The White Fox Inn

Viden's family-friendly tavern

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The White Fox Inn

The White Fox
Located in one of the more affluent areas of the city, not all that far away from the Academy, all manner of Videnese and visitors to the city frequent The White Fox, its early opening hours meaning that it can attract business from merchants and customers alike as they decide to take a break from their daily activities and whet their whistles, get a bite to eat, and avoid the harsh winds. It also a popular breaking location for a number of staff and students from the Academy, due to its convenient location, and the lunch hours of noon until four sees the tavern packed with people eating the hot delights that come from the kitchen.

Then, a quick hour of turnover allows the tavern staff to clean the tables and kitchen areas, as well as preparing the food for dinner. During this time customers are allowed to enter the main tavern area, but would not be able to order any food, nor is any alcohol served. At five, however, the rush begins again as the first of the merchants close up and seek out dinner and a relaxing beverage to end their days. It is without a doubt one of the most popular taverns in the city, even considered to be family friendly.

Inside the tavern, the long bar allows for two or three people to work behind it, serving drinks and taking orders. A further two or three act as waiting staff, and they rotate with those on the bar. In the modest kitchens, which is hidden away behind the bar, another three or four people can be found, either preparing or cooking the meals as requested by the punters. Resources are precious, and not likely to be wasted on a tavern of all places, so they must make do with what they have. to this end, a number of ale casks, previously used and now empty of their golden cargo, are kept around the tavern. The larger ones are used as tables, with smaller casks being perfectly sized stools. Fine wines are kept on display behind the bar, teasing and enticing guests to buy them. A number of stools are spaced around the bar proper, and more, shorter, stools, chairs and tables occupy the free space throughout the rest of the interior. Some tables double as a ‘family area’ during certain hours, as the tavern caters to children before seven in the evening.

The windows around the building are thin, designed in an effort to retain as much heat as possible from the arctic conditions outside. The result of this, of course, is that little natural light from the sun is filtered in through the windows, though for half of the year this makes little difference, given how few hours of daylight there is. The dark room is lit mainly by artificial lighting: candles and the like. Great care has gone into the decoration of the interior: any visitor gets the distinct impression of a warm, homely environment. For first time visitors it is very surprising, though always welcoming, given the drastic change as you step in from the cold.

The White Fox has two floors, the lower floor containing all bar facilities as already described. The upper floor contains a modest room for the tavern owner, as well as four other guest rooms for visitors to the city.


DrinkPrice per mug/glass/shot (hard alcohol)*Price per flagon/bottle**Description
WaterFree if eating, 2CN if notJug, free if eating, 5CN if notClean and always readily available, a customer can request that a small measure of fruit juice be added to it for added flavour
Tea5CN a cup1SN (1-person pot)/2SN (large pot)A variety of teas are available from common "breakfast" teas to a number of flavoured, herbal teas. Small measures of milk, cold water, sugar and honey available on request.
Milk5CN a glass2SN (large jug)
Ale1SN a mug4SN a flagonA cheap drink brewed from barley or oats, or any number of different grains.
Egg Nog (Non-Alcoholic)3SN a mug1GN (large jug)
Beer3SN a mug1GN 5SN a flagonRich, hoppy flavours scented with allspice, juniper, resin, apples, bread-crumbs, sage, lavender, gentian, cinnamon, or laurel. These are usually high-flavoured beverages with a strong, natural taste.
Cider5SN a mug2GN a flagonA bitter-sweet flavour achieved by pouring water onto apples and steeping them to perfection. Fresh, crisp, and strong-flavoured, cider can be served cold, at room temperature, or heated.
Fruit juice6SN a glass2GN (large jug)
Egg Nog (Alcoholic)8SN a mug2GN (large jug)
White Wine - Saun's Heat8SN a glass6GN a bottleA spicy concoction made by the Biqaj and often kept by the barrel loads upon their ships. This is an aged, dry wine with a strong hint of flavour that goes great with seafood dishes.
Red Wine - Venora Rose8SN a glass6GN a bottleImported all around the world from the sunny shores of Rynmere, Venora Rose is grown on the slopes of ‘Nora’s Rest’ where the vines get just the right mix of cool air and warm sunshine. This light, red rose is best served with Saun fruits and light meals.
Mead1GN a mug4GN a flagonA sweet alcoholic drink enjoyed by people from all classes, mead is and brewed using honey.
Rum1GN10GN a bottleMade from sugarcane juice and molasses and distilled into a clear liquid before it is aged in oak barrels, producing the dark, amber colour rum is famous for. It has a smoky, sweet taste and is very popular among sailors.
Brandy2GN20GN a bottleAn after dinner drink of the best quality and highest proofing, this brandy will leave a warm feeling in the mouth and stomach upon consumption.
Vodka2GN25GN a bottleCrisp and distilled for volume rather than flavour, vodka has no distinctive taste, and can best be described as cold and clean, going down smoothly. This spirit is clear having no colour and is typically drunk straight, with a subtle after taste and strong bite.
Whiskey2GN30GN a bottleMade from fermented grain-mash including barley, corn, rye, and wheat. Whiskey is aged over time in wooden crates generally made of charred white oak important from different regions across Idalos.
White Wine - Appiden4GN a glass17GN a bottleRich and savoury flavours loaded with the aromas of intense, ripe pears and Ymiden apples.
Red Wine - Vithella4GN a glass17GN a bottleImportant from the Avriel City, Athart, Vithella holds notes of spicy and herbaceous undertones that go great with a beef entree. It sparkles with brilliant reds and has low alcohol content for maximum enjoyment.
* - For most alcoholic drinks, each customer is limited to 3-5 mugs depending on their size although the bartender has the right to cut them off before that point; hard alcohol is limited to 2 shots.
** - Flagons and bottles cannot be bought for consumption by one customer. Flagons are shared between 3 people; groups may order multiple flagons, one for every 3 in the group. Bottles of wine are to be shared between 5. Bottles of spirits are to be shared by 10 people minimum.

Meal typePriceDetails
Standard 1-course3GNSoup or meat
Good 1-course7GN
Elite 1-course10GN
Standard 2-course6GNSoup and meat, soup and dessert or meat and dessert
Good 2-course13GN
Elite 2-course20GN
Standard 3-course10GNSoup, meat and dessert
Good 3-course20GN
Elite 3-course30GN
Sweet Treat4GNA non-alcoholic drink and good dessert
Kids Meal50% of the price of any mealSimilar to any of the other meals for adults but at half the price because the portions are smaller and more suited to little bodies.

Guest rooms

There are four guest rooms in the White Fox Inn, two double rooms and two smaller single rooms. Any of the rooms can have a small cot bed brought in to stretch the amount of room, particularly handy for those who have children with them. The double rooms have two single beds with room to walk between them and are nicely lit with a mixture of natural lighting and fixtures for candles on the walls. Additional candle holders are available upon request. The single rooms are similar except with only one bed instead of two.

Each room contains a wash basin, a medium wall mirror, bedside tables, a dresser (small in the singles, medium in the doubles) and a fireplace. Each bed is made up with a sheet, duvet, heavy blanket and quilt. They can be supplied with hot water on request and all rooms are provided with some candles and fuel for the fire as part of the room price.

  • Single room
    • 5 nights or less - 1GN/night
    • 6-30 nights - 7SN/night
    • More than 30 nights - 5SN/night
  • Double room
    • 5 nights or less - 1GN 8SN/night
    • 6-30 nights - 1GN 2SN/night
    • More than 30 nights - 8SN/night


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