The Viden Infirmary

For all your healthcare needs.

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Viden Infirmary

Viden Infirmary
The Viden Infirmary is, as the name suggests, a medical service in the city. Nigh on all staff working there have been trained through the Viden Academy's Institute of Science, though some come from other training establishments from across Idalos, either passing on personal knowledge or enhancing their own skills - most often both. For full citizens of the city, and registered students of the Academy, most services offered are completely free of charge. For visitors, there is a charge for almost every service, though it is not unaffordable treatment.

The only treatments that are charged heavily for - whether the patient is a citizen, student or visitor - are any related to the consumption of alcohol. Viden officials are very clear on this and the city had very low tolerance for any foolish enough to become inebriated and then risk themselves because of it. Injury to the body is a common result of such activities, but most often seen are the effects of exposure. The climate of Viden is not a forgiving one, and many incapacitated drunkards have suffered worse than frostbite when left to the mercy of the arctic. These people will be treated, but they must pay, and they are also likely to be fined heavily for such reckless behaviour.

Entering the infirmary, it is much the same as the streets of Viden: white is the dominating colour, and this particular facility is clinical, crisp and clean. There are a few private rooms, reserved for connected and powerful members of Viden society, but most will only be offered a bed in one of the three wards. Each of the wards are designated as a male, female or children's (up to fourteen years) ward. The basement floor contains a number of surgical suites, with equipment almost as advanced as that in the Facility for Retrospective Analysis (the Infirmary gets the discarded equipment from the FRA). There are also a number of outpatient treatment rooms on the ground floor.

Free Care

Simple check-ups, vaccine shots, as well as herbal prescriptions and such fall underneath this category. As long as you show relevant papers (citizenship/studentship papers) at the door, you are granted free service. Otherwise, you are liable to be charged for needing health care of any form.

Paid Services

Surgery is the most common thing that falls under this category, and is priced on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes they require money up front, sometimes a payment plan, and sometimes you might not even have to pay a nel. It all depends on what kind of citizen you are, and what connections you have. Another paid service is physiotherapy but this is outsourced to the Viden Academy Fitness Centre.

Vesram Tamroo

Name: Vesram Tamroo Viden
Created by: Sintih

Race: Ellune
Birthday/Age: 38, 85th of Vhalar
Title: Physiotherapist
Skills: Caregiving 51, Strength 45, Detection 40, Socialization 30, Teaching 30, Torture 10

Details: Vesram is a tall and muscular Ellune who spends most of his time divided between the Infirmary and the Fitness centre. He works in both places as a physiotherapist and as an on-site instructor for students in the fields of medicine and caregiving. Officially, he is employed at the physiotherapy section of the fitness centre. Due to his physical size and strength, he works mostly with patients in the middle of their therapy, who are capable of doing exercises on their own but are still quite prone to falling, which he is capable of preventing in most cases. He is quite sociable and enjoys talking with others but people have said that he quiets down while he's working, although that doesn't mean he ignores people talking to him, just that his answers get shorter or more to the point.

Tholian Threer

Name: Tholian Threer
Created by: Sintih

Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 42, 20th of Saun
Title: Doctor (Licentiate in Medicine)
Skills: Medicine 75, Surgery 51, Caregiving 51, Research 45, Teaching 30, Socialization 10

Details: Tholian Threer is a human doctor who works at the Viden Infirmary. He's quite average in looks but is trained in staying on his feet and working long hours if necessary. As a doctor, he's specialized in cold, ice and freezing related injuries and he wrote his thesis on reversing frostbite. Outside of work, Tholian can most often be found in a warm tavern drinking with moderation but still enough to forget about anything troublesome that may have happened during his work hours.
word count: 745

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