Baurin Hakeey

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Baurin Hakeey
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Baurin Hakeey

Baurin Hakeey
Name: Baurin Hakeey

Age: Thirty-One Arcs

Race: Aukari

Date of Birth: 23th Vhalar 684th Arc

Birthplace: Sirothelle, Northern Idalos

Current Location: Central Idalos

Marks: None, Currently

Factions Joined: None, Currently

Languages Spoken: Vauni, Fluent | Sau'ei, Fluent | Common, Conversational

Partners: None, Currently
Height: 6'0"

Weight: 186 lbs.


Hair Color: Dark Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Distinctive Features:
Passionate, that is one word that anyone that knows Baurin would call him. Everything that he does is done with this unfaltering drive with him not knowing the definition of going easy. Everything he does, let it be the physically demanding stress of his swordplay, or the mentally straining work of cartography, is done with one hundred percent of his entire being. His philosophy is that every task, no matter how trivial or unessential it may appear, should be done with the fullest of an individuals abilities, because every task has a reason behind it.

Baurin has always had a large amount of expectation from Aukari society from early adolescence. Like every Aukari child he was required to be put through a rigid series of tests to determine his capabilities at being an productive member of society. Unlike most of the Aukari youth of his class, Baurin excelled with the tests ease, and it was eventually named the Tïsvelithi of his class. The highest of them all; the child expected to perform the very best without any failure. And that is what he did, he worked both his body and soul into the ground. Though he may have worked hard at it, there is this sort of cockiness he has due to being viewed as better than the rest.

Naturally, like any handsome, brash prodigy, the lad is not the one to be the wallflower in any situation he finds himself in. Let it be a banquet held in the presence of nobility, or at a seedy pub downing a mug of ale with rowdier of folks, with that charismatic smile of his and silver tongue he can enjoy every moment of his life no matter where he finds himself. He is an extroverted individual; always at the center of attention he never seems to run out of anything to say.

One of his most favorite pastimes is swordplay; yet, it is not just simply something of a life or death situation to him, it is like a song more than anything. Each step, pivot, stab, slash, and dodge are all beats to the song of the battle, and its the one who missteps first to the song that loses his life. There is no pattern in the way Arthur fights, everything is done with the flow of the melody of the song. Along with his martial training of the sword, he has adequately developed skills in archery.

No matter how closely Baurin seems to embody the qualities of those true knights in children fairy tales who save the world from evil this is the real world. No man is perfect, no matter how much they wish it. Baurin is known for his strong steadfastness to his ideas. It is nearly impossible for him to accept facts that are contradictory to his beliefs, no matter how clearly they prove him wrong.

No matter how much he was reveled in Aukari society due to his exceptional abilities he never felt like he fit in. As soon as he was sent out to perform missions for the Aukari leadership he began to open his eyes to the world. It was not that scary place that Aukari leadership wanted him to believe. In fact, Baurin began to feel that in actuality it was his own people that were causing the world to be a dangerous place. All the killing and vile deeds the Aukari leadership commanded him to do began to take a toll on him so eventually he just left. Never returning from a mission he was sent out to do.

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Where do you live? Describe your room/environment and what you have— furniture, decorative items, maybe even a pet?
Knowledge & Skills
Skill Points AcquiredTotal
Acrobatics 5 RB, 5 SP 10 [Novice]
Camouflage 10 SP10 [Novice]
Endurance 10 SP 10 [Novice]
Trapping 6 SP 6 [Novice]
Fletching 6 SP 6 [Novice]
Hunting 10 SP 10 [Novice]
Close Combat: Arming Sword 25 WP, 3 SP 28 [Competent]
Range Combat: Shortbow 15 WP 15 [Novice]
Mount: Aukari Fireprancer 10 WP 10 [Novice]

Basic Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Sirothelle
  • Knowledge of Sirothelle military protocol
  • Knowledge of Aukrai Culture

Specialized Knowledge

  • Knowledge of Ethelynda
  • Knowledge of Grey Velox

On Person








Animal Companions

Transaction AmountTotal Amount
Starting Package + 60 GN60 GN
[2x] Cotton, Undergarments - 0.72 GN 59.28 GN
Cotton, Pants - 5.4 GN 53.88 GN
[2x] Cotton, Shirts - 4.32 GN 49.56 GN
Marquee Tent, 2 Man, Small Tent Opening - 25 GN 24.56 GN
Leather, Boots (Thigh) - 1 GN 23.56 GN
[60x] Arrows - 6 GN 17.56 GN
[2x] Beaver Jaw Traps - 4 GN 13.56 GN
Cage Traps, Small - 3 GN 10.56 GN
Cage Traps, Small - 3 GN 10.56 GN
Fireplace Rod and Hook Stand - 6 GN 4.56 GN
Camouflage Net Cloak - 4 GN 0.56 GN
Total Currency: 5 SN, 6 CN
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