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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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Hall of Statues

Hall of Statues


Rows of tall ice statues of Treid, act as supporting columns, for the vaulted roof of the great hall, with punched openings where the vaults form an apex, casting thin streams of light to the icy floor below. Tear shaped blue lights drop from the ceiling below, lighting the great space below during the night. The Hall of Statues contains public gatherings space during large general assemblies and long tables and benches for the influential and staff of the city. In front of the people is a raised platform where the Elders and the current Infinion sit, to eat during feasts and to listen to the people.

To one side of the great hall is a small alcove carved into the wall, with semi circular steps to form an amphitheater. The steps seat rows of Elders, each listening intently to one of the Elders who speak below. The one who is speaking in this case is a skilled orator and highly influential Elder named Linur Narae Qalar-Treid. The speech ends with nods of heads and yells from others. The jeering come from the Elders who are pro-dig by advocating for all resources to be poured into digging for Treid's heart. Conversely, Linur Narae and those that approve of him, believe in self-sufficiency of Treidhart first and foremost with the dig as a second priority. Another gets up to speak. It is Pellan Morso, one of the influential cultists and he argues strongly for more prayers, more statues and more resources at the dig site. It is met again by a mix of loud agreement and jeers. After a time another comes up to speak...

Linur Narae qala-Treid

Linur Narae is tall for an Ellune, with a great beard and a twinkle in his eye. He is very old now and his wisdom, cleverness and oratory skill is almost legendary. He revers Treid as a founding figure but at the same time believes in the welfare of the Ellune first and foremost and not focusing entirely on the dig for Treid's heart. He is sometimes accused of his lack of faith...

Pellan Morso

Pellan Morso dina-Sunai is an average-sized Ellune, clean shaven and quite old. He is a strong (sometimes seen as fanatical) believer in Treid, having had a strong religious background. He hopes to pour almost all resources into digging for Treid's heart as well as the creation of large temples and statues, with prayers to be made compulsory during the day. He is often accused of being fanatical and leading a cultish group of Elders.

De'zla Vralna

De'zla Vralna, known as Lady Vralna, is the eldest of the Ellune, who is often one that speaks little but when she does, all go silent. She speaks plainly on some subjects and tend to cause the sway in highly contested debates. She is frail and has two handmaidens to help her walk.

Lari Sor'ia dina-Sunai

Lari Sor'ia, wears white robes and mostly dwells at the Dig Site where she searches for Treid's heart through prayer. She is committed to the worship of Treid and works to help others to do the same. She is accepting of those who do not have as much faith as her and is benevolent to the poor and needy.

Masuli Divur

Masuli Divur is a hard man, to himself and to others. He is a strong believer in Treid and loves the people of Treidhart. He makes up his mind quickly on each issue and fixates on certain things without letting go. He can cause much anger with his strong opinions.

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