• Location • The Seekers' Hideaway

For the Northern Cell, located in Viden

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Seekers' Hideaway

The Seekers' Hideaway
The existence of a Cell of Seekers in Viden is a dichotomous one. One the one hand, isolation has become the normal form of dealings amongst the faction. Once a very public and powerful organisation, the Fall of Arcanis has rendered the Seekers into a more covert faction, and it is with that identity that the hideaways were born. Scattered across all of Idalos, they seek to further their knowledge and expand their ranks. For many Cells, they operate in near secrecy, though the Cell in Viden is arguably the most visible and recognised of all. The reasons for this are under debate: some say that the nature of the city allows for any aspects of learned culture to happen within the city limits. Others insist that it is the influence of some important members of the Academy who keep the faction funded.

The answer would be both: the Viden Academy maintains tenuous links with The Seekers, sharing knowledge and expertise, though they study in very different ways. Unknown to most, one of the Deans of the Viden Academy is actually the twin brother of the Inquisitor for the Viden Cell of the Seekers. However the Cell maintains a low profile, remaining out of any politics within the city, and avoiding notice from the students who flock to the Academy in search of answers. Of course, only members of the faction can teach active uses of the Arcane Arts, so many act as instructors in the Academy, to assist all theoretic applications of arcana.

The building they have been granted by the Academy is a small one, unnoticeable and towards the outer ring of the city. As an extra precaution, the space surrounding the hideaway is entrenched in magic, Illusionism and Empathy in particular. Decades old, the magic remains to make the building appear to be little more than a warehouse. The empathetic arcana convinces those who venture too close that they have no compelling reason to explore the area, and sends them on their way. For this reason, the members of the Cell are also allowed to used the frozen space around the building to practise their arts.

It is a place primarily suited to housing young Neophytes and Acolytes of the faction: those who earn a pittance and need assistance in surviving as they study. Inside, there are a number of rooms over three floors. The top two floors contain four bed chambers each: the top four have four bunk beds and a small restroom, which house the younger charges of the faction. The lower floor also has four rooms, some with one bed, others with two. These are for for the presiding Warlock and the other for any visiting members of the Seekers to utilise.

The ground floor holds kitchen facilities and a large common room for general usage. The final room is a formal meeting room. There are further buildings dotted around the city, but the Northern Cell of the Seekers is small, thus they do not require more than has been set aside, particularly when all ranks above Acolyte are earning enough to be expected to find and pay for their own accommodations.

Venser Rush

Race: Human
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Viden, Nothern Idalos
Position:Inquisitor of the Northern Cell of Seekers
Skills: 81 Attunement, 77 Amplification, 63 Gravitation, 43 Abrogation, 39 Unarmed Combat, 38 Melee Combat, 32 Interrogation.

Inquisitor, oversees two other cells in relative proximity, though often found in Viden. Younger twin brother of Verin Rush. Abused son of a horrible man, for murdering their mother at birth. How dare he.


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