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Home to the ellune, Oscillus is a frozen land that contains pockets of civilization. The brutality of the sub-zero winds does nothing to break the resilience of the natives of Oscillus as they determinedly battle against all odds to revive their beloved Treid.

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[Holiday] Treid's Trial

Taking place on the 11th trial of Cylus every arc, Treid's Trial is a somber day in Treidhart. It is a trial dedicated to remembering one of Audrae's biggest victories. This is the trial set aside to mourn the loss of Treid, no matter how temporary it is. During this day, almost all Ellune across Idalos participate in a voluntary fast (excepting children, expectant mothers, the ill, and the elderly, who are not allowed to participate) in honor of their Immortal's sacrifice. This fast lasts from the eighth morning bell to the eighth evening bell. During fasting hours, no solid foods may be consumed by those who choose to fast. The only things they are allowed to consume are water and broth.

All citizens of Treidhart are expected to gather in the Great Hall of Statues at noon. The city's elders and other important figures give speeches commemorating the Immortal who once walked among them. On some arcs, Yvithia herself attends these celebrations of Treid, though usually she is disguised as a mortal being to better blend in.

An unofficial rule observed in Treidhart during this time is that none are allowed to speak above a quiet murmur. Though no punishment is in place for those who fail to comply by this rule, if anyone raises their voice in a public area, they will be made extremely uncomfortable with stares until they choose to leave the area. This behavior is considered disrupting the spirit of the holiday.
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