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Sirothelle's Junior School.

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Sirothelle’s state run school for all Aukari-born children. Admission to this school begins from as young as four arcs for some ambitious families, though all children must be attending by their sixth birthday, and they will remain here until their tenth arc. Whilst attending the junior school, all children are treated equally, no matter their familial circumstances or heritage. Advancement is based purely on merit.

In order to serve Faldrun to the best of their abilities, it is the belief of the state, and educators, that children must learn the ability and intelligence to think for themselves, so that they may operate independently when they reach adulthood. It is for this reason that all Aukari-born children are first taught the basics of reading, writing and numeracy, which continues until the children leave to attend either Reyula or Oikeia. It is assumed that, beyond this point, the mind has moulded itself and if they haven’t learnt the basics by this point, they are not going to.

As a general rule, classes contain children of a similar age, but Aukari schooling is not designed around these traditions. Like everything, lessons are taught based upon academic merit, and it is possible for a far younger child to be found in a class with final-year pupils, or for an older child to be in a basic class. Class placement is based on competency in tests, which are taken twice a year (in the seasons of Saun and Cylus). Parvos is the only institution that children cannot fail: no matter their success or failure, all children will remain until their tenth arc, and then will leave to either Reyula or Oikeia. Therefore it is possible that a child might spend five in a basic class, and leave with very limited knowledge.

The building itself is found near to the centre of the city, not far from the other two schools. It is unremarkable in appearance, much like the rest of the city, with grey stone walls injected with streaks of colour. Shaped in an oblong, Parvos is two stories, though the classes are all held on the ground floor. The upper floor is dedicated to offices for management and staff from all three schooling institutions. Both floors comprise one long corridor, with rooms coming off on both sides.

Although Parvos is the largest school in terms of pupils, it does not have the largest faculty, nor is it housed in a large building, in comparison to the two more specialised institutions. Reasoning for this is that most of the education delivered at this stage is classroom based, and thus does not require particularly large amounts of space for the pupils to work in. Throughout the school, classes contain one instructor, with charge over no more than twenty children.

For the lower classes, most often containing the youngest children - who are deemed to have little control over themselves - there is little, if any, furniture. Children sit on the floor and are each given a piece of slate and chalk with which to learn their letters, simple spelling and numeracy. By the time they reach the most advanced classes, they are trusted with crudely made notebooks in which to make their notes. These classes also contain work desks and stools, fashioned inexpensively from cast iron.

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