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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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Treidic Garrison

Treidic Garrison

There are two entrances into the Treidic Garrison and both are under tight guard to prevent enemy infiltration. One entry comes from the Hall of Statues from the south and the other entry from the Chasm to the north. The doors have small sliding panels to enable guards to query the visitor of their name and business before they are allowed entry.

The gate opens to an expansive open courtyard, where the surrounding mountains can be seen. Bordering the courtyard are two levels of windows. Opposite the entry, are a set of four windows on a third floor. The courtyard is always filled with Ellune in training, clad in ice training armor and sparring with practice weapons. Archery targets are pierced by lines of ice archers who are instructed to hone their skill. Large groups jog and are made to perform various bodywork exercises in heavy packs as part of their daily regimen. Several training officers oversee and even join in on the training. All soldiers perform at least one watch period of time training - recruits do double - in the beginning and end of the day. Once the horn sounds, signalling the end of the watch shift, training is ended and soldiers assemble to their respective guard posts and patrol units.

The three sides of the courtyard barring the side of the entry, have passages that lead off to the rest of the camp. Directly opposite the entry side is, on the ground floor, the Starion commander's office and living quarters. The next level up is the Myrion's office and quarters which contain a large map room where the officers gather and military literature. The Starion and Myrion gather each morning to plan the day and issue orders to all Clustions. Finally at the top is the Infinion's apartment, a fine and spacious office and house, overlooking the courtyard.

On the ground floor is a small space that serves as a hospital. It is filled with qualified physicians, medical students, and other practitioners. A larger hospital is located next to the Vault, serving the people of Treidhart.

Leading off to the left and right of the courtyard, are passages that have rows of doors. These doors lead to rooms for the quarters of Clusters (4 Tri or 12 Ellune soldiers). Each Cluster contains an ice bed with a footlocker adjacent to it for the soldier's personal belongings. Eight of these rooms are served by a small armory room for their weapons and on the other side, a small canteen where time can be spent socializing with the others, playing games and eating meals. Nearby is the significantly larger quarters of the Starion (commander of the Star).

The second level belong to special forces units - Elite Guards who are given their own quarters. Sappers and saboteurs are in different shared quarters, in groups of three. The Black Ice have their own quarters in a separate area altogether, though few know what is within this area.

Vlar Sintar dina-Sunai

Vlar Sintar is the current Infinion of Treidhart. He was reluctantly promoted to the top position by the Public Council. The reluctance was due to certain blemishes in his mostly illustrious career, in which as a Myrion, he had punished soldiers for praying rather than fighting, as well as reports of statements made borderlining blasphemy. The reason for his appointment however, is his overwhelming excellence in leadership and raising the standard of Ellune's fighting forces.

Vlar is larger than life - almost literally. Taller than most, his foul mouth and hard driving personality have made him well loved by most and well loathed by some. He dresses in a larger light blue cloak and loose fitted weaved furr tree clothing, fitted with an ice sword of high quality adorned with Lia’maska, starlight crystals. This parade of expense has been enough to convert his reputation to a symbol...

Marnor Yas'lai

Marnor Yas'lai is honorable and proper. He is meticulous in his habits and keeps his appearance well groomed and his quarters clear. His voice is soft and precise. He is a very clever strategist and his forte is logistics. Marnor does not like the arrogance of Vlar at all, but due to his stoic nature, he keeps his feelings about the matter in check. He is waiting to take an opportunity to become the Infinion...

Besem Kad'un qalar-Treid

Besem Kad'un is close to retirement age and has garnered many arcs of experience as a soldier. Even as old as he is, he is heavily involved in overseeing and even participating in training exercises and is well-respected among his soldiers. He does not trust his fellow officer Marnor and is supportive of Vlar.

Unea Nayir

Unea Nayir is an ex-Black Ice operative who oversees their training. As a trainer, she has a reputation of being brutal and the story often told, is that she killed several men at a young age after they had beaten her father dead for owed money. She excels at clever strategy against overwhelming and powerful odds. She finds herself more in league with Marnor, whom shares her calculating thought process.
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