs
Leadership - 32
Massage - 61
Organisation - 43
Negotiation - 14
Writing - 21

As the great-niece of the previous owner, one might say that working in the springs is a family trait. Tusilia's great-uncle retired a little over a year ago, leaving the middle-aged woman with little experience to handle the facility effectively. For the first season, the Springs lost much of the money it had, due to her poor management, but she was able to turn it around within her first two arcs of running the business and now the Hot Springs are as successful as ever. Constantly moving with the times, Talia also began to employ free workers, rather than only keeping the slaves that had been left with the facility. This decision brought new talent and knowledge to the Springs, and the workers were able to train up the out-of-touch slaves, which further boosted popularity.

A relatively quiet woman, Talia is quite happy to leave the general running to her inferiors, and she can most often be found in the hands-on role of massaging various clients. Though not particularly young, nor easy on the eye, she has a talent for the art, and is a favourite among men and women alike, especially for the wealthiest members of Videnese society.
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