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It is said that when the Immortal Treid was slain, his heart was buried in the shadows of the ice, cursed by the Immortal Audrae. His people built a city atop the frozen wasteland in hopes of one day finding it and resurrecting their fallen leader.

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Frozen Vault

Frozen Vault


Tablets of carved ice are stacked haphazardly on the desk, stacked so high that the top teetered dangerously. Vayar Ma'Sua is seated with a straight back, running down the list with a finger, murmuring at the items to himself. There were plenty of orders that day. Twelve woolly bison legs for the great hall. Twenty two lengths of weaved furr tree, for the Euya house, a known textile guild. Seven gallons of Auroch Milk, sent to a merchant in the market within the north mountain. And so on. Carefully he recorded and signed the items off before sending porters to start transporting the items to their respective owners.

As the Master of the Frozen Vault, Vayar was in charge of an important job. All of the food, supplies, weapons and coin belonging to the citizens and state of Treidhart were stored in one secure location. Nearby his office, was a heavy door bolted closed, flanked by two guards who held their spears of ice from their bodies. Beyond this door, there were numerous other security measures: more guards, booby traps and so on, all to guard the cities supplies.

One of the most secure areas, which may come to a surprise to outsiders, but not so much for the Ellune, is the food stores. Food was especially important in Treidhart for in Oscillus, the Cylus season made food especially scarce. Storage of huge amounts of frozen food into a healthy surplus became the norm and was critical to keeping Treidhart well fed and maintained. In times of siege, this food could be rationed for many months and even years without running out. Therefore, food was life and without it, Treidhart would starve.

The food stores consist of an array of linked storage rooms, filled with ice. Most of the food is meat kept frozen in the ice - woolly bison, snow auroch. Fish too is kept in large quantities, along with auroch milk, furr tree fruit, and a few imported delicacies such as apples. All food is frozen and consumed in this form as is customary of the Ellune. The rest of the stores are stacked with quantities of treated furr tree timbers, sheets of battered metal, used mainly to add strength to ice structures created by the Ellune. There is also cloths, delicate glass jars of dye, from frost tears. Several stores are dedicated to the military, with stocks of ice weaponry and war machines. In an unknown, further secure location, are stores for coin.

Some would say there are more storage areas filled by magical items and artifacts, kept secret by Treid in case the Ellune were attacked. The existence of the so called 'Forgotten Stockpile' has not been verified...but the rumors persist.

Vayar Mar'sua

Vayar Mar'sua is the Master of the Vault: the storage facilities of Treidhart. He has a perpetual look of disdain and makes anyone who requests for items, wishing they hadn't. He is demanding and critical of his employees and demands the best. Vayar is incredibly sharp with numbers and particular with the inventory lists to the point of being pedantic. This means that items come and go efficiently with complete written record.

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