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Rakahi Language Center

Rakahi Language Center
For Role Play and Development

Hi there! Welcome to the language center for the Biqaj's spoken language: Rakahi. During our development, we've created a generator to help players dive into the culture of their character while providing a means of actually being able to teach a language to others who don't know it. Unfortunately, Common (or English) has a HUGE list of words that we just can't cover even though we tried our best. This is where you, the player base, come in! If you find yourself using the generator and don't see a word listed that you're trying to use, post the common word here with a suggestion of what the Rakahi word should be in this topic. We'll input it into the generator. If you're trying to translate a sentence from Common to Rakahi or Rakahi to Common and the words aren't translating correctly, post it here with the sentence you're trying to use and we'll fix it in the generator for you.

I understand that this generator doesn't give players information on how to actually pronounce the language. Further details will be given upon later development. For now, I would recommend to just roll with it. ;)

word count: 230
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