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This section is for players to post about things unrelated to the Standing Trials roleplay. You may talk about anything from world issues, to your personal life, to funny things you found on the internet. You are free to use this forum to express yourself as a player and not as your actual character. You can also post in other players journals so long as they give you permission to. Please remember not to post anything relating to pornography or anything with extensive use of profanity.

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Re: On the Way to Greatness

I was discussing with another site-member how I prioritise my workload. In the past three and a half years here, I have fluctuated in activity, but I have always been Whisper (save for a month). That has not been consistent is my PC accounts, of which I have had a few. Now that I am regularly playing at least one PC, I enter into a world where, like all staffers, I have to switch hats. On the one hand, everyone wants to be their PC. On the other, we staff have responsibilities.

Anyway, when it comes to working on the site and posts, I have a simple formula which helps me to decide which piece of work I am going to do next. It's all about time, enjoyment and tiredness, and it means that I will get through as many pieces of work/posts as efficiently as humanly possible. Because.. we all know that some posts are more enjoyable/easier to write than others, and this helps me (and might help you) sift through what to do next...

You should note that this entire process is done subconsciously for me. I don't sit there and weigh up my options. I simple decided which is the most valuable use of my time out of a selection of options and go.

You have a series of projects to complete.

You aren’t certain exactly when you will get tired but you know you will get tired eventually.

Each of the projects has an expected effort level ‘E’ and an expected reward level ‘R’.

‘Effort’ is anything which makes the project hard to complete, be it time, relative lack of enjoyment or preparation time. ‘Reward’ is the financial, emotional etc success one gets from completing the task.

E.g: Paying your monthly phone bill is effortful because you have to spend money and time doing but the reward is that you get to fulfil your contract and keep using your phone for one more month.

E.g. 2: Cooking a meal for yourself is more effortful than getting in take-out (if you find cooking expensive or time consuming like most students) but the reward for a cooked meal is generally greater than a take-out (unless that’s some damn fine take-out or you just plain suck at cooking)

Anyway, if you compute the reward/effort ratio for a group of tasks you have to complete. I.e. you calculate/estimate “R/E” for each of your unopened emails and then rank them in descending order of these “R/E” values and then work on these projects solidly until you get tired… guess what? You’ll have done the most rewarding amount of work possible in that time.


Credit to my PhD Maths buddy for telling me about this nifty little formula.
So if I prioritise threads, I'm really sorry, and I will get to you eventually, but it's helping me to keep my motivation going!

On a side note, I will say that this is in no way speaks for the staff team. They may agree or disagree with it. But, at the end of the day, we're all volunteers.

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