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Past Calendar Events

Past Events - Hot Cycle, 716
"Hot Cycle (Ymiden/Saun) 716 Calendar"

Trial 3: An avriel courier flies in haste from the east to the Temple of Glory. Humans in the lower sector of Athart are not even aware of this occurrence. Members of the "Free Minds", outside of the city for purely business reasons, mark it and report it. But few think it is of any real import.

Trial 17: Humans that try to go outside the city for any reason, are constantly and consistently ordered back inside the walls for the last two weeks in a row. Agricultural concerns are protested to representatives of The Aerie. Produce will be lost if workers are not allowed to tend the orchard or the farms. They are told that their concerns will be presented to the council. There is no issue with fishing, as this takes place to the west of town. This detail is noted by the human contingent, but left unspoken.

Trial 20: Workers are allowed back into the fields to catch up on the seasonal chores. Many questions are bandied around in taverns and shops, but any that let themselves become a nuisance about it are taken away by avriel Overguard. Those that protest this development are given stern warnings. Certain bystanders step in to calm these situations when they arise.

Trial 30: It is now noted, and whispered in certain quarters that the Shadow Wings and Overguard seem to be working double shifts, as if their numbers have been starkly reduced. Word gets out in the human community to make no mention of this observation, but covert operations rise sharply, and go unnoticed by these overworked avriel guardrel. Contraband is moved from stash locations to positions of strategic readiness; sabotage preparations are stepped up; several important slaves are spirited out of town.

Trial 40-45: A member of the Door Wardens reports that several noteworthy prisoners have been released from The Pit of Reflection. But they do not show up in town. a few days later, the Door Wardens engineer the escape of one of these prisoners and it is discovered that they are being made to teach defense techniques against magic to avriel soldiers. Open criticism of these prisoners, as traitors, is shouted in the streets, despite efforts by the unseen peacemakers to keep it quiet.

Trial 53: A city-wide assembly is called to the Presentation Stage, where slaves are usually auctioned. But the purpose of this assembly is far different. The avriel demand that the one escaped prisoner be turned over to them, both as a show of faith and obedience, and as a strategic necessity. It is finally announced publicly that the forces of Korlasir have attacked Nashaki, and that, as allies, Athart must do everything it can to help stop this incursion by the Raskithecal. There is shock and much hushed discussion in the crowd, but the prisoner is not revealed. A deadline of two days is issued.

Trial 55: A small contingent of Shadow Wings hover over the town announcing that punishment for "human belligerency" will commence if this last chance to give up the mage is not taken. A few stall tactics take place, but are shown to be dead ends. A relay of horns echoes off toward the Pit, and a few bits later the human population stares in horrified realization as the level of the Windshear River drops noticeably. It is "promised" that one level of prisoner cells in The Pit of Reflection will be drowned every trial until the prisoner is returned to avriel custody. This is said with the justification that refusal to cooperate must mean an alignment with Athart's enemies, the Raskithecal, and a betrayal of Athart's allies, the city of Nashaki.

Trial 56: The avriel make good their threat, as a dozen dead, graying, bloated bodies wash down the river into the sea. Some of them are prisoners only recently taken, for questioning the early blocking of workers outside of town. In a show of "leniency" the citizenry is given three trials until the next "phase of discipline", just in case the prisoner is more than one trial away.

Trial 58: The deadline is postponed as a curiously attired Ithecal slave is brought into town from the east. It does not take long for it to become known that the figure is not an Ithecal form Ivorian, but rather a Raskithecal member of Raskalarn's legions in the east, now a prisoner of the avriel. Citizens realize that this is why he did not arrive by ship, as most Ithecal slaves do; as well as why there was only one. What they do not immediately know is that the mage had been prepared to offer himself back up to prevent more drownings in The Pit.

Trial 75: The raskithecal prisoner is apparently being plied for strategic information regarding the eastern invasion, and is also appearing to be successfully resisting. The avriel resort to their common tactic of lifting victims high in the air and dropping them if they don't cooperate. It relies upon a few avriel positioned below to catch the prisoner. The increasing height and uncertainty of being successfully caught wear on the victim's resolve as he faces possible death over and over. Many of the citizens of Athart are driven by horrified fascination to watch this drama unfold.

Trial 82: The avriel appear to have decided that they will get no more from this raskithecal. This time, the trio that are tasked to catch him do not take up the position to do so. As he is dropped, horrified gasps turn to shocked silence as the snake-soldier is suddenly slowed magically to a descent that only results in mild bruises. A voice shouts a command and several humans converge to whisk the surprised raskithecal away into hiding. The avriel are too slow to react, and lose the prisoner in the confusion.

Trial 95: Now, under the heat of the Saun season, it becomes obvious why the avriel wanted the human mage back. The avriel, enraged now over the loss of both the raskithecal prisoner and the human mage, embark on an attempted campaign of retribution against the human sector. But from hiding, the mage, a master of abrogation, reduces the impact of virtually everything the avriel try. There are still many casualties, but the greatly reduced number of avriel leave things open for counter-attack and sabotage, due to lack of personnel.

Trial 110: Speeches, threats, violence, fire...Athart has become a hit-and-run battle zone, masquerading as a city. Both sides are reluctant to pursue hostilities to the extent that trade would be affected. But the bloodshed is obvious enough to foreigner visitors, who finish their business as quickly as may be and leave town. Both sides do their best to prevent collateral damage from impacting these trade partners, and seek a truce until things change in the east. Profits drop dramatically in every quarter of commercial pursuit. Produce is half what it was and the fleet of fishing boats has been
devastated by sabotage. Even the wealthy, connected families are going hungry.

Trial 120: A series of peace-talks create an atmosphere of truce. But both sides know that this may change, depending on developments in the east. Some feel that a Korlasir-based government would be an improvement. Others believe that the sweeping purges that would accompany such a change would just bring death, disguised as "political cleansing". But both sides have gained an improved understanding of how bloody it could become if outright rebellion ever occurs. there is nothing to do now but wait for things to resolve in the east, one way or the other.
Past Events - Cold Cycle, 716
"Cold Cycle (Vhalar / Zi'da) 716 Calendar"

Trial 1-30: The uneasy truce carrying over from the end of the last cycle continues. This is fortunate, as a sudden onslaught of shadow creatures besets human and avriel alike. The avriel, atop their stone towers are no less vulnerable to these monsters than humans, as they seem to slide right up the face of the rock in defiance of gravity, attacking them in their homes. If anything, it can be strangely said they seem to play no favorites, attacking everywhere equally.

Trial 31-50: The shadow creature disappear as suddenly as they appeared. Immediate search and destroy missions are carried out by human and avriel teams, finding no trace of the creatures' origins or hiding places. But many caches of human rebellion supplies, hidden during the chaos of the previous cycle, are discovered. Much is able to be moved from place to place to avoid discovery, but several citizens are imprisoned, and many of the supplies are collected by the avriel.
Some of the avriel return from the east and violence flares anew as these people are taken away to be thrown into The Pit of Reflection, but many are weary of the civil bloodshed of the Hot cycle and cooler heads prevail before a full fledged, but uncoordinated, rebellion can break out.

Trial 51-70: Odd, inflammatory rumors begin sprouting up that those who had counseled peace are in fact avriel collaborators. Dramatic evidence and testimony comes from surprisingly close family sources to support these accusations. Counter accusations start coming from every quarter, turning the human population inside out against itself as evidence of betrayals and racial treason seems to come out of the woodwork. Many families are destroyed and lives ruined. Those that survive seemed bent by hate and lust for vengeance against everyone. Even though they have not been seen for a while now, the shadow creatures are also included in those incidents cited as proof against any accused. The blame and hate is so widespread that none seem to consider the possibility that it could all be originating from a single source; The Cult of Valtharn. The avriel give it no thought whatsoever, opting instead to simply execute all involved.

Trial 71-75: The city is on the verge of open rebellion as once again, the somewhat bolstered avriel force begin their public executions with their usual means of dropping prisoners from great heights. For the second time this arc, the victims are saved by an unseen Master Abrogator. There is a brief, violent clash as the avriel dive into the angry horde of human spectators, trying to find the mage. He becomes a vaguely identified rallying point of united human patriotism. The avriel curse in frustration, promising heinous retributions when the Eastern War is over. But they can not delay to carry out this threat now as they must depart. They spend a few trials gathering war supplies and leave only a token force behind to guard the Forest of Stone and to take note of who are the worst perpetrators of insurrection to be made into ghastly object lessons later. They leave, taking the bulk of the Slave Raider force with them.

Trial 76 - ?: None know that the Cult of Valtharn has played the timing of these events perfectly to unite the human population under their newly raised banner. They step into the public for the first time, as unrivaled heroes of the day. Support is absolute, with only a few that suspect a less-than-benevolent end game. They are able to organize freely, unconcerned about the notes that avriel Overguard and Shadow wings may be taking. They know that as long as the avriel and Raider forces are kept busy in the east, they will have free reign to bolster their new hold on the city. Secretly they send saboteurs into the Hotlands to harry both sides with assassinations, booby traps and strategic betrayals against both sides. Their intent is not to help either side, but to prevent the war from being resolved for as long as possible.

Beyond this point, much will be decided by the actions of PCs and NPCs alike both here and in the east. We will see what sort of political climate welcomes players in the cold, embrace of Zi'da...
Nothing for Rebirth Cycle 717
Past Events - Hot Cycle 717
"Hot Cycle (Ymiden / Saun) 717 Calendar"

Trial 1-20: The heat begins to build and things relax somewhat. Everyone seems to content to play a waiting game with the results that events in the Hotlands will bring. There is still nowhere near the number of Overguard or Shadow Wings to inflict the usual level of oppression upon the non-avriel population. But representatives of the avriel meet with the front men for this new "Cult of Valtharn" faction. No progress is made, primarily due to the fact that, suspecting treachery, neither side sent personnel of sufficient authority within their own ranks to finalize anything.

Trial 25: A new crop of slaves disembark from a freshly arrived Yaralon slaver ship. The crew of this ship takes to the taverns for their overdue liberty. They tell rumors of an odd structure rising from the sea depths that attracts the interest of the Windshear Navy. They send a vessel to investigate. They expect to return in ten trials' time.

Trial 28: Liberty is over for this Yaralon slaver, but three crewmen have disappeared. The avriel now have due cause to raise the level of severity in their dealings with the non-avriel population, as they fear that the missing crewman will create a disruption of their neutral standing with the mercenary city.

Trial 29-33: A search is made throughout the city for the lost crewmen, resulting a several confrontations between the covert anti-slavery factions and avriel troops. Many are killed on both sides. The avriel offer the Ship's Captain his pick of trained slaves to take on as indentured crewmen with limited rights. He agrees and the ship sets sail.

Trial 37: The ship investigating the rumors of the odd sunken structure has not returned. A follow-up vessel is prepared but does not embark right away, as weather tellers give warning of odd patterns developing. A second meeting of the Cult and the Avriel result in a test of lightening the laws in the non-avriel sector.

Trial 40: The investigative ship beaches several miles east of Athart. It is a couple trials before it is reported and a team is dispatched to check it out. It has a disturbingly "aged" look to it's material, as if it had lain beached there for ten arcs already. there is no doubt, from the markings, flags and log entries that it is the Windshear vessel that left only 15 trials earlier. There are no remains of any crew aboard, though specific personal belongings are plentiful.

Trial 45: The follow-up vessel is dispatched. The log clearly shows that the Captain of the first vessel sent a team into the temple-like structure. The last entry simply states that the crew returned with an abundance of crabs to supplement their food supplies. The Captain of this second vessel is ordered to do no more than search the area. If the structure is still there, he is not to send anyone inside.

Trial 50: Weather patterns once again become a subject of alarm. All the signs of an approaching tropical storm of uncertain intensity are evident. It is hoped that the research ship will return ahead of it, or avoid it to wait it out.

Trial 52: A hurricane crashes into town, devastating the docks, and ripping through the non-avriel section. Usually the Jetty blocks the path, reducing the impact of such storms. This time, however, the storm followed a path more directly into Windshear Bay. Buildings of stone construction, which embody much of the factory district and Windshear Bastion, suffer little damage, but the "low" housing, market and entertainment areas are seriously ravaged. The massive Bastion building largely shields the orchard from extensive damage, but the farmlands north of the city are flooded and ruined.

Trial 55: Despite the agreement with the Cult, the ruin and desperation of the hurricane wreckage lead to a renewal of the usual 'Martial Law' type status of Athart society. In the confusion and mess of the shattered town, many new temporary hiding places serve the non-avriel to stage ambushes against their overlords. Many of the pre-existing secret pathways and tunnels are ruined or flooded, but this same wrack and ruin allows many improvised escape routes from town for slaves and those accused of crimes against the avriel.

Trial 60: The follow-up "Research" vessel washes up in the same manner as the first, which has now vanished. This time, the vessel shows more indication of natural storm damage. The crew however, is still completely missing. Citizens and authorities alike have an apprehensive hope that the storm accounted for all the deaths and that the crewmen's bodies were simply washed overboard. There is a similar uneasy hope that the first vessel was sucked back out to sea by the storm, to explain its disappearance.

Trial 70: A small attack fleet of Naerikk vessels hits the town. The destruction of large parts of the outer wall and docks, as well as the overall distraction of clean-up efforts and disruption of normal patrol routines allows the female slaver/warriors to enter unseen and ransack numerous areas, taking a large toll of slaves.

Trial 72: A second storm hits the southern coastal tip of the peninsula, forcing the Nearikk incursion fleet ashore. They need several trials to make repairs, as well as a few tree trunks to work into masts. Several of the taken slaves escape, due to a lack of guards from so many naers being needed for ship repair.

Trial 75-80: At least one slave reaches Athart to report the location of the stranded naerikk ships. Shadow Wing reconnaissance sights the group, and a reprisal force is mustered which is equally human and avriel in make-up. They divide into sea, land, and air squads to form a three-pronged attack. The Naerikk though, are no pushovers, and anticipate the tactics. With tremendous focus and discipline, they dig into the cliff-side and rock formations along that part of the coast in what essentially becomes a siege.

Trial 82: While this is going on, a thick mist comes sweeping off the water into the city. The first of the 2 "Research" vessels appears out of the mist. It seems to drift aimlessly as flyovers reveal no crew aboard. Unexpectedly, hordes of crabs begin crawling up out of the tide. They spread out all over town as if they are looking for something.

Trial 83-90: Any one that tries to catch or cook any of the crabs turns up dead. There are disputed reports of some truly bizarre looking mer that pops up here and there, seemingly in conjunction with the places where the dead "crab victims" turn up. Even the avriel learn to leave the things alone.

Trial 95-105: More Naerikk ships reinforce the fight on the southern coast. The Athart forces have regained most of their people, but are fighting a retreat action back across the peninsula, with a number of the Naerikk re-boarding their vessels and sailing around to cut them off.

Trial 106: The drifting research vessel is suddenly noticed to be manned, and suddenly turns to cut off and collide with one of the Naerikk ships. The crew on the research vessel mill around aimlessly as the Naerikk ship is suddenly overrun with crabs. When the Naerikk aboard are subdued, the crabs then seem to come together into the forms of three humans in Yaralon naval uniforms. They release a number of slaves from below decks, taking one of them with them overboard where they dive out of sight. they do not return.

Trial 107: The Athartians and Naerikk forces cease hostility in general shock and apprehension about the odd way the situation ended. The crew aboard the "crabbed" Naerikk ship keep the details to themselves as the ships of female warriors regroup and leave the bay. The Athartians sail out to check out the drifting research vessel and find everyone aboard dead. On further investigation they are discovered to be the entire crew of the second research vessel, even though the ship itself is the first vessel.

Trial 108-on: The research vessel, and all the bodies, are towed around to the point where both ships had previously been found beached, and burned to ashes. A watch crew is rotated consistently for the rest of the cycle to be sure nothing stirs from the remains. Eventually it is all pulled into the sea by the tide.

Beyond this tale, anything else will be decided by the actions of PCs and NPCs alike both here and in the east. We will see what sort of political climate welcomes players in the heat of Ymiden and Saun.
Past Events - Cold Cycle 717
"Cold Cycle (Vhalar / Zi'da) 717 Calendar"

Trial 1-20: The war in the east is always present on the minds of the citizens, but not as an event heralding ruin. It genuinely lifts the spirits of the downtrodden humans to think the avriel may be suffering defeats, and that ever more guards may be called away to bolster their ranks in the desert.
For their part, the guardrel realize that the increasingly lopsided count between themselves and the humans they are supposed to keep under wraps makes any further inscription to the "air force" potentially disastrous.

Trial 25-50: The Cultists continue to gain prominence with the avriel by taking steps to appear as though they are keeping the humans' resentment in check. But this is countered by the fact that they are doing this with additional stores and perks for the citizenry, stolen from avriel stocks. So where the humans are being mollified into holding back from rising up while avriel numbers are at an all-time low in town, it is building a camaraderie between the bulk of humans and the cult itself. Looks given to the avriel by these supposedly coddled citizens is often ferocious. And it is noted by these humans that the guardrel are unwilling to punish this insolence as they normally would. Many are beginning to view the Cult of Valtharn as saviors.

Trial 51: A sickness breaks out in the nurseries of the Nest Keepers, where the newborn slaves are cared for by avriel substitutes for the natural mothers. The malady seems minor at first, but quickly becomes severe. Staff and charges are both affected. Many of the babies die, taking numerous caregivers with them.

Trial 52-70 Quarantines are put in place, that effectively halt the infant slave development program, as avriel workers are now kept separated from the children. Human mothers are now forced to take over the duties. Some are eager to be able to do this, but others are hesitant. The mortality rate among babies and mothers alike gives legitimacy to this concern, but most are willing to risk it, hoping the disease will run its course before any more are lost, and that the memory of human love can be seeded into a generation of slave children.

Trial 75-end of Vhalar: Though the crisis ends at the Nest Keeper facility, the sickness breaks out in the general populace. The avriel try to gauge the origins of the outbreak in the city, hoping to find who was able to sneak one of the infants out undetected. Many are questioned and tortured, but many avriel inquisitors are infected in the process. Athart becomes a rampant epidemic zone. Administrators do not know if the outbreak was sufficiently contained to ensure that no visiting slave buyers take the disease away to their own cities.

W I P - I will end here now, and figure Zi'da events for a bit yet.
Nothing for Rebirth Cycle 718
Past Events - Hot Cycle 718
Calendar of Events
Ymiden 718
15th: Exceptionally clear night skies allow for star showers to fall over Athart, as they do every arc. First signaled by a single, enormous shooting star, within the break hundreds of smaller ones will join it, flying over the city and crashing into the jungle nearby. More information to be added here.

16th-18th: Star expeditions begin among the citizens of Athart. Avriel, visitors, and even slaves (although accompanied by their master(s), hold competitions to see who can bring the most. Some groups do not come back and are presumed dead. Modded Quest Potential.

19th: Public funeral processions are held for the fallen Avriel explorers. Non-Avriel mourn quietly in their homes or within the walls of the Temple of the Many. Some do not mourn at all.

34th: Fat grey clouds start to move in and the wind is restless. Many predict bad storms to be on the horizon.
Saun 718
1st: Saun brings with it a humid, suffocating heat. The dual suns are an omen to the jungle city, as it means any physical labor will be twice as miserable, and the Athart masters quicker to anger.

9th: A talent show is held and open to the public, and while many speculate it will be rigged in Avriel favor, it is sponsored by a visiting bard who is in search of raw talent. Winner will receive a modest gold prize of 50gn, something from his wares, and a story/song written in their favor.

Credit: Bumblebee
Past Events - Cold Cycle 718
Calendar of Events
Vhalar 718
Vhalar 4th: An Unexpected Invitation

Elite members of Athart and surrounding cities are preparing to gather together in order to socialize and discuss various arrangements before the season's Coucil meeting. The most curious of all, is that invitations to the grand social event are being distributed to many unorthodox guests, showing up on pillows or in pockets. No one knows who is distributing these invitations or why they're recipients are being chosen, but attending would be a great chance to impress some of Athart's most influential people.

Vhalar 5th: Ya Schoomze, Ya Lose

The party proceeds as planned, but there is disdain for some of its guests. Others use this as an opportunity to present grievances and concerns in an informal setting and are met with varying levels of success.

Vhalar 10th-20th: Mockingbird Festival

While there are plenty of Avriel who find such festivals beneath them, others see it as an honor to Syroa, allowing the Mockingbird Festival to be a lot of fun for the avian hybrids. It is a three-day period in which they imitate other races and creatures, creating elaborate costumes of disguise. Creativity runs rampant among them, and those with skills in design, cosmetology, acting, or sewing are met with many chances to shine. Competitions to show off their own creations occur between the upper and lower class, although much of the preparations are done by hard working slaves hoping to gain favor through artistic expression. The most favored costumes tend to be satirical or caricatures of their representations, with a growing number of participants aiming to become so well disguised in hopes to surprise fellow Avriel with a grand exposure of the truth. It is not unheard of to have friends and family “disappear” during these times, only for unexpected reveals to happen at the end of the festival, and it becomes a game to discover the identity of those around you before the celebrations end. Those best at blending in and detecting others are praised as the most cunning, and humanoids imitating Avriel are held to high standard, but can flatter their overlords if done correctly.

While much of the city shuts down during this time, surveillance is at an all-time high, as tensions between non-Avriel and residents escalate. Outsiders don’t often appreciate the feeling of mockery; however, others are eager to participate and share their culture with otherwise haunty and unapproachable natives. Food, music, and customs are shared, although not all exchanges are of a friendly nature. Younger Avriel returning from their coming of age especially use these days as an opportunity to challenge visitors, and witnessing combat duals or outright attacks are not uncommon. Violent outbursts are handled quickly, usually in favor of the Avriel participant.

Vhalar 22nd: The Travelling Artist

A travelling painter is offering portraits and sketches for Avriel and non-Avriel alike in devotion to the Immortal Vhalar. Sketches are a mere 5gn, whereas paintings can range between 40gn to 100gn depending on the details included. To some willing to pay even more or with something to offer of equal value, their artwork can have one moving detail – perhaps a wink, or a subject bursting into laughter. These will last only a trill, and will repeat if looked upon. These are considered a great gift to possible romantic partners or for sheer personal vanity.

Vhalar 30th: Slaves of Scalvoris

The first Council meeting of the season is held, with a focus on slave relations with other cities. With Scalvoris' new anti-slavery laws, there is unease at the financial lose. Lynrae Fara seems most irritated by this news and demands something be done to prevent this sudden economical disturbance from happening again.

Vhalar 48th: Shaking Things Up

Small tremors are felt throughout the city, and while startling, the day proceeds as normal. A few Avriel are overheard muttering about Athart's earthquake preparations. Some approach the council to express these fears.

Vhalar 55th : Festival of Yearning

While the Mockingbird Festival honors Syroa, the Festival of Yearning is in dedication to her domain of lust. Originally organized by the Nest Keeper as a way to promote slave reproduction, it soon spread to the general population as a time of courting and indecent activities. Brothels find their business most successful during this day, as many turn a blind eye to relations between Avriel and other races, although the consummation of actual mixed breeds continues to be reviled. Outside of the Temple of Syroa, tents are set up for those unable to fly inside. Those entering are not likely to exit until the following day. Contraceptives, love potions, and “performance enhancers” are advertised actively with some of the most anticipated pleasure slaves fetching double on this day. Those who make an offering at (or outside) the Temple of Syroa are granted +10 fame, +15 if they participate in a form of debauchery.

Vhalar 63rd: The Devil Goes Down to Athart

A ship called the Mad Dog, arrives at the ports and allowed entry due to their donation of thirty slaves. The captain is a terrifying figure standing seven feet, with curved horns and a forked tongue. Quite the gambler, he offers a unique prize to the first man, woman, or bird, to best him in a game of cards. It would be inadvisable to lose.

Vhalar 89th: The Great Divide

Before the sun rises, more tremors begin to shake the city, increasing in power and cries of distressed animals and shifting rock are heard coming from the jungle. Hundreds of birds take to the skies to flee, making it difficult for Avriel authority to investigate. Some homes within the Forest of Stone are destroyed, with at least 8 dead, twelve injured. By the end of the day, it is discovered that the earthquake has created a great cavern within the eastern jungle, uncovering a mysterious and unknown ruin. Calls for architects, survivalists and adventurers are made, but not even the Aerie know what to expect within its ancient walls.

Zi'da 718

Zi'da 8th: A Wingless Wonder

A figure is seen soaring in over the city against the back-light of the moons. This would not be notable, were it not for the absence of wings on the figure's silhouette. Avriel citizens, enraged by this rumor, lock down the Forest of Stone for three trials. (Credit to: Astronomy)

Zi'da 14th: Mer Massacre

Bodies of brutalized Mer begin to wash up along the coasts of the city and surrounding jungle. Their flesh is shredded, with jagged and bloated bites, muscle and cartilage barely hanging from the bone. Experts show concern - these kills were not done by any man made weapon, but a creature whose work they do not recognize. Fishermen and swimmers are warned, and animosity from surrounding Mer clans lessen as they seek to find a solution to this horror.

Credit: Bumblebee
Past Events - Rebirth Cycle 719
Calendar of Events
Cylus 719

Vhalar 4th: Be patient; I have only barely touched this.

Ashan 719

Zi'da 8th: Catching up on updating rosters and stuff is all so far.

Even the season references are left over from the preceding cold cycle.
I run and hide, and try to wash my hands of this debacle. :oops:
word count: 5475

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