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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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Tomb of Treid

Tomb of Treid
From the Hall of Statues, one can walk through a vaulted passage that leads directly to the Tomb. The passage is adorned with large sheets of delicate ice that hang from the ceiling. Small openings in the roof allow light to illuminate the ice sheets throughout the day, splitting the light into a rainbow of color. On it are carved the stories of Treid's travels, his wandering around Idalos, his arrival to Oscillus and the creation of the Ellune. But the story stops abruptly at a grand ice door, flanked by two guards. The tomb itself is kept securely guarded and only certain trusted Ellune are able to visit. Foreigners are turned away.

The tomb is silent. Around the perfectly round room with a domed ceiling, are walls lined with statues of Treid and in the center, a plinth from which the Immortal lays. Encased in an ice coffin, Treid seems at peace. An oculus opens to the sky above, allowing rain and snow to fall into the room. During the day, the sun casts an arc of light around the room. Four elite guards stand at each corner of the statue, ensuring the safety of their 'Great Father' and hoping silently for the day he awakens...
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