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Galai's Ceramics

Galai's Ceramics
Comprises of a pottery storefront and workshop. The building is constructed entirely of black volcanic stone, including its thick load bearing walls and vaulted roof. The few windows around the building can be closed off by shutters.

The storefront is accessible by a small covered entrance from the street. Stone shelves line walls with some finished pieces for purchase but the bulk of the ceramics are housed in a storage area behind the storefront space, stacked with hundreds of made to order pieces.

The workshop runs off behind the storage area, hidden away to avoid interruptions. This room is lined with shelves with tools and pieces in process of being finished, and an open fireplace built alongside a large kiln. A few old, dirty cushions sit on the floor next to some hand turned wheels. From the workshop are two doors, one leading to Master Galai's meager living quarters consisting of a bed and stone chest, the other leading to a covered patio outside. The patio leads to a small room, clinging to the bulk of the building, a later addition. This contains a straw bed, window with operable shutters and broken door. A ladder sits off the patio to a tub of water, covered by a lid, filled with wet clay for use.


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Master Galai

Race: Aukari
Age: 32 Arcs
Skills: 40 Observation
84 Pottery
63 Teaching
45 Intimidation
53 Business Management
38 Wrestling

An old Master potter who forms out of clay, pots, pans, plates, for practical or ceremonious use, ceramic knives and other ceramic weaponry for domestic and military use. When he is not working in his workshop, he lends his expertise as a paid artisanal instructor at Oikeia. He is a long time Occult member and loyal servant of Faldrun. He is thin, aged and dried up looking, with pruned skin and thinning red hair. He speaks rarely. He is extremely pedantic about every detail and lives up to the reputation of hard task master. He sits on a small cushion and seems almost in meditation when he creates pottery. He will often refuse to make pieces if he feels doing so will compromise quality, even if offered large sums of money.
word count: 374

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