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Lakia Amaranthine
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Lakia Amaranthine

Character Name
Name: Lakia Amaranthine

Age: 26

Race: Naerikk

Date of Birth: Ashan 20 691

Fame: -30

Marks: None (?)

Factions Joined: None, but serves Audrae

Languages Spoken: Common - Fluent
Euthic Sign - Basic

Partners: Has a slave, Delta Kedlyn


Lakia is a woman of average height for a Naerikk, 5'5", with the black hair, and pale skin indicative of her race and amethyst colored eyes. As a hunter, she usually dressed in furs and soft leathers, though when in-city she tends more towards gentler fabrics for her clothing. Unusually for a Naerikk, she is rarely seen with her face painted, since Lakia has virtually no sense of artistry and can't tell a good makeup job from a bad one. Due to the occasionally rough nature of the outdoors that she so prefers, when travelling or hunting, Lakia doesn't bother to keep herself particularly neat. However, when in-city, she will keep herself as well-groomed and bathed as Naerikk culture and honor demands.

Though Lakia does possess the usual Naerikk arrogance, she can come across at first glance to be more down to earth and humble than many of her Sisters. This is most certainly not due to humility however, but rather to the fact that a lifetime spent in the woods has made rather reticent and even somewhat uncomfortable around people. In truth, this self-imposed isolationist lifestyle of hers has left Lakia reluctant to spend much time around even her Sisters. That being said, she does occasionally yield to a deep-seated psychological need for the companionship of sentient beings all Mortals seem to possess and travel to a city to spend time with beings other than her slave, Delta Kedlyn. Delta is just about the only being that Lakia spends any significant degree of time around, as she has come to care for her in a way that many might find unseemly, despite their status difference. Quiet and largely withdrawn, Lakia does not waste words, preferring to let her skills and actions speak for her. However, when she does speak, she is soft spoken and rarely raises her voice more than is necessary, a habit gained from a lifetime int he woods. Those few who knew her parents will say that Lakia takes after her unnamed father more than her mother in behavior, for she has his gentle nature with others, if still possessing the full Naerikk arrogance and racism.

Lakia was born to a Naerikk hunter named Maerre and her slave, who Maerre never referred to Lakia's father by name. Her father himself never spoke, but he was a gentle man who spent his time trying to keep the worst of Maerre's foul temper from their daughter. Maerre possessed an almost psychotic dislike of other people and the little family stayed alone in the woods away from civilization unless it was absolutely necessary to travel to a city. This dislike of others extended to Lakia and the young Naerikk received only the bare minimum of attention from her mother needed to keep her alive. The only thing Lakia learned from her mother was arrogance and disdain for people of other races, and it was her father who taught her to hunt, taught her to survive on the not-infrequent occasions when Maerre would leave the two alone in the wilderness in a fit of sullen rage, always preceded by physical, verbal, and emotional abuse towards her daughter and her slave.

Her father, silent though he was, had been able to teach Lakia though example and guiding his daughters hands during her early years. Though such methods, she learned to read the trail left behind by prey and to tell the den of a predator from an empty cave. She learned to use the bow he had made for her and how to slip through the forest as though she was a creature of the woods rather than a mortal intruder. Though an unskilled rider and archer, her father was even able to teach her how to fire a bow and stay on a horse, though firing a bow while on a horse proved beyond her abilities and she never really bothered to learn the technique. When she reached her 13th arc, he even made her a longbow of her own, for Lakia's mother had first purchased him for his skill in woodcarving and bow-making. In time she learned to skin and cook the animals she hunted so that she could feed herself and her father when her mother was off on her own.

It was during one of those times, when Lakia was about 15 arcs old, that she was orphaned in one fell stroke. Maerre had gone off on her own in a fit of sullen rage and Lakia's father, now that the young girl could effectively survive on her own, had pursued her. Usually, Maerre's fits only lasted for a a few days, never no more than a week, but Lakia waited for a little over two weeks for her parents to return to their campsite before she finally, in a state bordering on panic, when hunting for them herself.

It didn't take her long to find them, for they had both been set upon by a great bear. Maerre had been taken by surprise, not paying enough attention in her anger to notice that she had gotten too close to her cubs. She had been killed instantly. Lakia's father had taken more time, as he had come upon them aware of the bear, but not know that Maerre had been killed. The gentle man had fought to save his cruel and abusive master, but was ultimately killed by the great bear. Lakia mourned her father and buried him in the forest with the respect she felt he should have gotten in life. Her mother, for whom she had always possessed a strong dislike, she burned and shed no tears for.

Following the death of her parents, Lakia journeyed to the Naerikk city of Augiery, where she met her long-distant aunt, Briene, who continued her education in their culture. However, despite her best efforts, Lakia was never at ease in the city and she soon found herself spending more and more time alone in the woods. Despite her preference for the quiet and solitude of the woods, Lakia knew that it was unhealthy for to be so completely isolated. Thus it was that Briene, who understood her niece's need for the solitude of the woods, purchased for her a young slave to assist her in the woods.

This slave, a half-Biqaj named Delta Kedlyn, became Lakia's constant companion and the hunter taught her things that they might not have learned from other masters. She was, remembering her mothers cruel nature, reluctant to use physical methods to control her slave, instead preferring an addictive substance named Psinia that kept her mind mostly clear, if incredibly passive. In time, at least from Lakia's side of things, an odd companionship formed between them. Though they could, perhaps, be properly called friends, Lakia does care for Delta, and would protect her even at the cost of her own life. In time, she would also purchase a brown horse by the name of Tam to pull a cart carrying all their gear, and a Black Labrador named Fido to serve as both a hunting companion and company for both women.

Now the little group travels from city to city, spending most of their time in the woods. The fruits of the hunt sustain them, both in terms of food and in terms of finances, and Lakia is at peace with her existence. Though she, like all Naerikk, is aware of the titanic struggle between the Immortals that rule Idalos, she herself has little to do with them, for in her mind the woods are more eternal than even the greatest of Immortals and it is the wilderness that has laid claim to her destiny.

Since Lakia lives out in the wilderness, her usual home is a dark green tent large enough for two people. Since she tends to stay in one place for a while, she usually has time to set up a sort of temporary home. Usually, this means the tent is set up on top of the tarp with the torches set in a circle around it.
Knowledge & Skills
Skill Points AcquiredTotal
Ranged (Longbow) 10/100 10/251
Mount: Horse 20/100 20/251
Tracking 10/100 10/251
Fieldcraft 3/100 3/251
Stealth 3/100) 3/251
Hunting 3/251 3/251
Cooking 3/251 3/251
Unarmed Combat[FT] 25/100 25/100

Basic Knowledge

Augiery: Location
Naerikk Culture: Everyday Life
Archery: Hunting with a Bow
Not Immediately Recognizable As A Naerikk
A Slave Can Be A Friend
Tracking: Finding Animal Tracks
Forest Survival: Surviving On Wildlife
Finding Woodland Trials Suitable For A Cart
Forest Survival: Blending In
Field Craft: Always Collect Arrows After a Fight
Field Craft: Be Near a Town in Cold Cycle
Field Craft: Leave a Corpse Behind for the Wolves
Field Craft: Torches Can be as Much a Liability as a Benefit
Hunting: Blundering City Folks Scare Off Everything but Predators
Hunting: Changes in Tracks Often Reveal Injuries
Hunting: Crouching Gait For Speed While Tracking
Hunting: Keep Beginners Behind So They Don't Ruin the Trail
Hunting: Parallel the Trail, Don't Follow Directly
Kydrel: Arrogant and Ignorant
Kydrel: Not Bad With a Mace
Medicine: Blood Loss: Knowing How Much is Too Much
PC: Kydrel Sevnium
Race: Avriel
Ranged: Leading the Target
Ranged: Sighting Down the Arrow
Animal Handling: Horses Try to Get Away with Drama Too
Delta: No Good in a Fight
Delta: Psinia is More Important Than Lakia
Field Craft: Land Navigation By Daytime Sky Features
Field Craft: Noises in the Woods Always Mean Trouble
Field Craft: Shelter is Top Priority
Hunting: One With Skill is Worth Three Without
Hunting: Stay Quiet Even When Just in Camp
Intelligence: Uniform Style of the Etzori Army
NPC: Annallei: Wilderness Herbalist
PC: Delta Kedlyn, "Ellie": Biqaj Slave
Ranged: Center Mass as a General Rule
Ranged: Head Shot When It's a Sure Thing
Ranged: Knowing Which Wounds Will Bleed Out
Ranged: Shooting From a Crouch to be a Smaller Target
Unarmed: Using an Arrow as a Melee Weapon
Delta: Not an easy companion on a long sea voyage
Delta: Not happy with you
Location: Scalvoris
Location: Dukarhn's Medical Facility.
Location: The Scalvoris Sapphire Inn
Discipline: Apologising for Wrongdoings
Discipline: Knowing My Limits of Trust
Discipline: Reasoning with a Slave
Fieldcraft: Wet Clothes are Bad in the Cold
Storytelling: My Own History
Delta: Impassive and Unresponsive when High
Delta: Doesn't Trust Me
Delta: Self-Neglectful When High
Psinia: Depressant
Agriculture: Phenomena: Plants growing in the freezing cold
Animal Husbandry: Phenomena: Ice Wolves shatter on impact
Cartography: Accurate maps
Chemistry: Phenomena: Ice which changes colour
Chemistry: Phenomena: Rocks which absorb light
Chemistry: Phenomena: Water retaining a liquid state sub-zero
Detection: Hearing small details in harmonised sound.
Detection: Hearing whispers in your ear
Detection: Spotting patterns in light,relative to sounds
Drawing: Mapping out caverns
Endurance: Enduring extreme cold long term
Investigation: How far sound travels
Investigation: Linking strange phenomena to Immortals
Leadership: Giving clear instructions.
Leadership: Taking point in a group
Location: Ice Caves of Ishallr
Location: Ice Caves: Many corpses have been found
Location: Ice Caves: Many strange phenomena
Location: Ishallr
Location: Ishallr Main Camp
Logistics: Organising sample-taking with minimum risk
Logistics: Required equipment for an expedition in the cold.
Medicine: Phenomena: Shattering of a frozen corpse
NPC: Jackson Eclipse
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Not a chatty fellow.
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Your guide
NPC: Zach: Enthusiastic and then some
NPC: Zach: Expedition Leader
Physics: Phenomena: Darkness becoming solid
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing ice
Physics: Phenomena: Glowing wall in response to prayers
Physics: Phenomena: Melodic pillars
Physics: Phenomena: Walls of blackness
Psychology: Emotions linked with memory
Psychology: Emotions provoked by sounds?
Scalvoris: A very odd place
Sculpture: Phenomena: Ice sculptures with no tool marks
Sociology: The camaraderie of groups in danger
Unarmed Combat: Instinct-punch
Writing: Clear note taking
Detection: Spotting impossible phenomena
Discipline: Not giving in to panic
Discipline: Not sleeping when your body tells you to.
Endurance: Aiming and throwing something which is cutting you
Endurance: Continuing to use your bow with injured hands
Endurance: Fighting hypothermia
Endurance: Grabbing something which hurts you.
Endurance: Hard to remain conscious as adrenaline lessens
Endurance: Sleeping in extreme discomfort
Endurance: Sustained cold temperatures
Fauna: Furry white spiders of Scalvoris
Fauna: Giant Spider-Snakes of Scalvoris
Fauna: Purple glowing spiders of Scalvoris
Fieldcraft: Hot stones are helpful
Fieldcraft: Orange sand for warmth
Fieldcraft: Preparation is key.
Fieldcraft: Remove cold and wet clothing
Fieldcraft: Whatever it takes, get warm
Ice Caves: Benches teleport you
Ice Caves: Deadly rainbow icicles
Ice Caves: Glowing Benches on Ishallr
Ice Caves: Rainbow icicles
Investigation: Check possibilities like invisibility in the case of disappearing people.
Investigation: Puzzling out the “logic” of teleporting benches
Investigation: When you have exhausted all options, whatever is left must be correct. Even if it’s really weird.
Investigation: Working out the reason for weird phenomena
Leadership: Inform, don’t ask
Leadership: Requesting information
Logistics: Working out where danger lies
Medicine: Phenomena: Statues of ice which heal themselves
Naerrick: Able to pass through the “shadow wall”
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Dead
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Has a sense of humour under there
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Has lots of useful equipment.
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Jug which pours constant hot water
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Jumped in front of the spider snake to save Amaris
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Thinks we’re all “someone’s special flower”
NPC: Jackson Eclipse: Tried to jolly you along
Padraig: Faith’s special flower
Physics: Phenomena: Coloured ice reacting to shadow-form
Physics: Phenomena: Hot steam contained in tiny red berries
Physics: Phenomena: Sticky snowballs?
Psychology: Self reflection
Psychology: The feeling of relief
Ranged Combat: Bow: Aiming from below
Ranged Combat: Bow: Aiming into a melee
Ranged Combat: Bow: Rapid fire
Ranged Combat: Bow: Remain aware of trajectory
Ranged Combat: Bow: Using a bow with injured hands reduces accuracy
Swimming: Extreme cold leads to shock reaction.
Swimming: Much more difficult clothed
Tactics: Consider the consequences of your actions
Tactics: Determine the options open to you
Tactics: Protect the unarmed.
Tactics: Sometimes, you’ve got to take the risk
Tactics: Take all precautions
Animal Husbandry: Experimented on animal
Animal Husbandry: Frozen specimens
Arwel: Aukari
Detection: Checking frozen human remains
Discipline: Continuing with the job.
Endurance: A night of extreme discomfort
Fauna: Monster: Ice Tiger: Vulnerable to warm metal bars
Fieldcraft: Dead man’s shoes (literally)
Fieldcraft: Leaving behind the dead
Ishallr: Now has four portals
Leadership: Stating what the group should do
Medicine: Attempting to warm up a frozen hand and arm.
Navigation: Land: A good sense of direction.
Navigation: Land: Working out exits and entrances
NPC: Carla: Ghost child from the Ice Caves.
Physics: Phenomena: Ice which mutes sound
Physics: Phenomena: Material making souls visible to all?
Physics: Phenomena: Teleportation stones
Physics: Phenomena: Warm metal
Psychology: Following your instincts
Ranged Combat: Bow: Firing to the extreme of your range.
Socialization: Explaining the impossible to a group.
Tactics: Applying weird rules logically
Tactics: Choosing the most likely exit.
Tactics: Test things from a distance
Tactics: Use whatever is there and useful.
Caregiving: Trying to help someone when you are injured
Cartography: Map reading
Logistics: Planning an archaeological dig
Logistics: Layout of an archaeological camp.
Cartography: Symbols used on land maps
Cartography: Using a map to identify where you are.
Detection: Go through and look for details one at a time.
Detection: Noting the feeling of being watched.
Endurance: Physical pain from an arrow wound
Endurance: Continuing although injured
Etiquette: Apologize when you need to.
Etiquette: Ignore people who irritate you
Gardening: Moss behaves in certain ways
Gardening: Moss does not usually grow in perfect rectangles
Gardening: Moss doesn’t just grow on trees.
Intimidation: Aiming a bow at someone helps
Intimidation: Make it clear, you will shoot.
Intimidation: Tell people why you’re right.
Investigation: Careful and thorough searching for clues.
Investigation: Consider what logical behaviour is or would be.
Investigation: Put together small clues for the bigger picture.
Location: Immortals Tongue
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: The Immortals walk here?
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: Unique flora, fauna and monsters
Location: Immortals’ Tongue: Very odd weather
NPC: Jo’ne: Mayor of Scalvoris Town
NPC: Reza: Overseer of the Shrines on Immortals’ Tongue
NPC: Varn (please feel free to take all the knowledge of him in the tabs of this thread, if you wish it)
NPC: Yolande (please feel free to take all the knowledge of her in the tabs of this thread, if you wish it)
Location: Immortals Tongue: All the shrines are unique (except for four)
Persuasion: Explaining why something is dangerous
Persuasion: Use personal, emotional examples
Psychology: Paranoia feels very real (and isn’t always wrong)
Psychology: The feeling of desperation
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Aiming and holding
Ranged Weapon: Bow: Drawing quickly
Touching: Too much of it is just downright suspicious
Discipline: Don't Retaliate in Anger
Discipline: Leaving your Comfort Zone to Help Another
Medicine: Bandaging a Wound
Delta: I need Her
Delta: Quite the Temper
Delta: Wishes Me Dead
Delta: Wants Rid of Psinia
Tracking: Following rabbit trails
Hunting: Setting an ambush outside a rabbit den
Ranged Combat: Steadying yourself to make a shot
Endurance: Resisting the effects of the cold
Cooking: Making rabbit stew
Fame: -36[SF]
  • Longbow (Normal Quality, Prized Possession.)
  • 58 arrows
  • One tent (sized to accommodate two people or one person and their possessions.)
  • One riding horse - Tam
  • One horse-pulled wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
  • 100 feet of rope
  • One tinderbox.
  • A set of six torches
  • One Lantern
  • One bedroll
  • A compass
  • Fishing pole with a set of thirty hooks.
  • A blanket
  • Four rucksacks
  • A knife
  • One waterskin
  • One set of toiletries
  • One set of clothing.
  • Two rags.
  • One Black Labrador dog - Fido
  • One Map of the Immortals Tongue
  • One Domain Bag
  • 3 Small Bags of Faldrass Sand
  • 1 Set of Arctic Clothing And Gear
  • 12 5 Foot Warm Bars
  • 4 Light Stones
  • 4 Dark Stones
Transaction AmountNotes
Starting Package +25 gn ...
60 Arrows -6 gn Yay, arrows!
Bounty +90 GN ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 99 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
Skill Point Ledger
Transaction AmountTotal
Thread Award +15 15
Thread Award +15 30
Thread Award +14
Thread Award +15 ...
Event Thread Award +20 ...
Event Thread Award +20 ...
Event Thread Award +20 ...
Event Thread Award +20 ...
Thread Award +15 ...
Thread Award +10 ...
... ... ...
Total EXP: 164

word count: 3237

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